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Best night vision goggles 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2023

Roger BarnettHey, I’m Roger Barnett. Here are the best night vision goggles for 2018 – based on my own expert opinion, feature sets, prices, and overall popularity.

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. Now I’m going to recommend a few night vision goggles you can pick from to get started quickly and easily.

Let’s get to it!

Best night vision goggles of 2018

Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best night vision goggles of the 2018. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

I’ve based my selection methodology on customer feedback, the size, functionality, and budget to meet various demands. Many brands have introduced night vision goggles on the market. These brands have resulted in a variety for the user. These require that the consumers be well aware of what they are buying so as to make the best choice.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
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4 points
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№1 – Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Solomark Night Vision Monocular

A great gadget which enable you to observe target in complete darkness. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation and exploring caves.
With multi-coated glass objectives, high sensitivity sensor, integrated color LCD-Screen and 7level IR LED illuminator. You can view in the dark up to 328ft/100m, get the brightness you want.
We’ve been using it for 4 months and didn’t notice any flaws.

Why did this night vision goggles win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.


Ease of use














№2 – Night Vision Binocular

Night Vision Binocular

Built in 3W Infrared LED, 850nm Infrared Illuminator allows viewing up to 1300 ft/400m viewing distance in full darkness; Day or night use(with IR off for daytime color); Use the supplied AV cable to view your images on a television or transfer the files to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
Can require care/upkeep.
A little bit heavy.

Why did this night vision goggles come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use














№3 – Lowmany BF6060 U.S. Army 60 X 60 Zoom Vision Optical Wide-angle Telescope Night Vision Binoculars

Lowmany BF6060 U.S. Army 60 X 60 Zoom Vision Optical Wide-angle Telescope Night Vision Binoculars

And coordinates calibration, outdoor hunting, mirror is the preferred product ruby coating. The brightness of the can increase the watch the scenery.
Powerful zoom with different magnifications ideal for all outdoor activities and sporting events Shock-absorbing rubber armor
Not very flexible.
The price might be something to consider for some.

Why did this night vision goggles take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.


Ease of use














night vision goggles Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy night vision goggles, right? No!

Thermal Imaging

Best Gen night vision goggles have a vacuum tube with photocathode sensitivity which is 120 to 280 microamperes per lumen. Also, have 120 to 900 times light amplification. The resolution is 20 to 3line-pairs per millimeter, and the maximum range is 80m.

They often provide bad quality around the edges of the image, so it is not recommended for photography. Without this issue, generation night vision has so many advantages. And because of their affordable price, they are the most popular among the people.

Generation 2

Generation devices are something different from Generation and 1+ in several points. They use the Micro Channel Plate (MCP), an electron amplifier. There are two types of intensifier tubes with MCP available – 18mm and 25mm. The efficiency of the tube depends on the amount of diameter. Larger diameter provides more efficiency.

They have the sensitivity of 300 to 350 microamperes per lumen. They provide a light amplification of around 20000 to 30000 times which make them suitable for video or cameras.

They are expensive and mostly used for professional services.

Generation 3

Generation night vision are used by both US military and special forces. It is currently the best Generation in the market. But the problem is the price is too much high. This is not a budget friendly equipment. As their price, they also provide more advantage than other generations.

They provide 300+ yards ranges and the best resolution. They perform more effectively in the low light. They have a very long battery life of 10000+ hours. Also very reliable and durable.

Generation 4

Generation is the latest version of night vision technology. Gen units are filmless and gated image intensifiers. In Gen the Gen image intensifier has been removed to get an even clearer image. And that’s the reason of it’s becoming filmless.It can also be used at the daytime in bright light sources. They are not that much popular.

All of the generations are different from one another depending on their feature and price. You have to consider which one matches your need the most. Then you have to go for that generation.

When purchasing any product, people definitely want to get the best one. When you are going to purchase night vision goggles and want to find the best one you have to go through a hard job. Finding out the best affordable night vision goggles is not that easy because there are a huge amount of goggles models available in the market. So you have to choose one very carefully.

Here I am providing a buying guide containing some of those factors which will help you to find the best value night vision goggles quickly.

The range is a very important factor to be considered. Range maintain the area that you will see with the goggles. You have to consider from how much distance you will hunt and then you have to choose that ranged goggles. Normally night vision device has the ability to see over hundreds of yards.

One thing you have to know that, the total range is not important, but the recognition range is important to take in mind. Most of the night vision goggles come with different recognition ranges depending on various lightings such as full moon, half moon, quarter moon or starlight only. Since the quality of night vision depends on the light, the range decreases as the light decreases.


Spectrum is another important factor to be considered as it maintain the visibility of the device. Visuality of human eyes is limited to a small portion of the visible light. They can’t see in the dark. Spectrum gives the night vision goggles the ability to help you see things from the non-visible sources of electromagnetic radiation like UV Radiation or Infrared Radiation.

