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Best solar watches 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2023

Roger BarnettHey, I’m Roger Barnett. After 31 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 14 hours spent testing 10 solar watches, I believe that I found the best solar watches of 2018.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. We take a close look at some of the best solar watches to help you get ripped.

Best solar watches of 2018

Below you can find 3 reviews of the best solar watches to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. Before you spend your money on solar watches, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. If you get well acquainted with these basics, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing a solar watches that suits your need. You must have heard that the best solar watches should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
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You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the solar watches by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – CoolFire Solar Watch Fast Charger

CoolFire Solar Watch Fast Charger

Charge your sophisticated solar watch much faster and never over-heating
30,000 LUX light power output (replace summer sunlight but never heats up the watch)
2 soft rubber caps included for Men and Women size solar watch
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this solar watches win the first place?

I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.
















№2 – BERING Time 14427-265 Womens Solar Collection Watch with Mesh Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.

BERING Time 14427-265 Womens Solar Collection Watch with Mesh Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Solar Movement
It seems hot quickly.
Inner parts not as hardwearing as other models.

Why did this solar watches come in second place?

The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price.
















№3 – BERING Time 14427-366 Womens Solar Collection Watch with Mesh Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.

BERING Time 14427-366 Womens Solar Collection Watch with Mesh Band and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Solar Movement
Not well suited for cold environments.
It’s a lot heavier than expected.

Why did this solar watches take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















solar watches Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy solar watches, right? No!


The Suunto Core Black Military features a modern design. The design is something between elegant and tactical, making the watch also appropriate for everyday use.

The battery life in time mode is approximately 1months, but it can decrease if you are using the compass and other features regularly. The battery is user-replaceable. The Suunto Core offers compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter.

More exotic, but very useful features include a depth meter and storm alarm. The depth meter is meant for snorkeling and can track your dive down to meters below the water surface. The storm alarm is based on the barometer and if turned on it, triggers an alarm when it detects rapid pressure changes (which usually lead to storms).

The Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” comes with great features of multiple displays and a shock resistant design. It is going to be precise as it is built with a quartz movement from Japan and even has a precious crystal window for long durability.

Other features include a speed indicator, 200m water resistance and four daily alarms. The GA100SD-8A even comes with a world time function that can be set to 4different time zones. In short, the GA100SD-8A provides a stunning amount of features; great value here.

It even consists of features like a speed indicator, 200m water resistance and four day by day alerts. The GA100SD-8A even accompanies a world time work that can be set to 4diverse time zones. Therefore, impressive number of features having a great value is given by GA100SD-8A.

The GA100SD-8A becoming a very popular model has surprised many people because it is shockingly light as a full-featured model. Here the people have even announced that numbers are extremely easy to recognize in any circumstance.

Many others have reported that the product is whiter than it looks in pictures. This isn’t a major problem – the difference is marginal – but might be an issue if you’re looking for a less-noticeable product.

Armitron Sport Men’s 408209BLK

For a budget buyer the Armitron Sport 408209BLK is an all action watch. It has a tough surface to coordinate the pressure and shocks it will definitely receive as you take it through the mud, across cliff faces and into rivers. Here, the casual look is matched with the smooth and modern design which means “outdoor” and “indoor” watches are not required.

To coordinate with the formal occasion clothing, the resin case is designed in a cool gun-metal grey coloring. It additionally accompanies an alert, lap clock and military 2hour clock confront which makes it a useful tool for the athletes and excursionists alike. It is also 100 meters water safe, making it valuable for light diving explorations or simply monitoring your own best in the pool as you prepare for that upcoming race.

Casio Men’s GA110RG-1A

Like the Casio watches, there are numerous wonderful features of this watch like it is shock resistant, long lasting for those outdoors trips, where you would prefer not to consider the security of your watch, ad want to know whether it can be depended on when you most need it. Magnetic forces cannot affect this as it has a black and copper tone dial.

The LED light makes it noticeable even when there is dimness. The 51mm resin case guarantees that this watch can be beaten persistently and still work splendidly. For those going on marine investigations or doing some genuine surface water sports, it is valuable as it is 200 meters water safe.

What We Love

We adore that Casio made a watch that has all the best features and made it moderate for everybody. It is an awesome product which looks incredible and it functions admirably. It will serve anybody well that needs one that can confront outrageous conditions where different models disappoint.

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 Series

Thankfully, G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman series has you covered on that front.. well. thanks to G-Shock technology to be precise.

The G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 series features a compass, barometer/altimeter, and a thermometer. This triple threat feature alone is enough to make most folks want this watch, because of the extreme usefulness. However, this is just one of many features to like about this tough watch.

This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters, as well as mud and dirt resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the elements destroying your brand-new watch. These features, combined with its shock resistance, make this model a true contender for toughest digital watch.

G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000 Series

The G-Shock GWF-D1000 is water resistant down to 200m. You can use it to measure your dive time up to six hours; on top of that, and what makes this really cool, is it has an alarm that lets you know if you’re ascending too fast, which even beginning divers know can be a very dangerous thing.

The Frogman can receive radio waves up to times a day in most countries with the count dropping to times a day in China (which isn’t that big of a drop, but worth noting nonetheless).

It’s made to be shock resistant so you know that you have yourself a true tough watch with this model.

G-Shock GXW-5Series

The G-Shock GXW-56 series is kind of a Big Watch base on original square G-Shock shape and featuring mud and dust resistance. Commonly referred to as the “King” by G-Shock fans, due to its size (55.× 53.× 17.mm) and reputation for toughness.

So, if you guys with smaller wrists may be apprehensive about getting it, but don’t let the size put you off—it looks great on every wrist size, thanks to its attractive design.

