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Best bidet 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2023

Roger BarnettHi there, my name is Roger Barnett and the first thing I would like to say is thanks for stopping by my website. After 37 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 17 hours spent testing 10 bidet, I believe that I found the best bidet of 2018.

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. We take a close look at some of the best bidet to help you get ripped.

Best bidet of 2018

Here are the customer reviews of some of the best bidet of 2018. Check them out and decide which one suits you the best to splurge upon.

Before you spend your money on bidet, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

DITCH THE SCRATCHY TOILET PAPER AND UNSANITARY WET WIPES: The Astor Bidet is the sanitary, Earth-friendly solion that leaves you feeling cleaner than conventional paper and wet wipes.
INSTALLS IN 10 MINUTES WITH ONLY A SCREWDRIVER: The premium quality bidet sprayer attaches to your existing toilet seat and doesn’t use electricity or require special parts – everything you need is included in the box – making it a great value.
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this bidet win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.


Ease of use














№2 – Boss Bidet BOLD Toilet Attachment | Cleans Your Tushy | Warranty – Lifetime | 30 Day Money Guarantee | Dual Nozzle | Self Cleaning Sprayer Feature | Attaches in 15 minutes | White & Gold

Boss Bidet BOLD Toilet Attachment | Cleans Your Tushy | Warranty - Lifetime | 30 Day Money Guarantee | Dual Nozzle | Self Cleaning Sprayer Feature | Attaches in 15 minutes | White & Gold

WARRANTY Lifetime Warranty! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
TWO CLEANING MODES – Front cleaning (women’s private) and Rear Cleaning (for men and women)
SELF CLEANING FEATURE. When turned on, water sprays at the nozzles to clean any residue. Nozzles are also retract when not in use.
Can be tricky for beginners.
Inconsistent results.

Why did this bidet come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use














№3 – Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set-Handheld Bidet Sprayer Kit-Bathroom Hand Shower for Self Cleaning

Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set-Handheld Bidet Sprayer Kit-Bathroom Hand Shower for Self Cleaning

Stailess Steel Sprayer Head&Brass T Valve&Stainless Steel Hose
ECO DESIGN-This Joyway hand held bidet spray combo is made by top premium stainless steel material, let you grasp and handle gently and comfortably, precise surface guarantees for rust-proof and anti-corrosion. More hygienic than paper, help with health problems effectively
Quite difficult to clean.
The handles break easily.

Why did this bidet take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers.


Ease of use














bidet Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy bidet, right? No!

Bidet Features and our picks

The following are our top picks for bidets, which have been chosen based on expert online ratings, research, and customer reviews. Read on to browse our top picks for bidets.

Although the Toto Washlet S300e is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Toto Washlet C100, the Brondell GS-70 GoSpa Travel Bidet, the Bliss Electric Bidet Seat, and the GenieBidet.

Toto THU9090R 6-Inch Wash Let Hose Extension Kit

Overall, it’s a good value for the price, and beginners won’t be intimidated by it.

Becoming a bidet convert

My mother wasn’t so jazzed about my adventure. She asked me what I was working on when we were out to dinner one night. I told her the premise of this guide. She sighed and put her forehead on the table. When I told my boyfriend about it, he was sort of bemused.

Pull Quote “It’s like a massage for your anus.” Sounds like something everyone should try at least once.

Much of the world does. If you think bidets are strange or silly, consider the point of view of many, many other people on the planet.

He’s now a recent college grad living in Montreal, where he has an attachment for his toilet in his apartment. When he isn’t at home and can’t use it, he says he feels “awful and disgusting”—a sentiment that many bidet owners expressed to me.

Pull Quote absolutely.” (She later noted that she found the idea of the appliance itself funny, but that while in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia, she had become used to the custom of taking a large water bottle into outhouses to rinse off with.) Olivia’s mom owns a bidet, and told her that she was excited we were going to be using them.

In the decade and a half since Amadou bought his first bidet attachment—he’s had the same one for that many years, and has purchased a second for the other toilet in his place—they’ve become more and more popular. Plumbing manufacturer Toto has sold 40 million bidet attachments, dubbed “washlets,” since launching its first model in 1980. About million of those were purchased between 201and 201New brands, such as Bio Bidet and Tushy, have popped up, and so have new websites to distribute them, like Bidet.org, to cash in on the trend.

I have a theory for why these things took a while to catch on in the States. While bidets aren’t as inherently icky as toilet paper—I say this as the converted—simply making the switch involves thinking about the ins and outs of sitting on the toilet.

I hated thinking about this stuff as much as the next person. Toilet humor, for example, asks that I derive pleasure from something that I find inherently gross. I told my boyfriend this when we first were dating. Many months later, by the end of bidet testing, I was wandering out of his bathroom casually complaining about how strange it was to have to wipe my butt (still to his surprise). I daresay I’ve also become more okay with making fart jokes.

Pull Quote

As for why you’d use a bidet, the most repeated logic that I heard while researching this piece goes more or less like this: If you got mud on your hand, you wouldn’t wipe it off with a paper towel, would you? Of course not, you’re not a slob. But after speaking to a doctor, I confirmed that wiping isn’t actually unhygienic or unhealthy in the same way that dry-wiping your hands is (people don’t eat with their butts), so feel free to not be shamed by a rhetorical question. America does not have some national health problem wherein our buttholes are too dirty.