The ultraviolet radiation extends from 100 to 400 nm while the near-ultraviolet extends from 300 to 400 nm and the visible portion of the spectrum from 400 to 750nm. On the other hand, the infrared region extends from 750 to 2000 nm and the near-infrared from 750 to 2,500 nm.


The resolution provides the ability of an image intensifier or night vision system to distinguish between objects close together. Resolution is measured in two unit, “Cycle per milliradian” and “Line pairs per millimeter”. If the resolution is perfect, then the image quality will be better. So it is important to consider this point.

Clarity is directly connected with the resolution. The relation between resolution and clarity is quite simple. Resolution is measured in lines per millimeter. The higher the lines are, the greater the clarity will be.

Magnification and FOV

When you are about to think about the magnification and FOV, it is important to own a pair of goggles with good magnification and FOV. The magnification depends on the distance you need and also the area that you are going to search. You can use a 1:lens with 400 FOV for optimal performance.

The higher the magnification is, the heavier and larger the optics will be. But for free movement and to use the device comfortably, you need a light optic. So choose magnification carefully with the perfect optics.

Weather Resistance

As you are going to use the goggles in various environment, it must have the ability to tackle any environment. The Best commercial night vision goggles are highly resistant to the environment and they are able to face any kind of obstacles. Some night vision goggles get internal fogging that reduce the visibility. That’s why the goggles must have the ability to resist humidity and moisture.

Power Source

Generally, all of the night vision goggles are powered by batteries. There are two kinds of batteries – alkaline battery and lithium battery. When buying night vision goggles, you should think about the battery life and also the restoring cost. Alkaline batteries are cheap and they are not durable enough. On the other hand, lithium batteries are a little bit expensive, but they are durable enough and long lasting.

These are the important factors that you must consider before you go to the market so that you can find the best night vision goggles for the money. Without taking into account them, you won’t be able to find the best one and hence your investment will become a failure. So what you have to do? You better know.

Firefield Tracker 1x2Night Vision Goggle Binoculars

The body is compact and durable. It is waterproof and fog resistant also. The goggles are foldable so you can easily carry it in any bag and also easily store it wherever you want.

The battery itself boasts a 7hour life. That’s really a longer life, isn’t it? Has dual tube and offers high-quality image resolution. The dual tube makes depth perception that makes the Tracker 1x2suitable for hunting and fishing.

How Night Vision Goggles Work

Night vision goggles work by amplifying all of the available light in your environment. Sometimes extra light is provided with an infrared (IR) illuminator that sends out light waves which are invisible to the naked eye. When light enters the lens of the device, it hits the front of the intensifier tube. This front piece contains a photocathode, which uses high-energy electrons to create an image on the phosphor screen. The image on the phosphor screen is then projected through the eyepiece. This process can increase the brightness of the image from 1times to 45,000 times.

Generations of Night Vision Goggles

Night vision devices are sometimes rated by their generation of technology, from Generation 0 through Generation For most people, a Generation (or “1st generation) device meets their needs. A pair of second generation night vision goggles, which can cost thousands of dollars, has 4times more light amplification and a 20 percent better resolution, but the difference to the human eye is nearly negligible considering the huge cost increase. At the same time, don’t feel you have to settle for super cheap night vision goggles. The quality of a toy versus a true Generation is hugely noticeable.

Built-in Infrared

Not all models have a built-in infrared emitter. When you have an IR built in, the available light increases to give you a brighter image. However, IR emitters do put out a small red light, so if conspicuousness if an issue for you, you’ll want to avoid IR or cover the emitter with tape. You can also look for a night vision that has an on/off IR feature.


First determine if you need your night vision goggles to function with recognition range or detection range. Recognition range allows you to differentiate details of what you are viewing. With detection range, you’ll be able to detect objects and movement, but you won’t be able to tell exactly who or what it is. If you need to determine details, you’ll want at least 5x zoom magnification. A pair of cheap night vision goggles will usually provide at least a 1x zoom magnification.

Field of view

The field of view will tell you the width of your viewing capacity. This is usually somewhat restricted in night vision goggles so that the light can effectively transmit within the intensifier tube. However, there is some range among different models. A typical field of view will be about 1to 12.degrees. Remember that when you zoom in, the field of view will necessarily decrease as you focus on a smaller area.

Consider the weight you can comfortably hold to your eyes for an extended period of time. Most models will weigh less than half of a pound, but the binocular models designed to be rugged or which have two intensifier tubes will weigh more. In this case, you may wish to look into using a helmet or head-gear attachment.


When you select the best night vision goggles for your purposes, don’t forget to pick up batteries if they’re not included. All night vision devices need batteries to power the intensifier tube.

Make sure you double check what kind of batteries you’ll need. Not all devices take the AA alkaline batteries that you may have lying around the house, although many cheap night vision goggles will. For the higher-end models, you’ll usually need a less common 3-volt Type-12lithium battery or other similar NiMH battery.

