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Best sling pack 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated December 1, 2023

Roger BarnettMy name is Roger Barnett. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best sling pack in 2018!

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. Like most products, some outdo others, so use my top three list below to get started on your search for the best sling pack of 2018.

Best sling pack of 2018

So, what exactly would anyone want to know about sling pack? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best sling pack. Not all sling pack are created equal though.

The “Total” indicates the overall value of the product. I must say I am quite a fan of sling pack, so when the question “What are the best sling pack available on the market?” came to my mind, I excitedly started gathering information together with personal experience to write this article in the hope that it may help you find the suitable sling pack.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
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№1 – Thule TCSP-313 Crossover Sling Pack

Thule TCSP-313 Crossover Sling Pack

Padded, top-load pouch holds up to a 13 inch MacBook Pro
Low-profile sling with an extra-wide, breathable strap
Great bag to hold all of your electronics and accessories
Everything is OK.

Why did this sling pack win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.
















№2 – Premium Ab Straps by H.G.T

Premium Ab Straps by H.G.T

EXTRA DURABLE & SAFE: H.G.T stands for professional quality and now brings to you this product designed for ultimate comfort and long-term durability. We use the best materials available. High-density, closed-cell foam core of our ab sling provides excellent support while being soft and comfortable. Heavy-duty rip-resistant webbed nylon straps are double stitched to endure the toughest workouts. We use reinforced stainless steel for our carabiners and D-rings.
Good, but not great board quality.
A little bit shallow.

Why did this sling pack come in second place?

The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.
















№3 – G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

Handy, versatile 3 ways carrying style (Shoulder Bag, Chest Sling – Back Sling, Hand Carry) ,small MOLLE pouch.
Small, compact, goes anywhere design is perfect where large packs are too big, too bulky, too heavy.
Rugged premium construction from upgraded 600D polyester fabric – Lightweight, durable material with adjustable, detachable strap. Perfectly suits you body shape.
Not well suited for cold environments.
The clamp could be of better quality.

Why did this sling pack take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















sling pack Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy sling pack, right? No!

Adidas Capital

Action Oriented: The Capital is the gym bag for the minimalist who can get by with just the basics, or for the outdoorsman who doesn’t need all the heft of a backpack for their trail runs. The adjustable strap absorbs the shock of movement without transferring it to your body, avoiding that sense of carrying rocks as your body gets more drained between energy gel hits.

Dakine Hub

Grab Bag: The Hub doesn’t offer a load of adjustment straps that allow it to turn into a half-dozen other kinds of bags, it’s a sling and little else. The whole build is to meant to facilitate easy reach while being worn so that you can get to your notebook and pens, your ID card, or your pistol without breaking stride. Comfortable for all day wear, once you adopt it, you’ll feel naked without it.

Aer Sling Bag

Gym Rat: No longer must those of us who prefer a healthy life full of sweat and motion be forced to carry oversized, unprofessional duffels. The 1680D ballistic nylon body is more than a match for the rigors of everyday life, and with separate compartments for clothes and shoes, keeping smell where it belongs is as simple as zipping it up.

Keep Pursuing KP

Bushcrafter: 1000 Denier Cordura and Ripstop nylon, coupled with water-resistant zippers and treatment are what make up the KP slingbag, proving that bold things come in small packages. The central pocket is padded for your gizmos, with a secret stash spot precisely sized for passports lurks in the lining for anyone heading into the third world.

Arc’teryx Slingblade 4

Changeling: The Slingblade can be used as a crossbody bag, a regular shoulder sling complete with quickdraw pockets, or carried in hand as a ordinary knapsack with your GORP and water bottle. Meant primarily for outdoor trekking, behind the plain exterior lurks the heart of a business shark with lots of pockets and pouches for easy organization.

Dsptch Slingpack

Wanderlust: A handy item for the jet-setter, this works as your carry-on bag, a daily traveler for packing along your basic necessities for a day of sightseeing, or can be repurposed as a shaving kit should you need that. Not one to go quietly into that good night, the Slingpack has Mil spec webbing beneath ballistic nylon and Duraflex accessories for a little Ooh-Rah wherever you may roam.

Skagen Agger

Any Given Day: Part messenger, part briefcase, all stylish-yet-functional canvas, the Agger can be adjusted to work over either shoulder, go around your body, across your back, or do each one in turn as your day progresses. A padded laptop sleeve can take a 13” machine safely, without scratching or scraping, no matter what else you throw into the other pockets.