The medical and environmental claims

Manufacturers tout health concerns as a big reason to use bidets. But when I dug into the research with the help of Dr. John Swartzberg, I found that there’s not a lot of hard evidence to support the claims. No data suggests that they prevent urinary-tract infections, and researchers have seen no medical reason to wash the inside of the vagina (as the feminine-wash feature on bidets allows). One study suggests they can reduce pressure in the rectum—and thereby, perhaps, help alleviate hemorrhoids and anal fissures. If you have anal itchiness, and cannot find an underlying cause in need of treatment, using a bidet will help you avoid toilet paper—a plus, if you find that rubbing the area makes the situation worse. If you plan to use a bidet for any health reason whatsoever, check in with your doctor for help in monitoring your condition.

So, a bidet might not be crucial for your health, but what about the environment? Although a bidet doesn’t require as much toilet paper—you’ll still likely want to use a couple of squares to wipe off—it’s kind of, well, a wash.

A bidet will definitely save you from having to stock up on toilet paper as frequently. This is an aspect I really like: the apartment that I lived in when I tested these had a tiny bathroom, shared regularly by four people plus assorted friends and significant others. Being able to keep just a roll or two in the bathroom at a time and not worrying about restocking as often was a huge plus.

While it’s true that people in the US use nearly 40 billion rolls a year, toilet paper breaks down pretty easily, so it isn’t a menace to the environment after you use it. Bidets themselves use water (though not enough to make your utility bills jump) and electricity, not to mention that they take resources to manufacture and ship. I suspect you do save the environment some grief by cutting down a little on paper products, though the evidence doesn’t seem convincing enough to pat yourself on the back just because you own one of these devices.

One thing is certain: Bidets are better than wet wipes, which can clog sewers. Yes, even the “flushable” variety.

For my first experience with a bidet, I took the train from Brooklyn, New York, 4minutes uptown to a Toto showroom on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I entered the store and nervousIy asked where the bidets were. I quickly explained to a salesperson named Joel that I wasn’t buying, I just had a ton of questions and a reporter’s notebook.

Joel explained the features of the Toto washlet to me and then escorted me to a model bathroom to meet the company’s futuristic centerpiece: the Neorest 550, an entirely hands-free toilet. From lid lift to rinse-off to flush, it’s all remote controlled, Joel explained—hardly any contact necessary.

The toilet lid lifted as we approached. Joel picked up a square remote and started pushing buttons. The seat moved up and down on command (great “especially with gentlemen in the family”). He remotely activated the turbo flush. Joel explained that the Neorest sprays with sanitized electrolyte water, the kind that’s used to spray vegetables at the grocery store. “You can’t wash your vegetables in the toilet, but with that water—” “You could!” I exclaimed, finishing his sentence.

He left me alone and closed the door, and I sat on the toilet. I was too excited to notice, but the moment you sit down, fancy bidets like this one “pre-mist” the bowl with a slight whirring noise. The seat was already preheated.

How we picked and tested

You don’t need to go full Neorest to make your bathroom experience special, but we decided that we wanted our pick to at least have features that come standard on electric bidets, namely a heated seat and warm water. We were also interested in bidets with air dryers, though the lack of one wasn’t a dealbreaker. The point of a bidet is to make your bathroom luxurious.

Some models come with an enema-wash function. “This is a horrible idea,” UC Berkeley’s Dr. John Swartzberg told me. “Not only is it unnecessary, but it could cause damage to the anal and rectal area.” Don’t pay extra money for a bidet with an enema-wash function. Many bidets come with this feature anyway. Use at your own risk.

Ultimately we selected five bidets to test. I wanted to know what would most closely reproduce the feeling of luxury that I experienced in the showroom. That meant finding a bidet that would generate a stream of water at a reasonable temperature with enough pressure to get me clean but still gentle enough to be comfortable. It had to be adjustable, too—many people, each with different preferences, should be able to use the same bidet and have a good experience. I also wanted to find something with a remote that wouldn’t be confusing; guests should be able to use your bathroom without needing a tutorial. And I wanted to know which features (such as oscillating streams, wide sprays, and air dryers) were just frills, and which ones I would actually want to use everyday.

We loved seeing well-designed control panels and remotes, fine-grained temperature and pressure controls, variable stream options, and self-cleaning nozzles. We had mixed feelings about dryers, pre-mist functions that spray the bowl before you go, and feminine-wash functions (though that last item comes standard on electronic bidets). Stuff we don’t think you need: a UV light, a deodorizer, or an enema option (though many bidets are strong enough to act like one).

The most critical part of a bidet is that the water feels nice hitting your bottom. What qualifies as a nice-feeling stream is very personal, of course, so at minimum a good bidet should have a lot of options to customize pressure and temperature over a wide range. In testing, I found that it was difficult for a stream to be too soft for my taste, and that even the lowest-pressure stream on all the bidet seats I tested did a good job of cleaning me in a timely manner. Position controls are standard on most electronic bidets and are helpful in moving the perfected water stream exactly where it needs to go.