When you purchase the battery (or if it’s included in your kit), check how long they last. A type-12lithium ion should last 40 to 80 hours. AA batteries will last significantly less, sometimes as little as 20 minutes of continuous usage.

Night Vision Expert

Hi there, my name is Stuart and I am the founder of Night Vision Technology. Having spent a lot of time researching before purchasing my own Night Vision Scope, I now make Night Vision Technology reviews and guides to help others see in the dark.

Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular 5X

As the number in its name indicates- the night vision binoculars magnify times from light entering 50mm lenses. Infrared illuminators turn total darkness viewable using a single volt 123-type lithium battery which will last 40 to 80 hours, depending on IR usage.

Though that model might be great for those watching coyotes prowl on acres of land in the night, they’re not for defense or protection. Serious home defense enthusiasts and law enforcement officials won’t settle for less- and shouldn’t. Even big game hunters can find themselves needing something with more features and better options in order to not find themselves fumbling with controls or having to hold your nv bins in one hand, and their weapon in the other. You want both hands free. With the risk of losing an object, the hunt, or your life, things becomes less about the money and more about reliability.

Tactical Series GNight Vision Binocular Goggles

With defense and tactical applications in mind, this model features a comfortable head mount, and a push button flip-top to raise up the binocs when not in use or the option to detach them completely.

Durable aluminum housing encloses an infrared illuminator for use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition, and is powered by two 1.volt Type-N batteries. Users can keep their subjects in sight in total darkness for 40 to 80 hours depending on their IR usage.

One customer noted that its head mount is cumbersome and hard to adjust. Others noted the hard-to-find battery type, as it is a power cell most often used in medical devices and isn’t widely available.

Perhaps the manufacturer wanted to really push the feature of a head mount, but cut back on the comfort, so if that is important to you, skip this set.

ATN PS15-GEN Night Vision Goggle System, made by the ATN Corporation. If features like waterproof construction, intensifier tubes, 40 degree field of view, and resolutions that allow users to read maps in total darkness sound expensive, you are absolutely right.

Power demands are kept as simple as most other nv bins, as it only requires 1.5-volt AA batteries (which are available anywhere) or 3-volt CR123A type (play it safe and head to Radio Shack for those) which power these night vision binoculars for 40 hours.


One of the well known binocular brands is Bushnell. This brand offers standard binoculars and night vision versions. This brand has been around for over 6years which expertise in optics for sporting and outdoor events. The sporting binoculars created by this brand can be used for fishing, golf, stargazing and bird watching. You can even get indoor Bushnell binoculars for watching the opera.

As this company is a giant in the binocular market, they are up to date with all the latest technology. If you are looking for night vision binoculars that you can rely on then, this is the right brand for you. After all, 6years of binocular making gives them the edge over much of their competition.


Another large brand in the thermal imaging and night vision market is ATN. The company also has their headquarters in San Francisco and has been providing technology for over two decades. One of the selling points for this manufacturer is that all of their technology and products is proudly made in the United States.

The night vision binoculars they offer are one of the top choices for hunters because they are among the most well-known and they offer the advanced technology. If you want something a bit simpler, this brand will have a model, but if you are looking for something advanced they will also have it. Law enforcement and the military makes use of the technology provided by this company.

Night Owl

Night Owl has decades of experience in creating night vision technology. If you visit the company’s website, you will see that their mission is to produce and provide the best night vision equipment. If you are looking for night vision binoculars, then you will be able to find many great quality models from this company.


A binocular brand that you find at online stores is Aurosports, but it is harder to find information about the company themselves. This brand does provide a range of cheap binoculars with a model for almost any occasion. However, if you are looking for binoculars for serious hunting or law enforcement work, then this may not be the right brand for you. However, if you need binoculars for hunting, traveling or bird watching then you should consider this brand as they offer some of the most inexpensive models on the market.

Thermal Imaging

The other way night vision goggles function is using a technology called thermal imaging. When you think of the word thermal, you probably think of body heat. Hot objects, IE. human bodies, emit heat in the form of infrared light. Night vision devices that use thermal imaging are able to capture this emitted light giving you a clear picture. Thermal imaging works good for trying to detect people in dark places. It works best in conditions of absolute darkness.

Night Vision Monoculars

A night vision monocular can be described as a single eye unit that has no magnification. A good quality night vision monocular is extremely versatile. Because they are so small and generally light-weight, they are perfect for head mounting. The higher generation monoculars can be attached to rifle scopes or directly to the weapon. These are good if you want to switch back and forth between eyes.

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision goggles are a lot like the monoculars in the fact that they do not have magnification however, they are designed for you to use with both eyes at once. Since you are using both eyes, you get much better depth perception than with the monoculars. These are often preferred and feel extremely natural when used in conjunction with a head mount. The disadvantage to night vision goggles is that they are sometimes heavier so they provide a little less versatility. Night Vision goggles are not able to be mounted onto weapons.

Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Binoculars are devices that have two eyepieces and have built-in magnification. These devices are usually heaviest and are not usually used with a head mount although this is just general preference. These devices are specifically designed to look at images from far distances while you are stationary. If your goal is stationary long distance viewing this is the night vision device of choice. It really depends on your stamina and ability to carry around this much weight. One thing to consider is that the further your target image is the more light you will lose. The biggest issue that people complain about with night vision binoculars is with they fixed magnification. This means that they are always zoomed in, although some higher end models are adjustable.

Night Vision Device Generations

A key fact: Levels of night vision technology are known as “Generations.”  The higher the Generation number, the more advanced the device.

Though modern Gen night vision devices are the most popular, Generations 2, and have advantages that come along with their higher price tag.  With a longer viewing distance and the ability to perform under the lowest of light conditions, these high-end devices definitely have their place.

Photo courtesy of Night Vision Depot.

Night vision has become an essential tool for the U.S. military. Pilots fly fighter planes and helicopters with night vision devices. Soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan use night vision goggles to spot and eliminate Taliban insurgents. Even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the latest thermal cameras.

Such tools are less ubiquitous in law enforcement, but as prices fall, they are becoming more common. Yet many law enforcement officers are still confused about what night vision can and can’t do and what they need to know before buying it.

Generation 0 and Generation no longer matter.

Generation 2—Gen devices are much brighter and much more capable of light intensification than Gen They are also much smaller thanks to improved microchannel plate and photocathode plate technology. Supplied to NATO allies by the U.S. military, the technology was copied and improved by the Soviets to create Gen 2+. Today, excellent Gen 2+ systems are still being produced in Russia, Belarus, and Western Europe.

Generation 3—Up to 15,000 hours of use and excellent light intensification are the benefits of Gen tubes, which cannot be exported outside of the U.S. except by direct permission of the Department of Defense. The latest Gen systems are Gen 3+ or Gen Pinnacle. All Gen tubes are made by ITT Exelis or EOTech L-regardless of who makes the complete system.

Night Vision View

Most people believe they can’t afford Night Vision goggles. Most people can’t comprehend the technology and consider it only for the military and scientists. Feeling overwhelmed, they give up on owning this awesome tool.

I believe Night Vision technology is pointless unless it can be simplified and understood. And before you buy Night Vision Goggles you should know your options and how to make them work for you.

Thermal and Enhanced.

If you’ve ever had a mold-inspection performed at your house, you most likely witnessed a professional wander throughout your house with a Thermal device. He uses Thermal technology to see the moisture inside of walls relative to the warmer temperature of the wall. Notice it does NOT depend on darkness to work. Airport security scanners are Thermal devices.

You can appreciate that in order to work in really dark settings, these devices gather what little light there may be, and then multiply (enhance!) it.

Optical and Digital.

The original concept of Night Vision was to rely on lenses (optics!) to collect as much of the small amount of reflected light as possible and then enhance this light in an intensifier-tube with light sensitive materials.

With each new ‘Generation’ of devices came improvements in intensifier-tubes and materials.

Notably, the most impressive development throughout all the ‘Generations’ came long ago when Generation implemented an additional glass plate inside of the intensifier-tube to better direct the light and achieve more powerful light enhancement.

Digital Photo Sensor

Although a relatively new type of enhancement device, digital computer electronics have made impressive advancements in this field. Undoubtedly this is the area where future developments will be made as there seems to be no limits to smaller, faster or better breakthroughs.

Thankfully the lower cost of manufacturing the modern components of these scopes is mirrored in the purchase price. Excellent performing Digital Night Vision scopes are available for a few hundred dollars.

Summing Up Digital

The Night Owl seems to be built quite well and although it is an affordable option, the 3-ring lens body is both attractive and robust which means it ideally won’t let you down in the field. The price, however, shows when it comes to the vision. Although the illumination is pretty good, the actual vision is a bit lackluster and the focus is fairly limited while the edges are quite fuzzy.

This model does not ship with batteries which means you should probably pick up a couple cr12batteries before it arrives so you can test it out right away. It does ship with a black heavy duty nylon belt carry case and the belt loop will fit up to a 2inch belt. All in all, this a good device for the money but you can’t expect high-end results for a device this affordable.

Yukon 4X50 NVMT Night Vision Monocular

Here’s another great quality (affordable) monocular that gives you pretty solid optical quality. We love the fact that it’s very lightweight, weighing in at just 600 grams. It’s also very durable and super simple to operate.

It boasts 4x magnification and combined with its 50mm lens and IR illuminator the Yukon 4X50 NVMT gives you great, clear imaging. With its rubber armored body, this monocular will also be able to handle life off the beaten track like a true champ.

If you’re in need of a monocular that isn’t going to break the bank and still provide you with good quality imaging, the Yukon is definitely worth considering.

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen-Night Vision Goggles

If you’re looking for a pair of hands-free bi-ocular night vision goggles built around high-grade image intensifier tubes, the Armasight Nyx7-ID is just for you.