G-Shock GXW-56 series automatically updates the time every night via a radio signal, so you can rest assured that your clock is always keeping accurate time.

Luminox Sea ANU Chrono 4240 Series

It is no doubt that Luminox is one of the top tough watches today. If the watch is sturdy and tough enough for the world’s roughest top-notch elite forces, it will stand up to every other robust outdoor use.  Their toughest and most specifically designed essential watches gear to date, the ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) watch series.

At the moments, Luminox has three lines of their models “Sea,” “Air”, and “Land”. This Luminox Sea ANU Chronograph 4240 series is part of their Sea collection.

The analog display makes Luminox ANU 4240 series look timeless and downright cool. This watch is black all over from the face to the bezel and the strap. The contrast points are the numbers (grey when it’s not glowing in the dark) and the red second hand. It definitely makes a statement style-wise.

The numbers themselves are blocky and easy to read which ties the look together, so if that’s the aesthetic you like, this may be the watch for you.

The night vision feature allows for you to easily read your watch in the dark, thanks to Luminox Light Technology (LLT).

Timex Expedition Gallatin

The Timex Expedition Gallatin is good for a depth of 50 meters. While that’s not ideal for diving, it’s perfect for most other water sports and activities, making it still a very suitable watch for most active guys.

Unlike most tough watches, Timex’s watch doesn’t try to be ultra-hardcore futuristic-looking. Instead, it opts for a likeable outdoorsy vibe that someone who spends their time with nature is likely to appreciate. The green double layer NATO style straps further add to that rustic adventurer meets modern sportsman look.

Powered up with  Indiglo Light-Up dial features, this timepiece is great for night-time bike riding or any other fun thing you can think of to do in the dark.

Casio Protrek PRW-7000 Series

Introduced in July 2016, Casio Protrek PRW-7000 series is a genuine adventure watch indeed. This series is one of the new high-end analog-digital models with Tough Solar/Multi-Band watch and powered-up with Triple Sensor Version Technology.

World Time is probably a unique feature about the Protrek that sets it apart from other tough watches of its ilk. What World Time does is it is a world clock for 4cities, accommodating 3time zones, daylight savings time, and with the added bonus of being able to change your home city easily.

Also, you can easily switch out between standard time and Universal Coordinated Time (also known as UTC), which is perfect for those (like me), whose jobs require them to keep up with that sort of thing.

You also can set five independent daily alarms so that you never miss an important moment (or wakeup time). The countdown timer works in increments of second and can be set for up to 60 minutes, making it one of the more versatile countdown timers out there.

The PRW-7000 also has the ability to function as a stopwatch down to 1/100th of a second with a 24-hour capacity. It also has a cool additional feature of marking first and second place times.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Series

Suunto Travers Alpha becomes one of toughest GPS watch out there, besides its water resistant (up to 100m), they have been tested according to the military standards (MIL-STD-810G). Every new Suunto product goes through severe testing during development both in the laboratory and out in the field.

The Suunto tough watch features a storm alarm as well as tracks weather trends. If you live in an area with changeable weather like I do, you’ll know the importance of having a storm alarm.


Designed for use in the most extreme environments on earth; from jungles to deserts, these G-Shock models feature a mud-resistant structure that ensures reliable performance under harsh conditions by preventing intrusion by sand, mud or dust and the latest TWIN or TRIPLE SENSOR available, automatic sensor function that accurately detects such vital survival information such as directions, temperature and altitude. It is the watch of choice for rangers and rescue crews who conduct missions under the harshest conditions.


Designed especially for seafaring men who pursue active lives at sea. Whether equipped with a basic water proof and shock resistant structure or the more advanced TWIN or TRIPLE sensor function which keeps a close eye on environmental effects within the given environment. TWIN sensors offer tools such as thermometers and compasses, whereas TRIPLE sensors give a bit more. Barometric sensors can be programed to alert the user of sudden crucial changes. The icing on the cake being ion-plated components which are anti-corrosive in sea water.


This range of watches is designed for the active gentleman that seeks G-Shock’s legendary performance and technology standards whom also enjoys the look and feel of a metal timepiece. The double-layer bezel construction of stainless steel and resin delivers the hard, sleek beauty of metal while retaining the shock absorption properties of resin.


Self-reliant G-Shocks which come equipped with solar panels on the watch face are perfect for the man on the go. These watches work by converting both natural and artificial light energy into electrical power for the watch, which will store in high-capacity to ensure longevity and minimal to nil replacements. With a solar powered G-Shock, you’ll never have to worry about the battery running low and needing a new one.


G-Shock watches equipped with a miniaturized, shock-resistant radio receiver capable of picking up and automatically adjusting time settings, assisted by atomic time signals from transmission stations available across Europe, Asia and America. Perfect for any keen traveller.


Access the correct time more quickly and more reliably wherever you go. Even outside standard time radio wave reception areas, GPS time data is used to display the time in your current location quickly and accurately. Positioning data received from or more GPS satellites is analysed to determine the time zone and Daylight Saving Time status, and the time in the current location is promptly displayed.


The MT-G is a redefined G-Shock featuring the elegance of a luxury timepiece combined with a rugged performance chronograph. The twisted steel covering of the MT-G relies on G-Shock’s advanced Core Guard Structure of stainless steel, resin and alpha Gel® to ensure mechanical integrity, along with Triple G Resist for shock, gravitational drop and centrifugal force resistance and a Tough Movement for ongoing precision.


Citizen has become the player in solar with its Eco-Drive technology. By most accounts, reliability reports with Eco-Drive watches have been stellar. Citizen offers Eco-Drive across a wide variety of styles, but I’ll stick with the rugged theme here.