It’s important that the water gets warm but not too hot. I had read an anecdote about a burn allegedly caused by a bidet, so I measured the temperature of the water on the highest setting; the highest temperature registered at just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so, perfectly safe. Some bidets don’t get hot enough, however, and still others take several seconds to heat up completely. It can be hard to determine those qualities from the product description—your best bet is to do a careful read of reviews. We don’t think “tankless” bidets are necessary for most people: Though they can provide continuous hot water once they get going, unlike most of the bidets I tested, such models do not keep heated water on reserve, so the stream will take several seconds to begin at all. Most tank models provide over a minute of hot water at medium pressure, which should be enough time for most people. And bidets with tanks heat up new water within about minutes. Even in my apartment with four roommates, we never ran out of hot water.

Many bidets offer additional options to vary the flow of water, into a wide stream, a pulsating stream (also called a “massage” on some bidets), or an oscillating stream. I liked all of these. Roommate Theresa wasn’t a fan of the wide stream (a rarer feature), noting that it felt “untargeted.” Luckily, such options are easy to ignore if you dislike them, and since they are either on or off, they don’t take up a lot of space on a remote. They’re a bonus on any bidet.

One remote-crowding feature is the “auto” cycle, which a few of our tested bidets had. At the push of a button, they go through a routine of a stream of water, a massage function, and then air drying (more on that in a minute). The whole thing generally lasts two minutes, much longer than the water-then-wipe process reasonably takes. My roommates observed that no one really has time to sit on the toilet for the length that the auto cycle requires.

When some bidets are done spraying your butt with water, they’ll then blow-dry it, too. In The New York Times, tech columnist Farhad Manjoo describes the feel of the air-dry feature following being sprayed as “sort of like being pushed through a carwash.” I agree, and in the glow of the Toto showroom, I liked the feature. But when I got home, I found that it wasn’t practical; I’d need to sit there for several minutes to get fully dry. The airflow on the bidets I tested never went above 1miles per hour, even at maximum speed.

We had mixed feelings about the feminine-wash function, which every tested seat had. If you have a vagina, this function seems designed to squirt water into it. As UC Berkeley’s Dr. John Swartzberg noted to me, it’s not necessary to wash your vagina, and doing so regularly is potentially damaging. I didn’t use the function, but my roommates did, to freshen up after a long day. The function seemed to be hard to use to clean the wider, external area, as that doesn’t really seem to be the intention of the feature. “I end up wiggling around a lot,” reported Theresa.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

When I first put the Toto Washlet C200 on my toilet and sat down, it sounded as if it were preparing for takeoff. The culprit was the deodorizer, and it was loud. Normally I had to prompt my roommates to give me notes on a new bidet, but they were proactive about their opinions here: hard dislike. Luckily, the deodorizer was easy to turn off. I didn’t detect a big benefit to having the deodorizer on for any of the bidets that I tested with that feature, and I won’t hesitate to tell you that you’ll be fine without it.

That some of the buttons are on the back of the C200’s remote can get a little annoying—it’s the only remote that I had to remove from the wall sometimes. But the clean, uncrowded design that comes with the maximized use of space is enough of a bonus to make this annoyance worth putting up with.

Bidet attachments hook into the pipe that carries water to your toilet tank. Even if you’re not especially hardware-savvy, they are easy to install.

I found this washlet slightly harder to install than the other models. The adapter that siphons water to the bidet attaches to the piping next to the toilet tank, rather than to the wall. I found accessing that spot with tools to be more difficult, because of the way my toilet is positioned close to my bathroom wall. Still, it wasn’t that much harder to navigate—and with any bidet you buy, you should make sure you have enough room to maneuver a wrench.

The air dryer isn’t strong enough that you can forgo toilet paper, unless you are very patient. Still, the speed is comparable to that of dryers on more-expensive bidets. While I wouldn’t bother with this dryer, I also couldn’t find a better one.

Electric bidets connect to an outlet in your bathroom. Mine is in a sort of awkward place, but the cord ultimately didn’t bother me that much.

The electric cord is also a little annoying to look at, but that was an issue with every bidet I tested at home. The only outlet in my bathroom is above the sink, so the cord extends awkwardly from the toilet across the wall. You can find a variety of relatively inexpensive options for concealing and streamlining cables (the kind you’d use in an office) that could be put to use here.

The lid has a lip that, when closed, covers the gap between the lid and the seat. When it’s open, if you lean far back on the seat, you might feel it. This wasn’t a problem for us during testing, but a reader who leans back while using the toilet pointed out that it was bothersome.

After nearly a year of use, the sticky part on the back of the remote holder has lost some of its stickiness, so occasionally the remote falls down. This is a minor problem (and was exacerbated by the fact that I pulled the remote holder off the wall several times during testing). If you can’t screw the remote holder into the wall because of tile, you might need to get fresh double-sided adhesive every so often.

When I went apartment hunting with my boyfriend, I found myself (to the confusion of our broker) examining the toilets for shape and plumbing fixtures, to see if the Toto could come with us. We ended up in a place where the valves the bidet would need to attach to were crammed in a hard-to-reach spot—installation would be challenging, at best. I’ve left the bidet with my old roommates, for now, who were thrilled: Theresa’s face lit up when I told her I’d be loaning the device at least until I got settled enough to take on a minor plumbing experiment. I texted her and Olivia to get their thoughts on a year of using bidets: “I don’t like using toilets without bidets,” Theresa said. “Same,” Olivia agreed.