The Armasight Gen-night vision goggles are some of the best on the market currently. Naturally, these aren’t the cheapest night vision goggles on the market but they do offer fantastic value.Controlled by the US Department of Defence, these are the real deal for anyone looking for a serious set of night vision goggles.Head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage, you’ll feel like you’re part of the USMC wearing this bad boy.

We love the fact that these goggles were designed using high-grade optics that still makes use of simple and reliable electronics. The Armasight makes seeing in total darkness possible, providing you with bright and clear imaging.It’s water-resistant, so it’s going to breeze through wet conditions and the fact that it’s so rugged, makes it great for outdoor use. It’s also lightweight and compact, so it’s not going to weigh you down when you’re out and about.

Built with high-grade optics and simple, reliable electronics, the Armasight provides bright and clear night vision images in even the harshest of night vision conditions. Offering a resolution of 47-5lp/mm images come back extremely clear through the lens providing unparallel vision when compared to other options. In our testing, we were extremely impressed with the range of vision with this particular set of goggles and were extremely impressed with the how big of an improvement the Gen-technology is over the Gen-technology.

No matter the situation you are in, the Armasight Nyxshould be the best night vision goggles available to you. It is comfortable wear, has fantastic battery life and will work in all conditions. It is also waterproof which is great for those rainy nights.Some of its key features include the wide-angle infrared illuminator, the auto brightness control, the bright light cut-off and its limited two-year warranty. With its ergonomic design and easy to operate controls, the Armasight Nyx7-ID is truly is a great Night Vision Goggle option to consider.

The Nyx7-ID is a great pair of multi-purpose goggles and you can choose to use it hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted.

If your looking for great value night vision binocular’s, look no further than the Night Owl Pro. A fraction of the cost of the Armasight Nyx7, the Night Owl option will provide you with everything the average camper, hunter or explorer needs. Offering a field of view of 5feet at a distance of 200 feet, you’ll be able to monitor a large space in the darkness of night.

However, at this time, the Night Owl Pro, is limited to customers in the state of California due to several state laws pertaining to equipment such as this. If you are however lucky enough to live in the Sunshine State, this is my recommendation for the best night vision binoculars. Unless you have a source in the military, these are as good as any on the market.

Bushnell LYNX Gen Night Vision Binocular

For those looking for a great alternative to the Night Owl Pro binocular because you live outside the state of California, I recommend the Bushnell Lynx Gen Binoculars. Offering about half the magnification power of the Night Owl, it operates on AAA batteries and will provide you with everything you need for your night vision needs.

They are listed as offering up to 750 feet but from our hands-on testing, it’s more like 500 feet which is probably more then you’ll ever need. This particular model features built-in infrared technology which of course lends itself to the best night viewing experience.

With a rubberized exterior and non-slip grip casing, the Bushnell Lynx is built to last.

Gen versus Gen 2

System Light Grain refers to the number of times the light amplification unit amplifies the light. Gen would typically have a Light Grain of 200-900 times, and Gen has a light grain of about 20,000 to 30,000 times. That’s a BIG difference.

Photosensitivity is about the minimum light levels required and the type of light the sensor picks up. Gen far outperforms compared to Gen in the photosensitivity category.

Generation gives you clearer, brighter and crisper imaging, but it’s going to cost you A LOT more than Generation gear. Generation optics is for those who don’t have an issue with investing (considerably) more in order to get the best quality.

Night Optics PVS-Night Vision Goggles

This is probably one of the most widely recognized night vision goggles out there. What we really love is that The PVS-is a standard issue in the modern military, which really tells you a lot about its durability and functionality.

It has a high-performance Gen image tube, which delivers crisp and clear imaging time after time. Thanks to its bi-ocular configuration, the PVS-is super reliable and delivers exceptional performance.

It’s versatile and combat-proven, which makes this a great hands-free goggle. It can also be used hand-held or for long-range observations when you couple it with optional 2x, 4x or 5x magnifiers.

Some of the PVS-7’s top features include simple user controls, automated image tube protection, a built-in infrared illuminator and an IR operation and low battery indicators.

The Night Optics D-221-2S is what you need when you want a high performance, modular night vision goggles to bring you the crispest images in the darkest of conditions.

We love the advanced features of automatic brightness and gain control. To bring you superior depth perception, the separate image tubes operate independently. The other thing that the stereoscopic design adds is the more natural unaided vision, eliminating the need for interpupillary adjustments, and it also reduces the size and weight of the goggles.

The D-22is probably one of the most versatile dual tube night vision goggles out there, and it’s an outstanding choice when it comes to night vision optics.

When it comes to Gen night vision goggles, there’s plenty of options you can choose from, and the choice can seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but when you keep in mind what our top performers have on offer, the choice should seem a little less daunting. We hope that you’ve seen just how much of a difference there is between Gen and Gen when it comes to night vision goggles and that you’re now armed with the right information to make your way through the buying process.