What Makes Solar Sense

Whether you find installers through EnergySage or through referrals from friends and neighbors, always check references, ask to see current job sites, and find out how long the company has been in business (a long tenure suggests both experience and the likelihood that the installer will be around in the years to come to stand behind its work). Look for companies that employ installers certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Understand Your Incentive Options

Uncle Sam will give you a 30 percent credit for the cost of a solar system installed through 2019, scaling down to 2percent and then 2percent through 202Along with the federal tax credit, you may be eligible for low-interest financing and state and local subsidies for solar costs that can total hundreds of dollars per year (unless you’re leasing, in which case all incentives and tax credits go to the solar company).

A reputable solar installer will know about local incentives and how much they can save you.

Reconnoiter Your Roof

Solar panels can go on any type of roof—from Spanish tile to standing-seam metal, and from wood shakes to asphalt three-tab shingles. Just make sure your installer has experience with whatever roofing you have and will warranty the roof after the job is done (your original roofing warranty will probably be voided by penetrations required for the job). If your roof is likely to need replacing before the warranty of the solar panels ends, plan on spending a couple of thousand dollars at that time to have the panels removed, stored during the project, and reinstalled. If your roof has only five or so years left, consider replacing it before the panels are installed.

Weigh the Warranties

Solar panel failures are extremely rare, says Joshua Pearce, an engineering professor and solar expert at the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Lab, who generates 100 percent of his electrical needs on his garage roof. Panel warranties typically range from to 1years for product defects, which is plenty of time for a rare faulty panel to reveal itself. Pay more attention to the panels’ solar-performance warranty, which guarantees a certain power output for a 20- to 30-year term. (A longer warranty term is better, as is a higher guaranteed output.) “The panel really shouldn’t lose more than ¼ percent to ½ percent in power output per year,” Pearce says.

Solar Basics

The Grid. Homes with solar power remain connected to the grid, drawing power from it at night (and during cloudy weather) and feeding any surplus electricity to it during the day. The goal is to create a system that produces as much energy as you use, for net-zero electrical consumption.

Inverter. Converts the DC current generated by the solar panels into AC current, which is then fed to the home’s existing electrical service panel so that it can be used to power household appliances.

Net meter. Unlike a standard electric meter, this can run in reverse. You are charged for the power you draw from the grid at night and on cloudy days, but then the meter spins backward to credit you for the power contributed to the grid when the sun is high.

Roof. Solar panels work best with little or no shade, in any climate. Any roof shape or material will work. South-facing or flat are best, but east- or west-facing can work, too, particularly in very sunny areas.

Panels. Sunlight hits solar panels, freeing electrons in the semiconductor material in their cells. That process generates direct current (DC) electricity.

Residential solar power can have a bigger payoff for homeowners in the 3states highlighted in white and the District of Columbia.

G-Shock Rangeman Master Watch

Let me introduce you to the best tactical watch; that is G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G Series Stylish Watch.

G-Shock Rangeman Master won the first position for several reasons. G-Shock Rangeman Master owns all the possible features to make it the best.

G-Shock Rangeman Master has a Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, Triple Sensor (Altimeter/Barometer, Thermometer and Compass) with Tough Solar and is also Shock Resistant.

This is all in one tactical watch, which comes in a very affordable rate.

Now, you neither need to buy different tactical watches for enjoying different features nor do you need to invest a lot of money for getting all in these features.

G-Shock Rangeman Master is here not only to guard your pocket but also to be your companion through though rough adventures and assist you in throughout the expedition.

G-Shock Rangeman Master Watch already belongs to the G-Shock family, but it earned the title of the best tactical watch because of its features, durability, and toughness.

It is the latest and hottest member of the Casio G-Master series.

The G-Shock Rangeman Master is devised and constructed to survive the most violent condition. Wait, it doesn’t only survive the toughest conditions, it also works fine during the rough times, and keeps and account of the time and it has the best features you will require.

You can measure the current temperature and also get an accurate navigation, all at ones, that too in a first-rate speed. The three in one feature of the sensor doesn’t have any drawback; it’s rather better than any other sensor.

It can obtain signals for about times per day. It means it can adjust itself in several regions. It collects signals and corrects the time automatically.

By Tough Solar it means, G-Shock Rangeman Master is equipped with such advanced solar field that it can capture the light from the weakest light source and keep the watch running. Even minimum light medium is sufficient to operate the tactical watch.

The manufacturing panel wanted to generate a 10-meter free-fall survival, a 10-year battery life, and 10-bar water resistance. Yes, it is water resistant, muscular enough not to be broken and has a long battery life.

It consists of cylindrical buttons which offer terrific functional as well as developed resistance for the maximum impact.

The repeatedly utilized sensor button, which is placed at the right center right is covered by metal protectors, to resist anything damaging to enter the device.

Whether you are a military person; you belong to law enforcement, or you are just a regular enthusiast you should definitely purchase this watch, because it will give you all the necessary measurements, operate without power deficiency and is indissoluble.

Has years of battery life

It is shock resistant; it will continue functioning even if it heat something really hard or falls from a good height.

It water-resistant, go swimming or travel in rough weather your watch will still be alive.

It is round in shape.

The band and the case material is Resin. It has a non-metal strap. The watch is quite light, but not as light as our best tactical watch.

With these available features, you will be able to witness world Time, record your mission sequence, use the stopwatch to set goal nd thermometer will predict your destination’s temperature.

It also has a Digital Compass with Bearing Memory. Therefore, the direction has a magnetic declination correction, as well as record the direction reading for further use.

This compass has a customization direction measurement standard change options from “magnetic north” to “true north”. So you will be able to figure out the exact direction while on the go.