Remember when everybody used to wear vests? Have you noticed that many more people are now switching to carrying their gear in a sling pack? Well, there are good reasons for this.

First and foremost, many people simply find it easier to organise their kit in a pack, rather than on a vest. Instead of going through multiple pockets trying to find stuff, with a pack everything is together and easier to see.

In addition, if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country with hot weather, wearing a fishing vest in the Summer can be too hot. Having your gear on your hip, or slung from your back, means that it is not making you sweaty.

If you are looking to swap to a pack, it is worth reading up on the differences between a waist, chest, or sling pack. Each has their own advantages, but for our money a sling pack permits you to reach your gear the easiest.

Fishpond Summit Sling Fly Fishing Pack

This is a great all-round sling pack for fly fishing, offering all the features you would expect of a sling pack of this price, and was only beaten to the top spot in our review today because it lacks just a few of the innovative features of the Fishpond pack.

If you were looking to design a solid sling pack for fly fishing, our bet is that you would look to this one. It offers a great range of storage compartments, from small to large, and all of them are easily accessible even when you have rod in hand.

Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW Sling Bag

Suited especially for city breaks, the Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW can hold a small to mid-sized DSLR with an attached lens, with room for a spare lens a flash unit a small tablet and a mini-tripod such as a Joby Gorillapod. You’ll be able to keep your gear within easy reach and accessible at a moment’s notice, and you’ll also have some protection from the elements thanks to the all-weather rain cover.

Getting the best fly fishing sling packs can be tricky if you are not well aware of them. You may have used one or two sling packs before, but the fly fishing sling packs are different from them. A sling pack for fly fishing is designed in such a way that it can help you to access your favorite and essential fly fishing gears within seconds. The moment you need a fishing gear, you can spin them from the back to your front to have it within seconds. In addition to that, these sling packs make your fly fishing much simpler and easier.

A lot of people loves using a fly fishing vest, but if you are not one of them, a fly fishing sling pack is best for you. There are lots of fly fishing sling packs available on the market, and we are going to discuss the best fly fishing sling packs of 201If you aren’t a seasoned fly fishing angler, you may get confused on how to choose the best fly fishing sling packs. We have written a detailed guide on choosing the best sling packs for fly fishing on the bottom part of the article. However, let’s see a short comparison of the top fly fishing slink packs.

Moonlit Fly Fishing Sling Pack

This is a cute little fly fishing sling pack for newbies. It comes with a lightweight design which is comfortable and helps you carry your necessary fishing gears. Despite the compact design of this pack, you can carry a lot of your favorite gears.

Though I prefer contrast or vivid colors, this one comes with a very poor gray color. It’s hard to identify different pockets and compartments from the outside. That’s a bummer if you are like me. However, there are outer pockets which face up when you move them to the front position.

The sling straps that come with the pack can fit almost all adults or kids. Its main compartment can hold a lot of items including fishing boxes, tools, and tippets. The built-in lanyard allows you to quickly access your most-used tool.

You will find a water bottle holder at the bottom of the sling pack to sip while fishing. Also, this sling bag comes with a small strap to keep the pack from sliding around unless you want it to. In a nutshell, this is a good fly fishing sling pack for beginners.

Shoulder strap padded for comfort

K&E Outfitters is a fly fishing gear maker from Wenatchee.This is cheap fly fishing sling pack from K&E Outfitters. It comes with a lot of space to keep big tackle boxes and other gears in the pack very easily. Despite being able to store a lot of items, the sling pack itself is very lightweight. It comes with padded shoulder sling which is very comfortable to carry. There is also comfort molded back pad to make you feel comfortable.

You can easily spin the pack to the front to access your gears. The fantastic design of it allows you to access your stuff within seconds. You don’t have to take off the pack to do so. The sling pack also boasts hemostat, tippet holder, retractor zinger and nipper for better customization. There is also a place to keep your water bottle.

Piscifun Sling Bag Fly Fishing

Piscifun is a very known name in the fly fishing industry. Besides making great fishing reels and rods, they also offer some other accessories like this sling bag. If you are running low on budget, this can be a good fly fishing sling bag for you. This is a multi-purpose sling bag which can be used by both men and women.