Gen vs Gen 3

3rd Generation night vision optics operate with special chemicals, gallium arsenide, and photocathode, which all work together to bring you the brightest and sharpest imaging and excellent light performance. If you thought Generation was superior, you’re in for a surprise.

Generation is THE REAL DEAL when it comes to night vision. US Military and Special Forces use Gen Autogated optics, which is also the gold standard technology in the night vision industry.

Gen gives you the best low-light performance, better ability for passive operation (so it doesn’t use IR illumination or covert operation), the ability to see in ALL light conditions, the best versatility and the longest life expectancy.

ATN PVS-Night Vision Goggle

The ATN PVS-Night Vision Goggles are combat-proven and with their high-gain Gen image tubes, meet or exceed any expectations. The bi-ocular configuration provides you with crisp and clear imaging and it also delivers rock-solid reliability and outstanding performance, time after time.

We love it for its versatility because it can be used hand-held or hands-free and even for long-range observations when you couple it with 3x, 4x or 5x magnifiers. With its simple user controls, fully automated image tube protection and a built-in IR illuminator, this is probably one of the best Gen Night Vision Goggles out there.

Night Optics D-321G Gen Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles

Night Optics brings you a great Gen night vision goggle in the form of the D-321G. It’s high performance, modular and can be used as a hand-held or hands-free goggle and boasts dual image intensifier tubes that give you clear, crisp images in the darkest of night.

If you need precision stereoscopic depth perception and supportability, feast your eyes on the BNVD-1from Night Optics.Utilizing Mil Spec optics, the BNVD-1gives the operator greater flexibility than ever before with the added all night vision head and helmet mount design. It’s a great choice if you need a lightweight stereoscopic night vision goggle and with its true stereoscopic night visions its ideal for nighttime terrain navigation.

Some of its key features include the fact that its compatible with the PVS-7D and the PVS-1components and it converts to a 3x Night Vision Binocular. It’s also submersible to 6feet of water and has been made with durability in mind, which is apparent in its rugged design.

It’s easy to see just why Gen really is the next best thing, and if you’re into some serious nighttime activity, the best option for your night vision optics. Investing in a great pair of Gen night vision goggles might be pricey, but it’s surely going to be worth it every cent in the long run. Our overall winner for The Best Gen Night Vision Goggles has to be the ATN PVS-Night Vision Goggle. It’s built with durability in mind, gives the best overall performance and has the best overall customer reports among its competitors. We’d be more than happy to recommend it as one of the very best Gen Night Vision Goggles out there.

Gen Night Vision Goggle

When it comes to anything beyond Generation Night Vision, things get a little complicated. There’s actually no agreement between the military, law enforcement and the manufacturers of the Gen devices on what exactly we should be calling them.

Filmless & Gated I2

Designed for the most rugged of applications, the ATN 6015-Monocular is lightweight and super versatile.

You can use the unit handheld, or it can be mounted to headgear which gives you the hands-free experience. This monocular was originally designed for the US Military, so you know you’re investing in some seriously high-quality optics, design, and functionality.

ATN PS15-Gen Night Vision Goggle System

Recommended for professional and law enforcement use, the ATN PS15-encompasses dual high-performance image intensifier tubes to bring you clear, crisp imaging in even the worst light conditions.

With the help of the built-in IR illuminator, seeing in total darkness becomes a breeze. We love that it comes with comfortable flip-up headgear, fully waterproof housing and automatic brightness control features.

Armasight Monoculars List

The main mission of Armasight is to create a serious presence in the night vision industry, and they support elite military units, law enforcement professionals, first responder agencies and commercial consumers across the globe. Their products are the highest value price-to-performance and combined with excellent after-sales support, their one of the market leaders.

This Long-Wave Infrared Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Monocular represents the latest evolution in night vision optics. The LIMTIM Q1is all about size and weight reduction and power-saving, while still maxing out on the features and functions.

What’s so great about this monocular is the fact that its REALLY small, making it easy to conceal on your shirt pocket, and because it weighs in at just 240 grams, it’s the lightest, fully multi-functional thermal imager available on the market today.

Its super versatile too, because it can be used the hand held, head mounted, mounted on cameras and digital video recorders and mounted on a weapon rail system using the quick-release interfaces.

The Q1is also equipped with a digital compass and inclinometer, so it offers you the right tools to interpolate accurate distance to the target and its orientation. The user is in total control with key features such as brightness adjustment, palette selection, electronic zoom, and scene related imaging corrections.

Choosing Night vision Rifles scope

Different products offer various qualities and specifications according to their manufacturing. There are some of the key characteristics that should be kept in mind while deciding best night vision scope for ar-1Here are some of the advanced qualities that should be considered when looking for capabilities of night visions. So, try to choose the best one according to your need.

Range of focus: The lens should be powerful enough to focus on wide range objects. The magnification should be moderate to avoid the blurriness. They will help to carry more light in darker areas.