This watch also has a tested water and pressure resistance of 20ATM (200m) Do not question the durability of this watch; you will be able to use this watch for years, with no damage complaints.

This is quite of a versatile and durable watch, within a very good budget. Hence, it comes second in the ranking.

G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series Watch

The black watch has a diameter of 51mm and 14mm width. It has an anti-magnetic structure, which keeps your watch protected from interference.

The case and the band are designed with Resin and the dial window uses Scratch-free plastic.

The Auto LED Light with Afterglow enables visibility in low light and at night. There is a daylight saving button which you can turn on or off according to your need to save your battery life.

This GA110-1B Military Watch features include stopwatch; world time swapping with a list of 2time zones, which means 40 countries.

The alarm and snooze alarm has an hourly time signal-You can close between the 1hours or 2hours format.

There is a complete Auto-repeat Auto-Calendar, which is stretched till 209This means you do not need to set the date every day.

Selection There is a countdown timer to which takes the measurement in second-Countdown range.

There is a 2hours countdown option, which needs to be set for the settings. This is an inclusive watch the best price range. It is light in weight yet quite durable. It has a rating of 4.5, which means this watch is really good.

Key Features

Multi-band atomic timekeeping is giving it the ability to receive time calibration signals and readjust the time accordingly.

The tough solar feature allows it to collect even the weakest of sun rays keeping the watch powered constantly.

Water resistance of up to 200 meters or 660 feet.

Triple sensor, with altimeter, thermometer, and compass, to ease your outdoor adventure.

G-Shock durability that enables the watch to withstand high impact, giving it great resistance qualities.

Sunset and Sunrise time telling capability, a handy feature to help you plan your day.

Casio Mens GA-110TS-1AG-Shock Watch

With a black 5mm resin case and beautiful orange dials, the Casio GA 1stands out. This Casio Mens GA-110TS-1AG-Shock Watch is a picture of elegance without compromising on strength and durability.

At just inches by inches by inches, the watch sits on your wrist comfortably, taking very little space.

Its look makes it versatile, capable of being worn to the office, at a party and, of course, the outdoors. No need for different watches, this one watch is all you need.

Also, it has excellent water resistant capabilities; a must have for any tactical watch. So, being a quartz analog-digital watch, the watch tells the time with utmost precision, keeping you constantly in the know. This is all just a fraction of what the watch is capable of. Read on for its main attributes.

You love a challenge every now and again, and with the Casio GA 110, you have a watch that loves a challenge as well. Nothing will put this watch down.

If you love fishing or swimming, no need to worry because the Casio GA 1can handle being in the water, it has a 200-meter depth water resistance.

Tell the time in over 40 cities around the world. The Casio GA 1has the amazing world time feature that has 2time zones in it.

Select a time format that you prefer as well.

If you like having your time shown in the 24-hour system or 12-hour system, this watch gives you that flexibility to choose. And with an easy to read interface with LED light, the analog- a digital watch is always clearly visible to you.

Never be late or forget an appointment. This watch possesses an alarm system that can be set up to alarms daily and one snooze alarm. So, yes, whatever time you want the watch to alert you, it will diligently buzz, nudging you to get moving.

And also you can set an hourly time signal that beeps lightly every hour. The Casio GA will also tell you what date it is, keeping you aware of its full auto calendar that is set to the year 2099.


Built-in Compass is the integral part of the construction, which will be able to detect the direction with the help of magnetic poles.

The watches often use an electronic compass, which may have a digital reading or a navigational reading.

The electronic compass uses a patented magnetic sensor technology. It is capable of automatically tracking the direction.


Chronometer- You must look for a chronometer in a tactical watch. Chronometer gives a tremendously exact timepiece reading. It is used especially for accurate navigation.

It is used to synchronize time for a certain purpose; it only has an analog reading; it can be adjusted for five positioning; it has a good division; it has an anti-magnetic protection. A knob is used to adjust the time in it.

Design and Measurements

Make sure you go for a durable, anti-scratch watch. Make t an investment, not just a purchase. A good tactical watch shall promise to last forever. It shall be prepared to tolerate the intense outdoor stress.

The activities you will be performing would be quite challenging, so the watch must be shock and starch resistant. Make sure the lens of the watch is constructed with Sapphire.  The construction should be very tough.

Weight of The watch

Do check on the weight of the weight; the lightweight will always add convenience to your Tactical watch, which will make it long wearable watch.

For this check, the material to Carbon fiber is the lightest.

Therefore, my best tactical watch of 201is constructed with carbon fiber.

GTLS is an exceptional as well as extremely specialized technology. It includes the tritium visibility.


The barometer is used to forecast the weather depending on the atmospheric pressure change.

The barometer can automatically calculate the change in atmospheric pressure in every hours. It can also display the current atmospheric pressure inclination.


Powered by the renewable sunlight, the solar cameras won’t destroy the environment or cause any pollution as the waste batteries do.

As explained above, the solar security cameras can be powered by the rechargeable batteries at night when sunlight is not available.

What Battery Size Do Your Solar Cameras Need

The rechargeable batteries are used to power your solar security cameras in case the sunlight is not available.

To ensure you have adequate power to support your wireless solar powered security cameras, the batteries need to be at least times the capacity of the maximum output of the solar panel. Otherwise the batteries for solar security cameras might be damaged due to overcharging.

Welding goggles

Welders planning to observe the solar eclipse may or may not be in luck, as some welding filters will adequately protect your eyes from the sun. But, please, double-check to make sure that the goggles you intend to use are the right kind.

Military Watch Features

There are a number of features to look out for in a military wrist watch which make them highly practical for the armed forces.

When selecting the right military watch for you, you should consider what you will be using the watch for and which features you will require.

