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Best tracing light box 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2023

Roger BarnettHi there, my name is Roger Barnett and the first thing I would like to say is thanks for stopping by my website. After putting in 54+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best tracing light box of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. Now I’m going to recommend a few tracing light box you can pick from to get started quickly and easily.

Let’s get to it!

Best tracing light box of 2018

Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best tracing light box for the money? So, what exactly would anyone want to know about tracing light box? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best tracing light box. Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs. Based on customer reviews and my own experience with the cowboy method I’ve found the best 3 tracing light box on the market.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing.DONT BUY FM “Anshinto”

A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing.DONT BUY FM

PORTABLE & ULTRA SLIM- The thickness is only 5mm which makes it portable. The illumination is perfectly even, super bright, and flicker-free
USB Powered: Comes with a USB cable, easily power the light box from any Computer, Power Bank or USB Plug that connects directly into a wall outlet.Working Voltage: DC 5V,Rate Power: 3.2W.
Everything is OK.

Why did this tracing light box win the first place?

The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.
















№2 – LitEnergy A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box tracer USB Power LED Artcraft Tracing Light Table for Artists

LitEnergy A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box tracer USB Power LED Artcraft Tracing Light Table for Artists

• The whole light pad dimension including black frame is L14.2” x W10.6” x H0.2”. The visual work area is 9″ x 12”.
• Adjustable Brightness — simply keep pressing the touch switch for several second until you get the desired brightness which you want.
Insufficient storage capacity.
Expensive more then others and featured a bit less then other in our high-end picks.

Why did this tracing light box come in second place?

I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.
















№3 – A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing.DONT BUY FM “Anshinto”

A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing.DONT BUY FM

PORTABLE & ULTRA SLIM- The thickness is only 5mm which makes it portable. The illumination is perfectly even, super bright, and flicker-free
USB Powered: Comes with a USB cable, easily power the light box from any Computer, Power Bank or USB Plug that connects directly into a wall outlet.Working Voltage: DC 5V,Rate Power: 3.2W.
The handle could be of better quality.
Relatively pricey to buy.

Why did this tracing light box take third place?

A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















tracing light box Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy tracing light box, right? No!

White Light and Blue Light products in the UK

Although the light emitted by the sun appears to be white it is actually made up of the full spectrum of colours. This becomes apparent when sunlight shines through rain and it is split into the full spectrum of colours creating a rainbow.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Blue Light Therapy

The theory behind conventional Full Spectrum (White Light) light boxes is that they effectively replicate sunshine. As a result they give the user a positive response when they are lacking sunshine.

Historically only Full spectrum light boxes were used to treat light deficiency disorders. However, advancements in research and technology have shown that a particular bandwidth of blue light is also effective in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD.org.uk recommend both White Light and Blue Light products in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

There are many studies in to the effectiveness of White Light and Blue light therapy and it is a clinically proven technology for the treatment of SAD. SAD.org.uk recommends the use of traditional White Light therapy devices as well as the newer Blue Light Therapy devices.

LED SAD Lights Vs Traditional SAD Lights

In the last few years LED light boxes for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder have been proven to be just as effective as traditional tube bulb SAD Light devices. SAD.org.uk recommends the use of LED Lightboxes as well as traditional tube bulb light therapy devices.

Recommended Manufacturers

Here at SAD.org.uk we only recommend products that are supported by genuine medical research.

At the bottom of this page we have provided a list of established manufacturers/brands that supply light therapy products of the highest quality, all of which are medically proven to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and are fully CE certified. After sales care is also important to us and each of these manufacturers provide excellent warranties and there is good availability of replacement parts.

Each company in our Recommended Manufacturers list is registered with the Medical Devices Agency as a certified manufacturer of light therapy equipment as required by European Union legislation. (CE 0120, designed and built to conform to EN60601-1/-2, EC93/42, EC89/336, EN6059and EN46002).

Full Spectrum Lighting Myths

More Energy-Efficient. Actually, full spectrum bulbs use more energy than comparable non-full spectrum lamps due to the amount of phosphors used.

Higher Quality Light. While full spectrum lighting excels at color quality, there are other factors to consider such as contrast, uniformity, and glare.

Healthier Lighting. There is no evidence that full spectrum lighting provides any health benefits, however light box therapy, which is not necessarily full spectrum, is a proven medical treatment for SAD.