If you want to save a few bucks or if our top pick is sold out, we recommend going with the slightly pared-down version of the C200, the Toto Washlet C100. It has just as many water-pressure settings, as well as an option for an oscillating water stream (but no pulsing) and a pre-mist function to keep matter from sticking to the bowl. Although it offers only three temperature settings for the water, the stream can get just as warm on this model as with the C200.

If you want to outfit your bathroom with an electric bidet for as little money as possible, go with the Brondell Swash 300. This model is bare-bones (or, as bare-bones as a luxury product can be): It has a heated seat, six options each for water pressure and temperature, and both rear and feminine wash. Unlike the pricier version of the Brondell, according to a spokesperson for the company, on this model the water stream will begin quickly but might take a moment to warm up. On the positive side, the Swash 300 has a remote that affixes to the wall, a feature typically reserved for more expensive bidets.

After nearly a year of testing in a two-person apartment, the tankless version of the Swash 300, the Swash 900, has held up well. Our tester reports that waiting for the water to start is a bit annoying, but our pick, the Swash 300, does not have this issue nearly to the same degree (no bidet starts squirting water as soon as you push the button).

Toilet seat size

Like toilets, bidets come in two shapes. “Elongated,” or egg-shaped, toilet seats are more common these days, but if your toilet is on the small side, it might be round. If you’re not sure which kind you have, you’ll probably get it right just by eyeballing.

If you have an elongated toilet, picking a bidet size is a no-brainer: Go with the elongated one.

Unless you are feeling a little adventurous, I suggest selecting the appropriate bidet size for your toilet. I did most of my testing with elongated bidets installed on my round toilet, and overall my roommates and I liked the elongated size better. The longer seats still fit on round toilets, and they make such toilets feel larger. They hang over the front a bit, but having the feel of a bigger toilet made up for the cosmetic issue. However, there’s a big caveat: The holes on the base of most elongated bidets—which you’re supposed to use to attach the seat to the toilet with big plastic screws—are too far apart to match up with the holes on the back of a round toilet. I found that the bidets were secure enough with just one screw during our short-term testing (and could take further securing with adhesive tape). But I could see this being a nuisance for some people, especially during long-term use.

Bio Bidet BB-600

The Bio Bidet BB-600 gets the job done just fine. It doesn’t look or feel as nice as our top pick. But if you prefer colorful buttons over a black-and-white or black-and-gray interface—which the BB-600 has on its side-panel display—go with this model.

My main complaint about this bidet is that in our tests the water pressure was higher than our top pick’s, even on its lowest setting. But setting the mode to “aerated” fixed that issue. During the washing process, the water was a bit cooler than our top pick’s, even on the highest temperature setting, but not uncomfortably so. The button that controls water pressure is the same one that controls air-drying strength, which could be annoying if you intend to use the air dryer and also prefer a soft water stream.

Brondell Swash 900

We found two dealbreakers with this bidet: It’s slow and it’s noisy. It took a full 1seconds between our pushing the button and our feeling the stream of water—a PR rep for the company confirmed this was typical—whereas other models we tested took about seconds. Those extra seconds feel long. To boot, the bidet made a whirring noise during that whole time.

This bidet defaults to beeping a lot, making noise when it detects pressure on the seat as well as to indicate that a function—say, water temperature—is at its highest or lowest setting. “Why does it have to talk to me every time I sit down?” asked my roommate Olivia. Luckily, you can turn that option off.

The Swash 900 did have one feature that I wish every bidet had: a wide spray. I liked this option, as the wide spray felt softer than the more concentrated streams of water from the other models I tested. Theresa didn’t like the feel of the wide stream (she noted that it felt inconsistent, illustrating the effect by making a “pffffffft” spitting sound). Fortunately, the remote offers three options for width. The wide spray, however, didn’t seem to make a difference in how clean we felt; the other models were just as good in that regard. So although I liked the wide-spray feature, I wouldn’t overlook this model’s poor speed and irritating sound.

Bio Bidet BB-2000

This one was a favorite in my apartment, but its high price buys you many features that you don’t need. Olivia noted that the remote was intuitive to use but filled with more buttons than she would ever need—in addition to pressure and temperature settings, it offers a massage function, an enema function, an auto wash, a kids’ wash, something called a bubble infusion, and a wide spray.

Several settings for pressure and temperature mean that this bidet will suit a variety of personal preferences. An LED screen makes it clear what the current settings are, and adjusting them is easy. In our tests the pressure was always effective, and never too much.

The wide spray is really nice, and I wish all bidets had such a thing. But the remote was so crowded that it took me until I actually looked at the list of features on the bidet to realize the wide option was there.

I really liked the BB-2000’s blue night-light; it was surprisingly pleasant to use the toilet at night and not have to turn on the main light. Since it’s easy to purchase a separate night-light (in my case, a battery-powered one, since outlets in my bathroom are precious), this feature is nice but not a dealmaker.

The BB-2000 is also pretty large. As a result, it was comfortable to sit on, but we also ended up with a little splashing back of water after each use.

A note on other formats

Non-electric bidets have lower prices and offer only an adjustable—sometimes warm—stream of water, nothing else. Although we didn’t test such models, I spent some time reading about non-electric bidets and looking at reviews, and I talked to half a dozen Wirecutter readers who had had great experiences with them (including one who estimated that he has ordered a total of as gifts and for family members who wanted help making the all-important but perhaps slightly embarrassing purchase).