High-quality im : The images produce by night vision goggles are monochromatic and green in color to make the image more prominent in dark areas. This is because of the comfort level with the green color that our eye lens can easily focus. The resolution should be high to get the best quality image.

Image enhancement : It is also referred as gain. When the light gets darker the binocular should enhance the image properly to make it visible. You should increase gain level up to a certain level to maintain the clarity of image because it may affect the image quality to decrease.

Comfort level : As the night vision goggles are worn over the head, they should be not comfortable and heavy in weight. The eye socket should be comfortable as well in order to avoid any inconvenience. Since any kind of nuisance will affect the focus and you will not be able to wear it for log period.

Thermal feature : To have best night vision goggles for wildlife you should focus on this feature. This will help to detect any living body with the help of heat waves produced by the body. They are thermal night vision rifle scope. They can sense temperature help you to notice any kind of living body in wildlife. See whether you want thermal vision or night amplification.

Optical device : The device you choose lies in the optical range. Till now the work is done to enhance the quality and moving towards digital binoculars. The material is much improved in every new generation of night visions launched over the period.

Automatic video maker

Are you worried because you forgot to click the camera button while taking an ideal shot? No need to worry now because this amazing rifle scope provides you with automatic camera settings before and after pulling the trigger.

Easy controls

The controls are digital and fully automatic giving you more command over the device. The windage control and elevation adjustment is also ½ MOA providing more precision. These controls give an exceptional quality image in the night time.

Water resistance

Strong construction allows it to work efficiently in out of the ordinary situations. It is completely water resistance which makes it capable of seeing the water as well. This feature is excellent and will help you a lot because it is usually not present in most of the other rifles present in the competition.

Camera lens

It’s one of the unique features of this binocular. The Yukon titanium has a quality of turning into camera lens whenever you want. All you need to avail this feature is an additional accessory and digital camera. Now you can have two in one benefits with this best vision binocular 2015.

Unique design

Many accessories are included in the package like a laser pointer, infrared flashlight, the adapter of AK and lens with doublers quality. As an add up, lifetime warranty provides you more reliability and trust over the brand.

Highlighted Features

Light weight body and great design distinguish it from other binoculars. Firefield FF1600NVRS 3x 42mm Gen Night Vision Riflescope has a powered magnifier that makes it give wide images ever in much darker places. It is the best gen 3-night vision scope to have in these days.

It’s best to use in hard weather as it is built in a way to completely protect the internal lens and whole body. The brightness level is automatic and adjustable.

Quick transition

The flexibility in the design makes it much easier for the user to turn the night time optical lens into day iron stand. This feature helps in using it in any condition and helps it to work as best night vision rifle scopes for sale.

Things You Need To Be Consider

There is a huge range of night vision scopes available to you. So, you might be confused about which one to opt for and which one you must leave. While you are choosing the night vision scope, ensure that it is according to your need. The need of each person buying it differs. It depends on what sort of task you are looking to proceed with in which you are about to use the scopes.

The Bushnell Equinox Series 6L Night Vision Z Digital Binocular is a third generation night vision binocular set with some of the best features for night viewing. Like a night vision goggle, the Equinox Series 6L uses a digital camera to receive light that the human eye cannot and translate into the visible spectrum.


Other outstanding features include geotags (to record your travels), an E-compass, and GPS technologies that will help you navigate your environment. Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to connect these binoculars to multiple devices without having to lug around a bunch of cords. But if you prefer hard-wire connections, HDMI and micro-USB ports come standard.

The ATN BionX-HD Smart Binoculars can be used day or night and come with adjustable magnification: from 4x to 16x. This gives these binoculars flexibility unlike any others. It comes with CR123A batteries, but because of its high power demands, purchasing rechargeable batteries would be most cost-effective.

ATN has taken HD technology and applied it to night time optics like no other brand. With the BinoX-HD 4x Smart Binoculars, you’ll feel like a profession photographer.

Night Vision

Chances are where you live hunting is a highly regulated pastime. It has to be to keep nature’s critical balance in check because animals are such an important aspect of that. But like anything there are always exceptions to that rule and one of those exceptions is usually the hunting at nighttime of what are considered to be feral animals; these are pest animals that are found in such large numbers that they intrude on people’s lives on a constant basis and the natural ecosystem lacks other predators that consume them.

The problem with most of these animals is they are active only at night so you will need a good pair of night vision goggles or other night vision product to make hunting them much easier.

Second to none infrared technology

The infrared technology you get with this device is so good it rivals that of generation and infrared devices but it does so without the high cost of those models. You can also use its enhanced infrared technology to paint a low heat signature object with an infrared beam to get a clear picture of what it is. It also features a smaller size 24mm lens that will allow you to have a very wide field of view which is important when scouting for game at night.