Risk factors of SAD

Females. SAD occurs more often in women than in men, but men may exhibit more-severe symptoms. 75% of diagnosed SAD cases involve women.

Age. Young people have a higher risk of winter SAD, and winter SAD is less likely to occur in older adults. SAD onset is most likely in those age 18-30.

Family history. People with SAD may be more likely to have blood relatives with SAD or another form of depression.

Clinical depression or bipolar disorder. Depression symptoms may worsen seasonally if you have these conditions.

Getting to know full spectrum lights

Otherwise known as “daylight” lighting, a full spectrum light has a very high color temperature, approximately the kind that you see on a bright and sunny day. It ranges from 5000K to 6000K and can be a very pronounced blue. It used to be lighting that is considered too harsh for the indoors but there are already variations that are good enough to be installed in homes and offices.

Determine approximate lumens

The lumen is the measure of the total amount of light that is emitted by a source. This is often used along with wattage to determine the luminous efficiency of a light.

More lumens, the brighter the light source is. Full spectrum lights can range from 2000 to 2500 lumens.


If the Day-Light Classic Plus is unavailable or goes up in price, or you’re willing to pay more for a smaller lamp, try the Verilux HappyLight Deluxe 10,000-Lux Sunshine Simulator. It has many of the same features as the Day-Light Classic Plus, including 10,000 lux of UV-free light up to inches away from its surface and a large, 200-square-inch face. Unlike with the Day-Light Classic Plus, you can’t adjust the HappyLight by height, but you can adjust the angle by extending a foot at the base of the lamp. Although the HappyLight has the large surface area needed for maximum benefits, it’s still a less cumbersome light and much easier to set up out of the box compared with the Day-Light Classic Plus. The HappyLight’s glow is also a much cooler white (6,500 Kelvin) compared with that of our top pick (4,000 Kelvin), which you may prefer to the warmer hue of the Day-Light Classic Plus.

Disclaimer: This guide is not a replacement for an official diagnosis of SAD by a physician. While many of us might catch a case of the blahs when the weather gets colder and the days longer, that’s far different from a clinical case of SAD, which should only be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. (See below for more on these differences.) You should use a SAD lamp or light box only under medical supervision, as it is, in fact, a medical device. That said, if we were going to try one out, here’s what we’d buy.

How we picked

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for a SAD lamp to ensure you receive the full therapeutic benefits of the light. Since we are not qualified or equipped to test SAD lamps for efficacy, we focused instead on how easy they are to use, how much space they take up on a tabletop, and whether they met their stated specs. We considered all the points below and selected our three top picks for hands-on comparison.

Pull Quote

We do not recommend using them without a physician’s guidance.

First, know that the FDA does not test, approve, or regulate light-box devices. As such, we do not recommend using them without a physician’s guidance. We based our picks on research, product specifications provided by manufacturers, customer feedback, and conversations with experts who study and prescribe these units.

Winter Blues, Rosenthal notes that the lights “used in almost all research studies … have an illuminated surface that is at least about one foot square.” For that reason, and the fact that smaller therapeutic lamps have not undergone the same kind of rigorous study that their bigger cousins have received, we strongly recommend light boxes with the largest surfaces.

Be sure to look for safe light wavelengths. “My recommendation is cool white fluorescent lights in a light box protected by a Plexiglass diffuser that absorbs ultraviolet radiation,” Lewy advised. Ultraviolet waves are potentially harmful to the eye and do not seem to be effective in alleviating symptoms of SAD.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Day-Light Classic Plus is unwieldy and (some would argue) unattractive. If you don’t like the way it looks, you may prefer the simpler designs of our other picks.

The Day-Light produces 10watts, making it hotter to the touch than our runner-up and other picks (which put out 3and 7watts, respectively). Like any heat-producing device, the lamp should be used in an open, ventilated space (a company spokesperson recommended avoiding putting it on a desk with a hutch, for example).

The competition

The Day-Light Sky by Carex is nearly identical to our runner-up. Both have a long neck and swivel head for custom positioning. However, this lamp has historically been more expensive than our top pick and hasn’t received the same expert recommendation.

The Travelite and Luxor, also by Northern Light Technologies, were both dismissed for their smaller light panels and lesser reviews, respectively.

Light-therapy devices that work differently from SAD lamps and aim to treat other health problems—such as trouble waking in the morning, which is what dawn simulators like the Philips Wake-Up Light purport to do—were also excluded.