But even Bidet.org’s Kyle Bazylo, who sells travel bidets, says he doesn’t bother using one when he travels himself.


This bidet from Astor is one that depends entirely on hydraulics. When making a decision on buying equipment for my house I am very sensitive to the impact it will have on my electricity bill, the lesser, the better and an absolute no extra bills is a hell yeah for me.

Affordable it is, you will not stretch your finances too much. If we put the fact that it will help you save on toilet paper, you will admit that it will end up being very cheap in the long run. It might end up being a money making machine if you were to imagine you never installed it.

Installation Hardware Included

This Bidet on purchase comes together with the installation hardware. You will not have to go looking for the appropriate hardware which will mean some extra cost. The installation is particularly fast and easy.

Great Aesthetics

White and blue color finishes make this popular bidet toilet seat one of the most appealing. The settings control knobs have a chrome coating that makes it even more appealing.

Dual Nozzles

I mean you can clean up using one mode and use the other to wash the rear region.

Easy To Install

All that you have to do to get the Bidet functioning is Overlap it to the existing installation. It is such easy, and it comes with standard plumbing pipes that fit in perfectly with the existing plumb work.

Astor Bidet Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

Electric bidet attachments might be popular, but they are not the only option. This mechanical one from Astor is very efficient, and it will work even better than many electrical ones. It is an affordable unit that will turn any toilet into a luxurious bidet but what makes it stand out is that you can install it in just minutes and all you will need is a screwdriver. And you can adjust the water spray to suit your particular preference.

Yegu Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

If you want a bidet attachment that will produce both hot and cold water this one from Yegu will work well for you. It is a non-electric unit that features a self-cleaning and retractable nozzle, and both the water pressure and temperature are easy to adjust. This bidet attachment is suitable for both men and women, and you will also not require any special tools to install it as it is straightforward to mount.

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 Dual Nozzle Bidet Attachment

Many companies manufacture bidet attachments, but Luxe seems to be quite popular as it makes some of the best selling ones. Their Neo 180- model comes in a sleek design and with high-quality parts to make it a long-lasting product. It comes with both front and rear nozzles to make it suitable for feminine wash and a self-cleaning nozzle that is retractable for sanitary protection.

Greenco Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

This bidet attachment is quite inexpensive, but it is still a high-quality unit that will provide optimal hygiene. Installing it on your toilet is easy to do on your own and without any special tools since the bidet attachment also comes with some simple instructions. This non-electric bidet attachment also comes with an easy to access control dial to provide instant pressure and for adjusting the nozzle.

BioBiodet Simplet BB-70 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Non-electric mechanical bidet attachment seems to be the most convenient for many people. The BB-70 model by BioBidet comes in a universal design to ensure that it can fit any toilet. It is also adjustable, and it comes with a removable and retractable nozzle that will always offer a proper wash. The positive stepping pressure control makes it easy to change the water pressure. And it is also a very durable bidet attachment thanks to the quality brass valve and inlet.

Zen Bidet Z-500 with Hot and Cold Water

Being able to choose between hot and cold water is one of the best features of the Zen Bidet Z-500. But, it also features some brass components to make long-lasting, self-cleaning and retractable nozzles and some innovative chrome-plated knobs for an attractive look. Installing it is also quite easy, and it comes with everything you need including the plumbing tape.

Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 ranks among the best bidet attachments in the market and it offers both hot and cold water. It also includes a feminine wash thanks to the dual and self-cleaning nozzles. And since it is a non-electric bidet attachment installation is very easy and you can do it in just a few minutes. The high-quality valves with a ceramic core, braided steel hose for the cold water and the metal t-adapter also help to make this a high-quality bidet attachment.

As you are shopping for a bidet attachment for your toilet, you should not just go for any that you come across or the cheapest. Instead, you should consider the following key factors when making your choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

The design or appearance of your toilet bidet is also essential because you want something that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your toilet and the bathroom. You can go for a sleek looking model with some impressive accents and also make sure that it matches the color and size of the bathroom.

Hot Water

Some fancy electronic bidet adjustments make it possible for the users to adjust the water temperature from cold to warm. For those that live in cold places, this will be an excellent feature because it will make bathroom time more comfortable.

The more the features, the more the comfort the bidet attachment will provide for the users. Some fancy or high-end models will come with other features like pre-misting, seat heating and air-drying to give you an almost spa-like experience. But, it is also important to know that these fancy bidet attachments are also the priciest.

When the first bidet came out the only type that existed was the bidet that was separate from the toilet. Today in Europe you can still find these bidets in most hotel bathroom and private houses. Even though people still use the stand alone bidets the toilet attachment ones are better. In this article I am going to compare the type of bidets.

Toilet Attachment Bidets Are Much Cheaper

Dual-flush toilets are becoming increasingly popular for their water-saving features, and reviewers say that the Toto Aquia CST416M performs better than most. It gets high marks in professional testing for bowl cleaning and is reported as very quiet. Owners love having the dual flush option — a particularly popular feature for those who are trying to be more conscientious about their water consumption. The Toto Aquia CST416M is available in five colors.

Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets are very popular in Europe, but more Americans are buying into their stylish, modern, easy-to-clean vibe. And no model gets better reviews than the Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet. This wall-mounted toilet comes in two colors, white and beige. Owners rave about its trendy appearance, but remember, you need to budget for the purchase and installation of an in-wall tank.

Corner Toilets

While corner toilets are relatively rare — and are pricier than traditional toilets — people love them for their small footprint and for offering the option of a different look in their bathroom. Corner toilets are particularly good for small spaces or for renovation projects that turn, say, a storage area into an extra bathroom.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

People often fall in love with bidets while traveling overseas, or just like the idea of a more thorough cleaning after doing their business. Bidets may also help cut down on the amount of toilet paper used — and they’re definitely a better alternative than toilet wipes, which can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Bidet toilet attachments are generally affordable, super easy to install, and will fit most toilet seats.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush technology solves some of the problems inherent in both single flush toilets (using too much water) and low-flow toilets (too little water for effective bowl cleaning). Dual-flush toilets have one button for an effective 1.6-gallon flush for solid waste, and a second button for liquid waste that typically uses.gpf, although that can vary from.gpf to 1.gpf and still be considered “water saving.” The combination of the lower and higher flushes averages out to the HET requirement of 1.2gpf. Like low-flow toilets, these WaterSense toilets may qualify for a rebate.

Aesthetics are important too.

Even if you can’t afford a wall-mounted toilet, you still want your fixtures to be as nice-looking as possible. Most toilets are still either white or beige, but some come in several neutral shades, plus an occasional black toilet (although black usually sports a much higher price tag). Toilet designs can vary from the standard, curved design to skirted designs that are easier to clean.

Don’t forget you need a seat!

Maximum Performance (MaP) rating. MaP is an independent testing organization that assesses hundreds of toilets using a paste made of soybean must pass at least four out of five separate flush tests. The minimum standard is 250 grams of solid waste, which is average for an adult, and toilets are tested up to 1,000 grams. Manufacturers voluntarily submit products for testing and pay a fee, and MaP scores have become a gold standard for evaluating flush performance.

History of the bidet

The bidet toilet seat is a revolutionary bathroom design idea that will change the way most people use the bathroom.

The bidet toilet seat was invented in 196by Mr. Bidet who sold it in the USA. A company called TOTO launched a bidet toilet seat in 1980 which was sold in Japan.

It was referred to as the paperless toilet and then later as the washlet or washouts.

The use of bidets spread through Britain, France and other European countries which introduced it to India, The Middle East, and even South America.

The most common use is in Japan and their most common brand the washlet by TOTO is very popular and has a wide array of dazzling features.

These Japanese toilet seats are in most of the households and although they resemble Western toilets at first glance hey have additional features such as automatic flushing, blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, wireless control panel, automatic lid opening, water jet adjustments and room heating.

These features can often be accessed wirelessly on a control panel attached to the seat. However, some are mounted on a nearby wall.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Sleek Design – Upgrade your bathroom with Luxe Bidet’s beautifully designed. High Quality Parts. Quick and Easy Installation. Sanitary Protection – Self-cleaning feature sanitizes the nozzle.

LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat

A bidet was at one time regarded as an important part of a hygienic lifestyle along with being used to help in contraception.

However, nowadays, with the access to reliable contraceptives, and good quality toilet paper, they are today considered a luxurious item.

While best bidet seat might be a luxurious item, it can make life a lot easier for most people like those with issues of mobility.

Expectant mothers can as well gain from using a bidet, since using toilet paper might become hard later on as the pregnancy progresses.

Bidets have numerous other good benefits too that you can learn about in this guide.

With the best bidet seat, you do not have to be concerned with those awful situations.

Better yet, you may clean yourself better after making use of the toilet. Bidets often appear as small toilet bowls with faucets.

They may be mistaken as a small tub due to their look. Bidets are usually placed near toilets for ease of use.

Best bidet seat is not only made to warm your bottom but also allow you to clean yourself using warm water.

The more lavish ones can dry your rear with warmed air.

Nozzle Sterilization

Another feature that comes with the bidet is the nozzle sterilization.

You will find a handful of models that use various nozzle sterilization methods.

You will enjoy features such as this, making your bathroom will be hygienic and clean.

Stainless Steel Nozzles

This might appear to be a small feature; however, it is as well an essential one for the purpose of hygiene.

Nozzles made from stainless steel tend to be more resistant to bacteria since they have no cracks or pores that might permit bacteria or dust to enter areas that are difficult to clean.

Electronic bidet toilet seat

An electronic bidet toilet seat can provide lots of benefits and comforts, based on the model that you have picked and the features that you require.

From a seat that heats up for you to varying water temperatures, there are electric seats, which are the ideal fit with the size of your pocket and your bidet preferences.

You do not need to have a separate bidet fixture installed, all you need is located the seat that installs and quickly fits into just about any toilet or bathroom model.

An electronic bidet toilet seat can certainly make your life convenient and easier.

It may help you with outstanding hygiene, and it can also provide health benefits if you are suffering from problems like rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and other problems in the anal and genital areas.

The heated bidet seat may be found in energy efficient models that need little energy or power; however, the benefit that it offers can be amazing.

The heated option may also help improve the way you feel since heat helps your muscles relax and ease tension in your body.