Super 420D canvas is used to make the fabric of this cheap sling bag. The adjustable strap is padded to offer a good comfort to the users. There are several compartments with zippered pockets to organize your gear and essentials. Due to the design, it can be used as a messenger bag too. If you are a newbie, you can start fly fishing with this bag.


Some of the mentioned sling packs have bigger storage than others. If you are a seasoned fly angler who happens to bring a lot of gears will have to choose the one with most storage options. The Bigger storage means you can store a lot of items and tools with ease. However, it will adversely affect the weight of the pack. The bigger storage it has the heavier it will be. On the other hand, if you love lightweight packs, you will have to choose one which uses the storage cleverly.

As per the last paragraph, weight plays a great role in determining the storage option of a sling pack. Though manufacturers are becoming clever by using the spaces more strategically, it is to the user to determine which one to choose. I know most people will always go with the lightweight design as it is easier to carry. So you will have to tactically face this factor as this one of the biggest factors while choosing the best sling bag for fly fishing.

It may sound funny but color also plays a good role here. If the pack comes with a vibrant color, it will be easier to detect you. This is primarily for security purpose, but most people love to spot their pack easily. Also, the inline colors also play a great role while spotting the fly boxes. If you maintain the same color of inline with the fly boxes, you can easily spot them within seconds.

Shoulder Strap

Since a sling pack will have only one shoulder strap, it is important to have one with a wider strap. Unless you are carrying very few gears, your shoulder will hurt if it doesn’t come with padding. If a shoulder strap has a wide design with padding, it will spread the pressure throughout the sides to make you feel comfortable. Even if you carry a lot of gears, your back & shoulder won’t hurt. However, some of the sling packs come with side strap to attach to the waist. In that way, it provides hip support to the pack to spread the weight of the gears.

D-ring and other attachment systems

Fly fishing requires you to have a lot of gears with you. If you are going to a remote place where you may need a lot of gears, you can use these D-Rings and other attachment systems to attach more gears and tools. We all have our favorite fishing tool which we want right at the moment within seconds. You can identify the D-ring which is easy to access and attach it to your most used fishing gear.

What is The Size

The size the pack is the MOST critical facet of choosing the best sling backpack. It is essential that you choose a backpack that you can have perfectly. On my first outdoor camping visit to European countries, I obtained a pack from a high men friend.

It was a bigger size than me when I was dressed in it and would nearly fall me over even though it wasn’t that large. This is an example of why you need a backpack that suits you well, but even being not quite right for your back can cause problems over time.

How is The Straps

Straps are also an essential look at the best sling backpack after all these are what will be in contact with you. Good straps will help make sure a relaxed fit. If the straps are useless then it does not issue what size your backpack is, it will still be unpleasant.

What is Made With

The best sling backpack are made with waterproof material. This is essential! It does not have to be complete, waterproof but you should be able to be captured in rainfall without all your valuables getting wet. Look for material, which is high quality – thick but lightweight. You can spill some rain water on your pack without any water getting inside.

Why you should trust me

I’ve spent the majority of the last 3½ years traveling the world. I’ve lived and worked in 2different countries across five continents, including spending months all over Europe, five months in Australia, a month in Brazil, plus time in Southeast Asia, and more. That whole time I lived out of a backpack.

Before I started traveling basically full time, I had traveled in Africa, China, and throughout Europe with a variety of terrible backpacks and luggage, so I know what’s best to avoid. I’ve also met dozens of travelers from all over the world and have talked about backpacks with them, some of whom were also testers for this guide.

In addition to being the A/V editor here at Wirecutter, I write about travel and tech for Forbes and CNET and on my personal site, BaldNomad.

Because I am but one average-sized man, I recruited some help testing out the packs. Most of our testers were experienced travelers. More important, they were all different sizes and shapes. Five women, ranging from feet inches to feet inches, and five guys, ranging from feet inches to feet inches.