For example, although a timepiece with water resistance up to 500 meters would be ideal for a navy seal undergoing an underwater mission, it would be of little use to an Apache helicopter pilot.

Durability: Most military watches are either made from carbon fiber or titanium, as these materials are rugged and lightweight.

Long battery life: When on a long mission without electricity, a long battery life is essential. Alternatively, there are solar powered military watches for unlimitted battery life.

Non-reflective inverse LCD Display: This means that the background is dark and the digits are light. This is for stealth purposes.

Shock Resistant: It is inevitable that your watch will take some knocks on the battlefield. Shock Resistance will ensure that the watch remains functional no matter the conditions.

Large size strap setting: You may be required to wear a glove under your watch and it is important that you have a alternative strap size setting for quick adjustment.

Compass: A bezel marked ring compass with cardinal points is essential for keeping track of your location without the use of a GPS.

Altimeter: This instrument will allow you to judge your elevation level.

Barometer: An instrument for assessing air pressure and predicting weather conditions.

Choosing a Military Watch

The best way to approach shopping for the right military watch is to really investigate  features, read reviews, check out ratings & also compare them against each-other to get the best price for your budget.

Investigate Features: When looking for the best military watch it is best to come into it  knowing the main key features that you absolutely must have. That way when you investigate each individual watch, you can better choose a watch that consists of all of the features (such as the ones aforementioned above) and the watch will be better tailored to  meet your exact needs.

Read Reviews: Reviews are a very effective way to get an idea of learning what real consumers think about certain products they have bought. Although some may not always be 100% honest, testimonials and reviews provided by verified buyers can help you decipher which watches deliver quality and perform well and which ones are just a waste of money.

Compare Prices: When you begin shopping for a good military watch, you most likely already have an idea of how much you want to spend. Comparing prices of watches can help you stay within a budget while getting the best or cheapest deal on the watch that you really like most.

Our Current Favorite

Dont have time to read our in-depth article?  We believe the Garmin Fenix GPS is the best overall Hiking Watch you can buy in 201Lots of features make it perfect for day hikers, trekkers or even mountaineers while offering all the features you need.  It has ABC, GPS, High Resolution Display as well as other great features.

Whether you are heading out on a short day hike or a longer multi-day hike knowing your location and correct time is critical to your safety. Another key feature to help keeping you safe is being able to predict upcoming changes in the weather, depending on when you are hiking this could save your life.

Hiking Watches have come a long way over the last years where previously a good hiking watch probably only told you the time and maybe had an inbuilt compass. In 201hiking watches can tell you everything from GPS Coordinates to Altitude to barometric pressure.

The best Hiking Watch come in a wide range of prices from entry level to luxury watches, and each watch will offer a different set of features. Remember that high cost of the watch doesn’t always means quality, some of the budget hiking watches available will have all the features you need.

Remember when buying a hiking watch – the most expensive watch is not necessarily the best. Look for the features you need for your style of trekking.

Brand: Garmin

The Garmin Fenix GPS is the overall best hiking watch we reviewed and also a great option for other sports like running and cycling. This watch is perfect for all hikers although the price range would probably scare off people looking for entry level.

This watch has all the key features you can find in a hiking watch including ABC (Altimeter, Barometer and Compass) as well as added GPS functions including being able to set markers, track your course and mark up to 1000 locations making it easy to find your way back to camp. The ABC sensors are automatically calibrated by GPS meaning you do not have to worry with pesky manual calibration.

Featuring a high resolution color LED display that is easy to see even in sunlight and features a backlight for night viewing, this watch has the perfect user interface to access all your hiking data quickly and easily. The battery is rechargeable and allows up to weeks in watch mode and up to 20 hours while the GPS is functioning.

You can connect easily to a series of Garmin apps available online and included WIFI and Bluetooth make it easy to share data to and from the watch.

The Garmin Fenix has a stylish design and is available in different models including the Sapphire and is perfect to take on your next hiking adventure. We highly recommend this model while the budget conscious could look for the cheaper Fenix which is still available to buy online. This model is the Best Garmin Hiking watch currently available.


An Altimeter displays your altitude above sea level and can be based on either barometric pressure or from GPS data. The altitude data is used to help with your navigation and makes it easier to locate your position using maps.

A barometric altimeter calculates your altitude by the change in atmospheric pressure, as you go higher during your hike the surrounding air pressure reduces and the altimeter uses this air pressure change to accurately calculate your height. A GPS altimeter is much more accurate than a barometric one and uses the GPS satellite signal to calculate latitude, longitude and altitude.

Some of the more advanced models of hiking watches allow you to collect the GPS and altimeter data and use it later on to display your hiking route. This additional can be used for a variety of different reasons including training purposes or just for fun.


A built-in compass is a good feature for a hiking watch and provides basic information on the direction you are traveling. Compasses have been widely used in hiking for a long time and indicate the directions of North, South, East and West.

Anyone with basic compass training can use compass reading to triangulate and determine their current position on a map. Knowing the direction of north is a crucial part of navigation although GPS technology has reduced this reliance.

Heart Rate Monitor

A growing number of manufacturers are adding heart rate monitors to their hiking watches. This feature is used for more advanced hikers or trail runners to monitor their pulse and heart rate to ensure they are maintaining a steady pace. This feature is not required for the average hiker and in some instances turning this feature off will actually maintain battery life.


Thermometers can be used to determine the outside air temperature and may come in handy on longer hikes. I always found the watch thermometers kind of useless as they can give off inaccurate readings due to also detecting your body heat. If you remove them from your wrist for minutes they become more accurate, however this kind of defeats the purpose.