The electronic bidet toilet seat comes equipped with numerous features that will certainly blow your mind.

These remarkable features include amazing cleaning time, in-built dryers, temperature controlled seats, gentle massage option, hands-free operation (remote controlled), effective deodorizers, pulsating streams, and much more.

Accessible in both elongated and round models, the Brondell Swash 1000 can fit into almost any business or house toilet.

It has warm water for optimum comfort, cleaning, long life, and powerful dual stainless steel nozzles that shoot on-demand.

The Toto C100 is a little more economical compared to most other models with the same features, yet you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference when you use it.

An adjustable heated seat makes sure you are not shocked when sitting on it on cold winter days.

Non-electric bidets

You will save on energy which then decreases the carbon footprint of your home.

Using an electric bidet needs more maintenance compared to a non-electric one.

Since there is no electricity, you do not have to be concerned with the bidet breaking because of an electrical issue.

One of the main reasons you must choose the non-electric bidets is due to the fact that they less expensive. Many electric bidets are expensive and consist of various features.

The non-electric bidet, on the contrary, can be less expensive.

An example of a non-electric bidet seat that you can buy is the Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium Bidet.

It has a patented Vortex Water Stream to help you get a strong, yet mild feeling stream that is good for a hassle-free cleaning or perhaps as an enema.

It comes with most of the luxury features usually reserved for top-notch, electronic bidets.

Bio Bidet

Bidets are extremely popular all over the world since they offer environmental awareness, health benefits, better hygiene, and a sense of luxury.

Now let us discuss the advantages of using a bio bidet.

It goes without saying that it that this bidet adds to your hygiene factor, apart from that you will decrease irritation or dermal problem, or infection in your perineum area considerably.

So bid farewell to urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids with a bio bidet.

If you are suffering from constipation you can find the spraying of warm water very comfortable.

In addition, they will assist the mature and the senior greatly.

The differently-able people may also find its use satisfactory and simple. Thus purchasing a bio bidet will be the ideal decision you make towards a life that is healthy.

All major components that you might need to install a bio bidet are included in the unit with detailed installation guidelines.

Conventional bidet

This type of bidet is installed as a separate unit beside the toilet, sink and shower.

It resembles a slightly large hand basin with taps and knobs. Some have a nozzle that squirts a tight stream of water to help in cleansing.

Bidet attachment

This type of bidet may be a toilet with built in bidet or it may be an attached to the existing toilet.

They typically have two nozzles; one for cleaning the genitals and anus (family nozzle) and the other is designed for feminine use to cleanse the vulva (bidet nozzle).

Bidet attachments are also referred to as combined toilets, bidet toilet combo or attachable bidets. They are usually electronically controlled with a remote control or touch screen.

This also gives them the name electronic bidets. This means that cleansing is achieved without the use of hands.

Elongated bidets

The first step in buying a bidet toilet seat is finding out if your toilet is elongated or round.

Elongated bidets are usually oval-shaped, similar to an egg.

This means elongated bidets are roughly inches longer compared to a round bowl.

Men as well love them since they help to stop splash back.

Electronic bidet controls

These types of bidet electric attachments are usually automated and attached to a power source.

Most come with a remote control or touch screen to assist in controlling the water pressure, temperature, angle, and direction of spray and time duration of water spray.

Most bidets have a heated toilet seat with temperature control. The seat is warmed up so that sitting on it is comfortable.

The water let out through the nozzle is also warmed up so that it is comfortable.

How a bidet works

In the bathroom, bidet use is very common and knowing how it works will help the user to understand it.

Most bidets have a proximity sensor which allows the lid to open when the user is near it.

Once the user has finished using the toilet the nozzle squirts water at the genital area; anus and genitals.

The nozzle does not touch the user’s body at any time. The nozzle cleans itself before and after use.

In most cases the nozzle is used for the front and back operations using different angles to aim at the desired spots.

However, some bidets have two nozzles, each dedicated to one area.

The nozzle control is attached to a proximity sensor or pressure switch so that it operates only when the toilet seat is occupied.

When the cleansing with water is done a dryer turns on and dries the genitor-anal area with warm dry air.

Once this is done the toilet flushes automatically and deodorizers and carbon filters remove any odors.

Easy to install

Add on bidets are easily available and fitting them does not require special skills so it is a simple do-it-yourself job.

In addition, a bidet can be attached to an already existing toilet without the need for extra plumbing or soldering.

Offer independence

Bidets are particularly useful for people with disabilities because they eliminate the need of having someone to help with the wiping.

They are also great for the aging community because they afford them greater independence.

Models specially designed for people with disabilities or the elderly have armrests and other devices to help the user stand up after use.

Finding the right toilet seat size

Similar to lots of things in the home, your toilet will experience a fair degree of wear and tear throughout its life. It is hardly surprising.

In any case, it is something you use daily. And it is your toilet seat that takes the brunt of this frequent use.

This will ensure that you get a shape and set of toilet dimensions to work with.

At this point, all that is left to do is begin your search using these measurements.

You will be impressed that they are available in many shapes, texture, styles, colors and some even have special effects.

You will find those that feature automatic closing lids, others that have temperature controls and others which glow in the dark and.

However, the most basic guide to purchasing one is that you must consider the size and the shape of your own toilet since there are two basic sizes: the oblong and the round.