Who this is for

A travel backpack is for people who want to travel around the world unencumbered by heavy, slow-moving wheeled luggage. An internal-frame backpack in the 40- to 60-liter range has more than enough room for all the possessions you need to travel anywhere in the world for an indefinite amount of time—as long as you’re okay with doing laundry once you get there. Whether it’s clothes, a camera, and a laptop to work as a digital nomad (like me) or clothes, shoes, and gear to enjoy the daylife and nightlife everywhere you go, you can fit it—though not your entire wardrobe and office—in one of these packs. (If you want to carry heavy jackets, going-out clothes, multiple pairs of footwear, or other bulky gear, you may want something a tad bigger). It’s perfect for someone backpacking through Europe for a few weeks or months. Someone who wants the freedom to walk from the train terminal to their hostel without hating life. Someone who wants to be able to explore a city without having to find a place to stow their luggage, and doesn’t want to be miserable lugging it across cobblestones and down tiny alleyways. It is not for business travelers who want to maintain appearances, nor is it for outdoor enthusiasts looking to spend six weeks in Patagonia.

However, a backpack can be a very personal choice, like picking out a wallet or a purse: You know what you want, and that might be different from what someone else wants. That’s fine, but please take a moment to read through what we were looking for. A lot of you probably want very similar things to what we want, which is why this guide is so specific. So in order to come up with a guide that’s even remotely useful, we had to come up with some specific rules as to what we were looking for. I used what I learned in my years of near-constant travel, plus what I found out from other travelers I know, to come up with what we think most people would want in a travel backpack. Some aspects might seem obvious, others counterintuitive, but living out of something you carry with you fine-tunes your sense of what you want and need rapidly.

If you’re not sure if traveling with all your stuff in one bag is for you, check out my column on why you should always pack light. More than any other travel advice, packing light is by far the most transformative and life-changing. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, other than the actual travel. Travel gets easier and better with minimal luggage. I can’t overstate this.

If you want something that rolls, check out our guide to the best carry-on luggage. And if you want something that you can carry on your back for shorter periods of time and is business-casual-friendly, check out our review of the best carry-on travel bags.

How we picked

There were at last count at least 80 trillion different types and styles of backpacks. No one guide could possibly cover them all. To make matters murkier, there are no hard lines between what constitutes a travel backpack and what constitutes a backpack you can use for travel. But if you look into reviews and articles about traveling the world with backpacks, it’s pretty clear what is not a travel backpack, so that’s a good starting point.

First off, a travel backpack is not a “spend several days away from civilization” backpacking backpack for the wilderness. Those packs are similarly designed but place greater emphasis on ease of access to things you’d need on a trail (like tools and snacks), weather protection, and lighter weight. They minimize use of heavy-duty materials and zippers and have a host of external straps and pockets that make them less likely to survive being checked and abused by baggage handlers. They also tend to be expensive because lightweight, water-resistant materials don’t come cheap. For extended-travel use, other annoying things about backpacking backpacks are that they tend to load only from the top and are sealed with a drawstring. This design saves weight and means one less thing to break, but is a total hassle to deal with in the event you want something from the bottom, because you have to unload and then reload the entire pack. That’s not to say that these can’t be used for international travel, but they’re not worth the trade-off in weight or durability.

Similarly, a travel backpack is not a shapeless duffel bag that offers no support. A duffel is the cheapest way to haul a bunch of stuff onto a plane, but the ergonomics are ill-suited to walking around a city. A fully loaded backpack, even a small one, easily weighs more than 20 pounds. My Farpoint 5usually hovers just north of 30, though that includes a DSLR, two lenses, battery pack, laptop, GoPro, and other work-related gear. Regardless, that’s a lot of weight to put on one shoulder.

Adding backpack straps to a duffel can help, but that’s still inferior to a fully supported internal-frame pack that distributes the weight onto your hips, which are much stronger than your back and shoulders. Frameless bags can pack more gear into a smaller space and are more likely to fall within carry-on size restrictions, but if you’re going to be doing a significant amount of walking, you’ll want something with a frame.

Pull Quote

For any extended travel, the key is this: You can’t bring it all with you. So don’t.

If you’ve never traveled this way, that can seem daunting, but it’s actually easier than you’d think and the benefits of doing so are legion. I’ve done all my travel in the last 2.years with a 40-liter backpack (and a 15-liter daypack, but that’s all work stuff). I tend to overpack a bit, but 40 liters lets me carry everything in the list above. This varies a bit depending on where I’m headed, but not by much. Some travelers can get away with a more daypack-size 25- to 35-liter bag, but at that point, they’re doing laundry basically every few nights, which isn’t ideal.