When you consider how compact, lightweight and durable this night vision device is you can clearly see it offers the person that uses it a very good all-around night vision experience. So if you want a great handheld night vision device at an excellent price point, then you can’t go wrong purchasing this excellent model from the reputable manufacturer Bushnell.


It goes without saying that when you are outdoors hunting it is not the easiest environment to take equipment into. That is why you need a night vision device that is designed to withstand the rigors that a hunting environment will throw at it.

This means you have to look for a night vision product that is built using rubberized materials in its construction to resist scratching and denting. A lot of hunting is also done during adverse weather so you want your night vision device to be water resistant too.

Comfort is also a big deal when it comes to night vision product design. If you are looking at buying a wearable night vision device then it must include such things as adjustable straps, chin support and padding where it rests against your forehead. Handheld devices must be easy to grip, ergonomically designed and lightweight.

You want to shop for night vision device that gives you the most bang for your buck. That means that you should look for its package contents to include such things as support straps, lanyards, carrying cases and an easy to read owner’s manual. Having such features as being tripod mounting ready are also nice bonuses too.

Binoculars tend to fog up from inside when moving from one temperature to another. To counter the problem manufactures use gases like Nitrogen or Argon and purge them inside the tube to save the device from internal fogging. Always look for that Fogproof device.


Even when the IR is being used, you won’t notice much of a battery drain. That’s because the Firefield goggles use an IR pulse emitter that is extremely energy efficient. It is less drain on your battery because it is more energy efficient. This is a useful feature to many sportsmen who have had night-vision units before that drain quickly and don’t have any juice left just when you need them the most.

These goggles can also be used in the daytime, which some units cannot do. There are pinholes that are built into the lens caps, so that you can keep the lens caps closed during the day time and still use them as a regular pair of binoculars. This means you can carry less equipment with you in the field and still get both views.

Frame size of goggles can vary depending on the size of your head and face, or what kind of style and look that you are going after. In the past few seasons large or oversized framed goggles have become increasingly popular.

OTG Goggles  are designed to have a deeper, taller and wider frame to accommodate skiers who choose to wear their prescription glasses underneath their goggles. Some OTG ski goggles can have additional anti-fog devices such as an electric fan.

Non-Mirrored Lenses 

There is a lens offered for just about every light condition. The manufacturers VLT (Visual Light Transmission) refers to how much light enters the lens.

The higher the percentage the more light goes through the lens, the lower the percentage the less light filters through the lens.

The higher the percentage the better that lens will be for overcast or cloudy days, the lower the percentage the better that lens will be on sunny days.

Spherical Lens  goggles have a lens shape that matches the curvature of your eyes to give you a less distorted field of vision, more peripheral vision and a clearer sharper view. Spherical Lenses are more expensive but give you the best optics.

Lens Change

Light conditions may vary throughout the day. Sometimes light conditions can differ from one run to the next. Different lenses are created to accommodate these changing light conditions. When it comes to swapping out a lens, some frames make it easier than others.

Easy to change lenses  are easily one of the biggest innovations in goggles in recent years is having goggles that easily allow you to swap out the lenses on-the-fly. Considering how important it is for you to have the correct lens, these goggles make a great investment. These are so easy to change, it can be done in a minute while sitting on a chairlift.


Anti-Fog Fan  goggles have a battery operated fan that is relatively low profile designed to keep the air moving across the top of the goggles and in-between the lenses to give you the ultimate tool in combating fogging. This works great in OTG goggles and for any skier who has major problems with fogging.

Yes some goggles have a GPS located inside them that allows you to calculate your speed, check your air time and track how many vertical feet you have skied in a given duration of time.


The night vision device is equipped with 1x magnification optics, while additional 3× and 5× A-Focal lenses are available (mounted directly on the main night-vision lens), as well as interchangeable lenses with 4×, 6×, and 8× magnification.

The specialist Nyx-1night-vision device uses the highest quality gen 2+ image intensifiers, which offer a very high light amplification factor of 50 000 times, and high efficiency due to the use of a microchannel plate (when light from the photocathode hits the surface of the MCP, an electron is emitted, causing to secondary electrons to be released inside the channel. Due to the potential difference between the electrodes, the free electrons accelerate and dislodge an exponentially increasing number of secondary electrons). The Nyx-1helmet-mountable night vision device allows for observation even on moonless nights. Thanks to its high efficiency, reliability and imaging quality – it is standard-issue equipment in armies around the world.


The Armasight Nyx-1allows you to manually adjust the level of signal gain and to control the brightness according to the user’s preferences and lighting conditions. It also features convenient device status indicators in the field of view, a built-in short-range infrared illuminator, and it allows you to adjust the diopter.

Digital Night Vision

Digital night vision devices are a modern format of night vision product that utilize a CCD (Internal sensor) that is designed to amplify available light without the risk of damage to the products performance like traditional night vision products. Digital night vision has the added advantage of having a video output for external screens or recording for later playback or evidence when needed.






How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your night vision goggles wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of night vision goggles



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