By measuring from the front of the bowl to the area between the screws on the back lid, you will be in a position to figure out toilet seat size.

Popular Pages

If you always thought that the automatic self closing toilet seat can be availed only in a particular design then the Brondell S300-EW Toilet Seat is here to change your views. This marvelous self closing toilet seat has a bidet design that you may find unorthodox but highly comfortable. Slightly on the expensive scale the Brondell S300-EW Toilet Seat is one of the best automatic closing toilet seats in our list of top six.

It is provided with advanced features like heated seat, automatic toiler closer and a wireless controller. You should be ready to get surprised with the new bidet cleansing system of this product if you relied on toilet paper use till now.

TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat  

The TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat is one of those rare self closing toilet seats that simply make you sit on the toilet entire day. The ergonomic design and comfortable warm seat is something every person wants in his toilet. If you are ready for the next generation of automatic closing toilet seat then the TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat is for you.

It features automatic closing and a wireless controller that controls temperature, spray pressure, water volume and bidet arm. The toilet seat closer is silent. You will give up on toilet paper use once you use the bidet system.

TOSHIBA SCS-T160 toilet seat  

TOSHIBA SCS-T160 toilet seat is a true representation of Japanese advanced technology in consumer goods. Designed specifically for winter use, if you live in a cold climate then you will like this self closing toilet seat. The warm water setting automatically keeps the water warm. The number of infrared sensors embedded into this auto closing toilet seat, auto start the deodorizer to ensure your bathroom smells nice every time.

The self close toilet seats have to be absolutely touch free and the TOSHIBA SCS-T160 is exactly that with an attached remote. You can control all its features with the remote without touching the seat.

Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat 

Open toilet is a fairy ground for young kids and pets to play. We adults are disgusted by it but not kids or our pets. The Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat is an ideal solution to keep pets and kids away from the open toilet. This automatic toilet seat closer operated mechanically. Once you flush it silently closes itself. Designed to fit most standard toilets this automatic self closing toilet seat is made from durable plastic and is easy to install.

Not fit for larger people

KOHLER is known to be the leader of the bathroom supplies. This self closing toilet seat from the brand lives up to its reputation of being simply the best. The KOHLER K-4636-0 Elongated Toilet Seat is not only ergonomic designed and functional but it is also highly affordable. This auto closing toilet seat is powered with the Quiet Close technology that means you don’t have to hear any banging toilet seat noises any more. Having the auto toilet seat closer gives you all the benefits of not getting germs on your hand anymore.

Fan is too loud

First of all you need to look for a seat that closes softly. An automatic closing toilet seat may be convenient, but there is no point in buying one that bangs hard while closing or opening. You will not want to awake at the disturbing sound of the toilet seat in the middle of the night. The products we have listed above have a controlled soft closing so that there is no noise in operating it.

You may also want to consider how advanced features you want in your automatic closing toilet seat. There are self closing toilet seats that open automatically as you walk closer to them, which means you don’t even have to push a button to open them. The self closing functionality ensures that you never have an open lid when your partner walks in. Interestingly, studies show that the self closing toilet seat is actually affecting relationships positively.

Then there are some toilet seats, which arms that make them safer for kids and elders. While you may not necessarily need one with this kind of arrangement, but if you have elders in your home it can be useful.

Toilet Lid Vs Seat

Another important consideration is to know the difference between a toilet lid and a seat. The toilet lid covers the toilet bowl and it is part that prevents the entire hole from showing. On the other hand the toilet seat is the one on which you sit to be comfortable and this is why it is usually padded.

Electrical Or Non-Electrical

They are different types of bidets some which are electrical and others nonelectrical. According to your taste, you can either choose electrical or non-electrical. The toilet bidet seats which requires electricity to function.

It is designed with an electric cord which is roughly 3.long which should be plugged in the nearest outlet to use it.

Remote Controls

Imagine the scenario where the bidet control panel are attached to the seat, and some buttons are way back, every time you want to press a button you literary have to twist your body to reach the buttons.

Uncomfortable right? Well, best bidets come with a remote control which makes it easy to use without tossing and turning to find a button.

Tankless Water Heater

Even though the toilet bidet was discovered around the 1centaury, with the rise of technology, the new models are tankless this has been a real breakthrough.

The tankless heating system doesn’t come with a tank which made it look big. Another benefit is that it provides continuous warm water on demand.

Fast And Easy Installation

To fix the bidet on to the toilet seat doesn’t require a brainy to figure it out. All you require is a screw driver and to 20 minutes’ spare time in your hands. Since it majorly operates on water pressure no electricity needed and very necessary it comes with installation and operation instructions.

Easy To Maintain

Through my painful experience, I have encountered bidets which are hard and at times impossible to clean you have to spend hours just cleaning the bidet.

Easy Installation

It comes with a manual that greatly aids in the installation. The manual has step by step layout with diagrams that makes it very easy to install and very fast. The bidet is nonelectrical so no wiring process is required this also adds to the simple installation.

Safe And Easy To Use

The bidet can be used by children, adults and even senior without encountering any problems. It’s also nonelectric that means it doesn’t use electricity so no need of having sockets in the bathroom and no need to worry about the dangers that come with an electrical bidet.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your bidet wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of bidet



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