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is a great feature for any hiking watch, especially if the watch also offers a lot of other features like GPS or bright displays. Like cell phones, power drain can occur quickly if more features of the hiking watch are being used so I suggest turning off unnecessary features.

Carry a power bank with you while hiking keep all your devices including phones, handheld GPS or watches fully charge throughout the entire hike.

Special editions

The Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès and the Apple Watch Edition all have the same internals and specifications as the Apple Watch Series 3, but have distinct aesthetic appearances. And you can choose between aluminium and stainless steel for the case of the Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Nike+, which is made from aluminium, is aimed at those who love running and are looking for a sport-orientated smartwatch. We see the Nike+ as an Apple Watch Sport replacement.

The Apple Watch Hermès and the Apple Watch Edition are both aesthetically different to the standard Series 3 watch, too. The Hermès is made with stainless steel, with a unique strap and a Hermès stamp on the back, while the Apple Watch Edition is made with white ceramic, giving it a unique design. Both of these watches start at more than £1,000, and are only available for the cellular model.

Apple Watch Series vs Apple Watch Series 3

If you’re not looking for the latest model, there’s the Apple Watch Series 1, which is a rebadged version of the original Apple Watch that has a new upgraded processor.

The Apple Watch Series 3 features built-in GPS, optional cellular internet, a faster processor, a faster wireless chip, IP6water and dust resistance, a 50 percent brighter screen, and a barometric altimeter – as you can see, there are plenty of improvements compared to the Series 1.

Both the Series and Series 3 come with a dual-core processor. It’s important to note, though, that the Series comes with a S1P dual-core (not to be confused with the single-core S1), while the Series 3 houses an Sdual-core processor, which should deliver substantially faster performance.

Looking at the materials used, the stainless steel version of the Series 3 has the sturdier sapphire glass screen, while the Series is protected with Ion-X glass. It should be noted that the aluminium models of the Series use the same Series glass material.

Price-wise, the Series starts at £249, while the Series starts at £32for the regular model and £39for cellular. Prices increase when you start changing size, straps and materials, though it’s worth noting that the Series is only available in Silver or Space Grey aluminium.

There is only the Sport Band available for Series models, but if you want a different strap you can purchase it separately, but that will of course cost you a few more pennies – all the same straps are compatible regardless of your watch model.

Given the price difference of just £80 between the Series and the base Series 3, it’s hard not to recommend the later model. It’s not only faster, but has several features the older model is lacking, is available in more colours, and will enjoy Apple software support for longer – it’s a better bet unless you really can’t stretch your budget beyond £249.

The straps are

Each of these is available in multiple colour options, which vary according to the model of Apple Watch you’ve selected.

There are some nice third-party straps out there too. We’ve collected our favourite first- and third-party Apple Watch straps in a separate feature on the best Apple Watch straps.

Solar panels

Solar panel is one of the key parts of a solar flood light, it collects sun energy, converts it into electricity and stores into a battery to power a flood light.

Wattage. One of the most important measurements of a solar panel is wattage. It shows how much power the panel produces in an ideal conditions, for example, a watt solar panel will output watt-hours of electricity every hour. The more powerful the lighting is, the higher wattage panel will be required to power the lighting. For example, lower power lights that produce few hundred lumens of light can be run by a 1-watt solar panels, while larger lights will require 10-20 watt solar panels.

Most of the time, larger solar panels will produce more wattage, because there simply is more surface area on the panel to collect sun energy. You will sometimes see that high power outdoor flood lights are equipped not just with one, but with two or more solar panels to be able to produce enough energy to recharge their high capacity batteries.

Size. As mentioned above, the size of the solar panel will depend on how powerful the light is and from what material the panel is made of. Monorcystalline solar panel can produce the same amount of power from a smaller panel than a thin-film solar panel. Before purchasing a solar lighting you should consider not only if the area you wish to install the light has enough sunlight during the day, but also if there is enough physical area to install the solar panel if you are going for a high power flood light.

Fixture & Casings

Outdoor flood lights must be properly weather-proofed to withstand any conditions all year round.

IP ratings. Probably the most important specification you need to watch for when considering the durability of the fixture is IP rating (Ingress Protection). IP rating shows how much protection the fixture has against contact with solid elements (such as a dust) and water.

Majority of higher end dusk to dawn solar flood lights will have an IP6rating, which means that all parts of the light are fully dust protected and can withstand water jets projected by a nozzle. In other words, this means that the light can be used outdoors practically in any weather conditions all year round.

Mounting hardware. There are different types of solar flood lights from wall mountable units to ground mounted and pole mounted lights. Check out if the flood light you want to purchase comes with the correct mount for the area you want to install the light. Some manufacturers provide an option to purchase various types of mounting hardwares for the fixture separately.

Cable lengths. Another common thing to check is the cable lengths of the fixture, and by cable lengths I mean the length of the cable that connects solar panel to the fixture. Consider the area where you will install the lighting and if the supplied cable length will be long enough. Of course, you can always purchase an extension cable, however, be careful with these, because longer cables can impact the performance of the solar panel.

LED Flood Light

Manufacturers of solar flood lights often don’t specify how many lumens or lux a lamp produces, but they often list how many LEDs a fixture has, so one may think that a fixture with more LEDs will output more light than a fixture with less LEDs. In reality, this isn’t always the case. Of course, if we take two completely identical solar lights and one has 60 LEDs and other has 80 LEDs, the one with 80 LEDs will be brighter, but because each manufacturer uses different components for their lamps including LED diodes (the efficiency of these diodes can vary) and all these components can impact how bright the fixture is going to be, you cannot completely judge the brightness of the flood light just by the number of LED diodes it has.