Speaking of daypacks, a feature we considered crucial for our main pick was an integral daypack: an LEM to the main pack’s CM. I have found this to be incredibly useful and convenient in my travels and I wouldn’t buy a travel pack without one. Many of the travelers I’ve shown this feature to liked the idea, though most didn’t know it was an option. Basically, your clothes and such stay packed in the big bag at the hostel and you take your camera, laptop, and other necessities out with you for the day—all without having to repack. When you’re in transit, you have the option to wear the daypack in the front (which personally I can’t stand), or attached to the main pack and out of the way.

I’m not a huge fan of the latter, as they don’t usually offer much padding for the contents and most won’t hold a laptop. (But if you are, our pick in our travel gear guide is better than most in both regards.) If you want those features, consider our carry-on pack.

Fit is key

One of the most important aspects of choosing a backpack is getting one that actually fits your skeleton. This doesn’t have a direct relation to your height, though in a general sense, most tall people have longer torsos than most short people. Then again, I’m feet 1inches, and my torso is 2inches. Our own Tim Barribeau is feet inches, but his torso is 1inches. Hollie, one of our testers, is feet inches with a torso height inch shorter than that of Carolina, who’s feet inches. REI has a great guide on how to measure your torso height, if you don’t know yours.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Farpoint 5doesn’t have all the cool features some other packs have. No hip-belt pockets, for example. The straps also aren’t as cushioned as some, and the pack is not nearly as adjustable, though our male testers had no problems with fit. It has far fewer organizational pockets in the daypack and main pack, and this, more than anything, I wish Osprey would improve.

Also, the hip belt isn’t as generous as some other options. Jonathan, our largest tester, found that—and I’m quoting exactly per his request—the straps didn’t fit his “big fat tummy.” If your belly is on the plus side of plus-sized, this might be an issue if you’re considering the Farpoint 5The REI pack, however, fit him fine.

We believe the Farpoint 5can carry everything you need for extended adventures. The exception is if you’re traversing multiple climates or need to bring heavier clothes. The Osprey Farpoint 70 and Fairview 70 are just slightly larger versions of their 5counterparts (so anything we’ve said about the 5applies to the 70).

Physically, they’re no more than an inch larger in any dimension, sometimes less, depending on the size/model. This gives you breathing room for an extra jacket or a pair of boots, but it’s enough to make it more noticeably non-carry-on compliant. So unless you’re sure you need the extra space, the 5is the better choice.

Carry-on regulations

Many airlines now charge you for checking luggage, depending on the length of the flight. One of the considerations we had putting this guide together was whether or not to consider carry-on size as a requirement for our picks. Turns out, the answer is more complicated than we expected.

So where does that leave us? Our main pick is 2by 1by 1inches and has soft sides (the other picks are larger). I’ve brought it onto airplanes as a carry-on several times. Most airlines’ staff probably won’t notice (or care) that it’s an inch or two over the limits. If they do, and you have to check it, how much money is this going to cost you? How often, even on an extended adventure, are you going to fly? Even in the worst case, the times you can’t carry on might cost you a couple hundred dollars a year. In our opinion, having the perfect bag that holds all your stuff comfortably—a bag you’ll use every day—is worth the potential expense.

The competition

In our research stage we checked out a number of companies that make great packs, but none of those packs met all our criteria. In most cases this was because the company specialized in top-loading bags, bags with wheels, bags that were too big, or big bags without a daypack. These brands included Black Diamond, Berghaus, Dakine, eBags, EMS, Ferrino, Gregory, High Sierra, Kathmandu, Kelty, Minaal, MEI, The North Face, Ortovox, Outdoor Research, Patagonia, Rick Steves, Timbuk2, and Victorinox.


EDC Lumbar Packs are larger than organizer pouches but smaller than a sling bag or backpack. This is useful if you plan on carrying larger items or a greater quantity of smaller items.

Because this style of bag does not strap around the shoulders and arms it may be the best EDC bag option for someone who needs a full range of motion.

EDC Sling Bag

An EDC Sling Bag is typically used to carry heavier items than a lumbar pack due to its over-the-shoulder design. They are made to be comfortably carried further with a heavier load and can be the best EDC bag choice for someone who has many items to haul on a day to day basis.

MOLLE integration

MOLLE integration is a valuable feature to have in any tactical or preparedness bag as its widespread use allows for limitless customization options. Having it as a part of your EDC kit, regardless of the bag size and style that you choose will allow flexible adaptation as your EDC needs evolve.