Moreover, there are many other characteristics of a fixture that impacts its brightness, such as the color temperature and color rendering index of bulbs, light spread, angle and direction and many other specifics.

Color temperature. Color temperature describes a color appearance produced by a lamp, or in other words, the color of light produced by a lamp. It is measured in Kelvins (K). Color temperature is more important in indoor lighting, as it helps to set the mood of a living room, bedroom or office by choosing bulbs with certain color temperatures. Bulbs with lower color temperature will produce warmer, more orange looking color (like a candle, or an incandescent bulb) and bulbs with higher color temperature will produce cooler, bluish color (daylight CFL bulbs or LED diodes).


Sensors, such as motion detectors and photosensors, have a significant role in solar lighting, as they help to conserve battery and switch the light on only when it’s necessary.

Motion sensors. A motion sensor is responsible for detecting motion in a certain range around the flood light and turning the light on when motion has been detected. Three of the most common motion detector types are active sensors (detects motion by sending microwaves and monitoring changes in wave response time), passive infrared sensors or PIR (detects motion by scanning infrared heat changes in the monitored area) and combined sensors. Practically all motion activated solar lights will use PIR sensors to detect motion, because they are easily adjustable and don’t pick up motion of random objects such as tree branches or wind blown objects which is a common situation outdoors.

Flood light motion detector

Most solar flood lights have motion sensors that can pick motion in a 120-180 degree wide angle and in about 15-40 feet long distances.

Dusk to dawn (photosensor). Photosensor or dusk-to-dawn sensor is a must have feature in every solar flood light. It detects when it gets darker outside and automatically turns the light on at a certain level or darkness and in opposite, turns the light off in the morning when it is bright outside, so it doesn’t waist battery illuminating during the daytime. Without this sensor you would need to manually turn the light on when it gets dark and off in the morning. How to know if a solar flood light is equipped with such sensor? If the description of the light says that it is a “dusk-to-dawn light” or “automatically turns on at night”, you can be sure that it is equipped with a photosensor. I would advise to stay away from any solar flood light that doesn’t have either a motion sensor or a photosensor, because that flood light would simply waste energy by illuminating during the day or you would have to turn it on and off manually, which practically eliminates the purpose of solar lighting.


Because solar panels cannot collect energy at night, they store energy during the day into rechargeable batteries to power the light during the night.

On the other hand, high power solar flood lights are powered either by lithium-ion (usually by lithium iron phosphate which has the most advantages for solar lighting from all lithium-ion batteries) or lead acid batteries. Li-phosphate (LiFePO4) is much more popular battery for wide range of solar flood lights than lead acid battery, because it has very high specific energy, meaning that batteries can carry more energy while keeping the size and weight smaller, decent cycle life of up to 2000 cycles and they run completely maintenance free. The only real disadvantage of these batteries is high manufacturing cost, although lithium-ion batteries are getting cheaper for some time now. Lead acid batteries (best known for being used as car batteries) are also a common rechargeable battery option for high power solar flood lights.

While you will see li-phosphate batteries used in practically all range of solar lights from small front door lights to powerful outdoor flood lights, lead acid batteries are only used for really high power lighting. In opposite to li-phosphate, they have very low energy density, so the battery must be made a lot bigger and heavier to provide the same capacity as other rechargeable batteries. The main advantage of lead acid batteries is their cheap price, which helps to cut down the total cost of a solar lighting fixture. In solar and portable lighting special valve regulated Gell Cell and AGM lead acid batteries are used, because they can run practically maintenance free during their lifetime.

To increase the illumination time solar lights are equipped with motion sensors that turn the light on for a given interval (usually up to few minutes) when motion is detected in front of the light and after the preset period the light is turned off which helps to conserve energy and provide illumination only when it’s needed. Sometimes manufacturers even list the “provided illumination time” for the fixture or “how many times the light can be triggered with full charge” for motion activated flood lights.

The Installation Process

There are many national companies that specialise in solar panel installations and solar energy conversions. Some of these contractors lease the solar panels and sell you the energy produced at a low rate. Others sell the solar panels and related equipment outright, requiring a greater up-front outlay of cash but also allowing you to qualify for any tax credits, property tax abatements and other incentives.

Research Your Subcontractor

A good installer will also take the time to get to know your home and do the initial research to make sure the conversion makes financial sense. Many Sales and Installation companies now use satellite imagery and even drones to look at your home from the air. Before they even come out, they will have done a thorough evaluation of everything from daily sunshine to the presence of trees and fences that could impact the amount of light reaching the panels.

Choose the Right Solar Panels

The Company representative you interview should be able to clearly explain every step of the installation process, from choosing the right solar panels for your roof type and deciding which type of inverter to use to selecting the right framing materials and support systems for the panels. You may have done your homework and gained a good understanding of solar power, but an experienced Sales and Installation company can still provide valuable information as the project goes forward.

No matter what Sales and Installation companies you are considering, always insist on a proposal showing a fixed cost, names the brand and size of the inverter and panels to be supplied and installed, as well as showing you the systems projected yearly production and your return on your investment. The estimate should detail the support structures needed to hold them in place and the racks designed to put them in the proper position.

If the estimate you receive does not include this kind of detail, return it to the installer and ask for a more exact breakdown. Be very wary of installers who are reluctant to provide this level of detail or refuse to do it. These installers may not have the expertise or the experience needed to complete the installation to your satisfaction, or worse still, not be capable of supporting the product and system moving forward should you encounter any issues moving forward.

Solar Panel Finance

If financing is a consideration, you will want to choose a Sales and Installation company that provides it. In some cases, it may be cheaper to use a home equity loan or line of credit, so always compare costs carefully before using the company to finance the purchase and installation of your solar system.