Hydration system

This applies to sling bags and backpacks. Having a hydration system built into the bag will save space and reduce the need to carry a separate water bottle. Hydration is essential if you have to cover large distances with your EDC bag.

Organization pouches within the bag

A good indication that you have a high-quality EDC bag instead of a more general consumer style bag is that it has well laid out, accessible, and practical organization features built into the bag.

This helps you find your EDC items when you need them and allows you to organize them in the manner that is most logical to your EDC needs.

Most quality EDC bags come with a variety of webbing, pouches, velcro, zippers, sleeves, and compartments that allow for efficient storage of your items.

Elastic straps

This is a way that cheap bag makers cut costs. Instead of making strong, padded, adjustable straps they will use elastic ones that make the bag a one-size-fits-none. Additionally, the elasticity of these will wear out over time making the bag hang lower than desired.

If a bag uses elastic straps to attach it to your body avoid it at all costs. Look for robust shoulder and hip straps with adjustable buckles for comfortable, long lasting fit.

Pupsik Studio

WHAT This was created to store both bottles and breastpumps in one cooler bag. Two compartments let you stash all sorts of accessories and pump parts, while a waterproof, dirt-resistant outer layer makes it durable and easy to maintain. The fully insulated inner padding keeps milk cold for up to hours.

Mum’s Fairy

WHAT Spacious and versatile, this carrier is a discreet way to carry all the equipment you need to express your milk. You can carry by hand, use the shoulder sling, as a backpack, or attach it to your stroller. Made from a strong, longlasting material, it boasts a waterproof and insulated lining.

PARENTS SAY You’ll enjoy easy access to the contents, especially when you’re busy with your baby, thanks to the wide opening. It’s also large enough to hold most breast pumps and all its parts. Though the design is very basic, we like the versatility offered by the different ways in which we can carry it.


WHAT Simply collapse the cooler bag, pop it into the freezer for hours and it’s ready to use! Fits six bottles ― the tote handle makes it easy to carry around. The built-in cooling panels will keep your milk chilled for 1hours.

PARENTS SAY You don’t have to deal with ice packs or messy condensation with this spacious cooler bag. Although it’s expensive, you know you’re paying for something reliable. You can easily use it to transport food and drinks for outings and picnics when your pumping days are over.

Agape Babies

WHAT Pumping mums will love this portable BPA-free cooler set that will keep your breastmilk cool and safe. Comes with four Medela storage milk bottles ― very handy! ― and a contoured ice pack.

PARENTS SAY This is probably the cooler bag you’ll want to go for if you are using a Medela pump. It’s compact and portable, and the ideal fit for four Medela storage bottles. The ice pack ensures that your bottles of milk won’t go tumbling around the bag. However, some mums wish that it’s slightly bigger, especially the mums who express more than twice a day might find this bag a bit too small.

Travel regulation standards

It is not always that every time you will carry your dog in a dog carrier backpack for a walk or a stroll in the park. There are times that you may want to take your dog with you when going for a long vacation which is necessary if you need your pet to enjoy the time with you. Some dog carrier backpacks are perfect for taking a walk around your place while others are perfect for travel. You may decide to settle for one that can be used for both purposes which is the best option for an individual who is always traveling. When getting such a backpack, it is important that you settle for a backpack that adheres to the regulations of various airlines that you may be using. Most airlines have regulations on what is acceptable to them and a good research before making a purchase would be quite helpful. Conducting a background check on different airlines gives you an idea of the type of backpack that may be good for you and your dog. Failure to do so may result in strict measures such as not allowing the dog on the flight. Always remember to do a prior investigation before traveling with your dog.

Get a dog carrier backpack with proper ventilation

A normal backpack makes use of good ventilation which gives the user comfort and an easy time for them to navigate through the streets even on a hot day. It is very important that a bag ferrying a dog have enough air flow for the same purpose of comfort. Every part of a dog’s backpack should have spaces that allow for easy flow of air in order for the pet to remain comfortable on hot days. An uncomfortable dog is likely to give its owner trouble since it becomes hard for them to stay still while inside the bag. It would also be very unfair to subject your pet to such conditions, and it is thus very important to be friendly and kind to your pet. It is important to ensure that the backpack that you will use to carry your dog should have enough ventilation, as a matter of fact, the ventilation plays a big role in the comfort of a dog.

Legs out or legs in dog carrier

One of the decisions that you may have to make with your dog carrier is how you would want your dog to be carried. The two main options are whether you would like to have the legs inside the backpack or whether you would want to have the legs hanging out from the backpack. The decision does not affect the comfort of your pooch and it is solely dependent on the dog owner. The most important thing is to realize what your dogs really loves, if your dog enjoys having its legs outside when you are taking a walk, it would be better to have a dog carrier backpack that is ideal for your pooch. Every dog owner is in a position to know what their pets like and they are able to give them the best. The option of legs in or legs out is not such a big deal, but you may have to ensure that the legs in type carrier bag for your dog should have proper ventilation for comfort purposes.


These can generally hold the largest amount of gear and come in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking to store and transport most, if not all of your camera accessories, this is likely your best bet. More recent backpacks are even advertised as laptop friendly, and have separate padded pouches to carry and keep your computer safe. Of course, this all comes at the cost of mobility and weight — though to compensate, most backpacks are also the most ergonomically sound.

However, it’s important to be security conscious. Because backpacks are accessible from behind — outside of your field of vision — it’s easy for potential thieves to gain access to your gear without your knowledge. This might be something to consider for travellers, or those shooting in crowds. With this in mind, don’t just consider what you’ll be carrying, but where.

Slings are unique because they’re a cross between backpack and messenger bag. Though they can sit behind, like a backpack, their single-strap design allows the entire pouch to be shifted to the front for easy access. Ultimately, you get some of the same support and ergonomics as a traditional backpack, but with the flexibility and quick-access of a conventional messenger bag. Some slings even come with an additional strap, turning it into a traditional backpack.

The downside is that slings aren’t particularly big — at least, generally not as large as many travelling backpacks. Manufacturers such as Lowepro and Kata have various models that can fit different combinations of lenses, bodies and flash, but don’t expect to hold anywhere near as much as a traditional backpack.

Over-the-Shoulder Bags

These are similar to slings in their over-the-shoulder design, but give you more freedom in terms of storage. Because the pack typically sits to the side, as opposed to on the back, there is more room for larger objects such as tablets or laptops. In fact, this configuration makes a messenger bag the best choice for those looking to carry more than just camera gear.

Of course, comfort is something to consider, as weight distribution — focused primarily on one shoulder at a time — is the least effective of all the options we’ve covered. This is one of the primary tradeoffs for having immediate access at almost all times.

Compact and Lightweight

Everything about it screams portability. With dimensions of 5.inches by 11.inches by inches, the Rover sling bag bears a small frame.

And with an even smaller weight of about 1.pounds, this bag is perfect for carrying your basic tactical gear for a short expedition.

If you’re camping and want to go on a short hike, stuff this bag with what you’ll need and get going.

Molle Webbing

The Molle Webbing allows you to expand the storage compartments of this bag by attaching extra pouches onto it.

You could attach a holster pouch if you’re a pistol carrier, a knife pouch- of course, you need a knife while in the outdoors.

You could also add a flashlight pouch or a pouch for carrying a water bottle. The point is, you can attach whatever you like, and that’s all thanks to the Molle.

Ambidextrous Strap

The highlight of any sling pack is the single strap that makes the bag easy to carry. The highlight of the Red Rock Rover Sling Pack is that the strap is ambidextrous.

This means that it will comfortably lay over either your right or left shoulder. Whichever way you carry it, the pack will remain secure and comfortable.

You can run with it on your back without it swinging uncontrollably. If you need to reach in for something, the strap allows the bag to swing round to your front swiftly.

The Rover Sling Pack is compact and lightweight making it ideal for carrying for your daily needs.

Despite its small size, it has a number of compartments that will fit your daily essentials from your tactical gear to your iPad or phone.

The 600 denier polyester is a strong material that can withstand harsh environments.

Red Rock Rover Sling Pack also made this pack water resistant and should keep your items dry when exposed to rain.

When the compartments in the pack are full, you can add more pouches using the Molle webbing all over the bag.

The ambidextrous strap allows you to carry the bag over either the left or right shoulder.

The strap is also wide and comfortable, keeping your shoulder from feeling a strain from the weight of the bag.

This bag is only water resistant to a certain level. Exposing the bag to water for a prolonged period will mean water will start to seep into it.

Some of the Molle on the bag begin to come off after some time.





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Most important, have fun and choose your sling pack wisely! Good luck!

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