No matter who you ultimately choose, it is important to have a contract that clearly spells out the scope of the project and the responsibilities of the parties. Having a contract in place will protect you and help ensure the installation of your solar power system goes off without a hitch.

Kozco Energy Group Pty Ltd are the Solar Panel, Inverter and battery storage installation experts and can help ensure your new Solar Panel system is the best it can be for your budget. Contact them today for a free quote on solar panel installation for your Adelaide home or business.

Forbes Magazine

Clearly, the financial benefits for solar are significant, but they increase when one considers the ancillary advantages. For example, securing fixed energy costs protect home and business owners against rising energy costs. In addition, flexible financing options allow you to use the money you save on your power bill to fund the purchase of your solar panel system. In most cases, there is no money down and no out-of-pocket expenses.

String Inverters

Site Tech Connect offers a solid review of the different inverter types.

Micro Inverters

The micro inverter system is a strong step-up from the standard string inverter system and performs at 65%-80% efficiency at peak performance. Micro inverters utilize an individual inverter for each panel which is then routed into your main power box. At the trunk connection of each power box, there is a 2% drop in efficiency.

SolarEdge String Inverter with Power Optimizers

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer system gives you the best advantages of string inverters and micro inverters while minimizing the previously mentioned disadvantages, giving the SolarEdge Power Optimizer an efficiency capacity of over 85%. Consequently, this is the system I recommend over all the rest.

SolarEdge extended warranty. The Power Optimizers keep the voltage fixed at their maximum levels which are important in an environment like Florida because of the cloud coverage. The equation that produces the energy for your home uses is Volts X Amps = Watts, which means the higher the voltage is fixed, the more kWh your system will produce, or the more money your system will save you on your power bill. Power Optimizers perform at “maximum power point tracking” (MPPT) at the module level which impacts the efficiency in a positive way as it relates to Volts x Amps = Watts.

Similar to micro inverters, power optimizers are fixed to each individual panel, thereby allowing for panel level monitoring. However, they do not convert DC to AC electricity on the spot; rather, they condition the DC electricity and send it to the main inverter.

Product Warranties

There are many competitive brands when it comes to solar. The industry standard warranty for solar panels is a 10-year manufacturer warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee. Most brands will offer an 80% performance guarantee for 2years.

The manufacturer warranty protects against any product defects that may occur during the warranty period, while the performance guarantee protects against a panel degrading faster than the manufacturer anticipates. As mentioned earlier, monocrystalline panels will degrade by.36% a year. So if your panel degrades faster than the performance guarantee then the manufacturer would replace that panel. The 80% performance guarantee over 2years thus means your panel can degrade up to.80% per year and be covered under the performance guarantee.

The Real Life Span of Solar Panels

I will preface this again there are honest and reliable solar contractors in the market, but there are just as many shady contractors out there. Keep in mind that solar is a competitive business, and contractors are just trying to get an advantage to gain your business. Just because you cannot see the future consequences of a poor decision or feel them immediately does not mean they do not exist and will ultimately hurt you.

When you are buying a solar panel system, the being informed on the technology doesn’t always get you the best deal. Knowing and understanding the sales tactics employed in your solar presentation, combined with valuable consumer knowledge, will get you the best energy-saving system you can buy.

The System Size Calculation

The system size calculation fudge is the most common trick or deceptive practice that solar installers, especially in Florida, will pull on homeowners. In short, they will knowingly miscalculate the size of the solar power system you require. Understanding how to calculate your solar panel system needs will help you know who to trust.


Solar Math For Sizing The Right System, you will discover how to make these crucial calculations.

Think Energy.

To figure out the size of the solar panel system you need to install, you must first find out the annual kWh that you need to produce. From the example above, 1,5kWh would 18,120 kWh for the year. That just happens to be the amount of production you can anticipate producing with a 10KW system. So, a 10KW system will produce 18,120 kWh a year or 1,5kWh per month.

Why would a solar sales rep do this? They use this method to sell a smaller system at a better profit margin while having the cheapest price. Like most of these examples, the consumer simply doesn’t get the best deal and leaves thousands of dollars on the table. Learning how to properly size your solar panel system can help.

The Combination Approach

There are many variables that a homeowner must consider when purchasing a rooftop solar panel system for their home. It becomes challenging when a solar installation contractor uses multiple deceptive practices within one approach. For example, they might recommend a straight string inverter system while underestimating the size of the system you need, all the while only showing you the second-year pricing. You must be astute and on the lookout for these “tricks of the trade”.

I want to stress that there are reputable and honest solar contractors doing business in the industry, but separating the honest ones from all of the rest depends on your educating yourself on as many of these issues as possible so you will be empowered to get the system that performs best and meets your long-term needs.

Solar Panel Production Guarantee

Keep in mind you will rarely receive money back because a quality solar contractor who is selling a quality solar panel system can mathematically calculate an accurate estimate for the production of your solar power system. The purpose of the guarantee is to weed out those contractors who will stoop to deceptive sales practices, thereby giving you the peace of mind that you are getting what you pay for.

Solar Consulting Service is a solar expert hired to analyze the solar quotes that you receive from solar power companies. After obtaining your three solar quotes, send them to your independent solar consultant to review. They will eliminate any bad bids or adjust bids to fit your need. They will then recommend the bid you should choose to install your solar panel system.

The biggest benefit of an independent solar consultant is that they know exactly what to look for when looking over solar bids. They will be able to spot inconsistencies that will cost you thousands of dollars in the long run and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are getting exactly what you are paid for.

I would equate this to hiring an attorney to review legal documents that represent your interests and protects you in the long run.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the solar watches by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your solar watches wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of solar watches



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