All products purchased from The SunBox Company may be returned within 4days from date of purchase for a full refund (less shipping costs) if returned in good condition. We ask that you keep the original shipping materials to reuse in case of return, as this is the best way to ensure that the unit will not be damaged in transit back to us.

From time to time, additional time is necessary to determine whether one of our products will be helpful to you or not. If this is the case, please contact us to discuss the situation; the 30 day return policy is not set in stone, and we are happy to make reasonable exceptions to this policy.

Several safety components should be incorporated into any light therapy device you use. These are (1) the absence of UV wavelengths, (2) a proper diffusing screen, and (3) UL listing.

Shipping Information

Unlike some of our competitors, who may take up to weeks to ship orders, we ship within days of receiving your completed order. In fact, most of our orders ship the same business day. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground for the lower 4(U.S.) states, and U.S. Mail to Alaska and Canada.

Be wary of blue light on its own

Use of blue light alone is still being investigated. Whilst wavelengths in the blue part of the spectrum are most effective at influencing the circadian clock and are beneficial in treating SAD and circadian disorders, there is currently nothing to suggest that blue light on its own is better than full spectrum light therapy. Furthermore, there are no studies into the long-term effects of using blue light only.


A number of treatments are available for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), including cognitive behavioural therapy, antidepressants and light therapy.

Your GP will recommend the most suitable treatment option for you, based on the nature and severity of your symptoms. This may involve using a combination of treatments to get the best results.

NICE recommendations

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that SAD should be treated in the same way as other types of depression.

This includes using talking treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or medication such as antidepressants.

See NICE guidance about the treatment and management of depression in adults.

Things you can try yourself

It can also be helpful to talk to your family and friends about SAD, so they understand how your mood changes during the winter. This can help them to support you more effectively.

Counselling and psychodynamic psychotherapy

Counselling is another type of talking therapy that involves talking to a trained counsellor about your worries and problems.

During psychodynamic psychotherapy you discuss how you feel about yourself and others and talk about experiences in your past. The aim of the sessions is to find out whether anything in your past is affecting how you feel today.


Antidepressants are thought to be most effective if taken at the start of winter before symptoms appear, and continued until spring.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the preferred type of antidepressant for treating SAD. They increase the level of the hormone serotonin in your brain, which can help lift your mood.

Common side effects of SSRIs include feeling agitated, shaky or anxious, an upset stomach and diarrhoea or constipation. Check the information leaflet that comes with your medication for a full list of possible side effects.

Light therapy

Some people with SAD find that light therapy can help improve their mood considerably. This involves sitting by a special lamp called a light box, usually for around 30 minutes to an hour each morning.

Light boxes come in a variety of designs, including desk lamps and wall-mounted fixtures. They produce a very bright light. The intensity of the light is measured in lux – the higher lux, the brighter the light.

Dawn-stimulating alarm clocks, which gradually light up your bedroom as you wake up, may also be useful for some people.

Trying light therapy

Make sure that you choose a light box that is medically approved for the treatment of SAD and produced by a fully certified manufacturer. The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association can provide you with a list of recommended manufacturers.


Selecting the right LED lightbox is just the first step. Ask your vendor whether a loaner or sample can be sent to the store. This will give you confidence that you’ve found the best solution, before committing to an order. Also, inquire whether you can have lightboxes built to your exact size, wire management specifications, and mounting specifications. Considering all these factors will make installation much easier.

Consider working with a signware expert who can help you identify the best products for your stores. Rose Displays can find or create the perfect AnoGlow LED lightbox to meet your needs and showcase your messaging. If you can dream it, we can do it. Let us put our expertise and industry knowledge to work and ensure LED lightboxes are a winning element in your visual communications strategy.

Tungsten Lighting

Tungsten lighting is wonderful to use as it gives a warmer output, usually around 3200K (daylight is about 5600K) that produces very beautiful skin tones and shadows. Many of the photographic greats used tungsten light to shoot superb studio portraits well before the invention of studio flash in the late 60’s.

The Interfit EZ Lite Tungsten Kit

The output of tungsten 500w lamps can be quite low despite their size, especially if it’s diffused through brollies or soft boxes, so be prepared to shoot with slightly larger apertures and slower shutter speeds. You can use filters to convert 3200K to daylight 5600K, although you will lose a stop or two in the process but with most digital SLR’s now the Auto White balance setting will overcome this.

Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a much newer technology and now makes up a large share of the continuous market and there are plenty of models to choose from. The key to these lights is the type of lamp used, as they do vary in power and K rating.  The lamps used are basically straight fluorescent tubes, twisted into a tight, circular shape and have a standard ES fitting, and like the tungsten lamp they simply screw into the head.

Paterson make fluorescent kits designed for product or portraiture that offer a mix of umbrella and soft box configurations. These larger soft boxes will be ideal to shoot products and people, but because the accessories are square or oblong, you won’t get circular catch lights in the eye. You know I’m a purest by now, but if you want to shoot people, go for round reflectors if you can.

There’s not really much more to say about fluorescent lighting, so to sum up this group I would make these points. Fluorescent offers the photographer a pure, intense light source that gives a good even coverage. Different lamp options are available, but I would stick with 5600K daylight as you can leave your camera on auto white balance. Don’t forget that using higher rated lamps above 6000K will give more of a blue cast.

But there is one area we think needs an improvement

Overall, we like this photo light box for its 40 LEDs light display and portable nature. Don’t be afraid to consider it.

Getting a quality light box photography is a high priority among photographers. The growth of this need is the reason as to why the Gordon and Bond brightbox portable studio light has been introduced into the market. This product takes photography t a whole new level. It is not only portable due to its small size but also provides high-quality work.

It has a white background which makes lighting easy and is very effortless to set out. Besides this light box is protected from element interference since it is waterproof.

Customer reviews on this product are positive which a clear testament that it functions as expected. Buy yours today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Some few things need improvement

We love this product for complying with the description.

The seventh product on this list is the Limo Studio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit that comes with unique and high-quality features. This product transforms photography to a whole new level. It is a complete photography kit except that the camera does not accompany it. The tripod stand is robust and steady thus, holding the camera in place.

It also comes with light bulbs that create the perfect lighting setting for professional photography. Other than that it is simple to use and assemble. This product is also easy to disassemble which makes storage and travel effortless. Its dimensions are six by six thus can take quality pictures of both large and small objects.

Some areas need some improvement

That said, we like this product for its 570-600 Lumen LED Light and comfort.

It is important to get a light box that will give you quality output and also one that lasts long. These qualities are what the Neewer 24×2inch/60×60 cm Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube Diffusion Soft Box Kit brings to the table. This light box is straightforward when it comes to setting it up.

It also has an excellent white light that gives quality output. The newer light box uses color gel gradients for light diffusion and is easy to store as the parts are effortless to disassemble. Also, you can take photos comfortably from a 4o centimeter height range.

But we found one caveat with this product

In a nutshell, the Neweer is a unique photo studio shooting tent one should get.

Professional photography has currently been on an uphill movement with the recent technological advancement. The Studio PRO 24″ Photo Studio Portable Table Top Product Photography Lighting Tent Light box Kit keeps you at par with the current technology ensuring your photography work is of high quality. This light box has two protective latches on the front and side.

It also comes with a user manual that makes installation effortless. The backdrop color is steady since it is attached with Velcro straps. It is very light which makes it highly portable and also suitable when it comes to uploading small sized pictures.

Customers attest that this product is not just durable but also works as per its description. Join these clients in singing its praises as soon as you buy one.

The only thing we find that needs an improvement is

Overall, we like this product for its low energy consumption rate and solid light display.

Are you looking for a light box to help take care of your photo needs? Are you tired of getting half-baked products in the market? Try the Elviros Professional 16”x16”x16” Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit, and you won’t be disappointed. This product is a wide light box that is very easy to set up and is wide enough for professional work.

The box comes with its bag which makes storage and transportation very simple. It has a unique light bulb that generates about ten times the brightness produced by fluorescent bulbs. It also has Velcro on both the front and top flaps for protection.

Customers love this product because it is highly durable and easy to set up. The lighting on this product is also of a high quality.

Fovitec LED Professional Studio Photo Light Tent Kit

If you’re looking for a higher end photo light box, feast your eyes on the Fovitec LED Professional Studio Photo Light Tent Kit. This one comes in size options – from 16” to 24” and types of LED light tent kits – deluxe and standard. These available sizes plus the soft lighting are ideal for capturing small to large items to perfection. Its LED lights produce very low heat for energy efficiency and safety purposes. And, there are 120 pieces of LED bulbs of 5000 lumens in total.

What’s more, for easy transportation, this light box can be folded effortlessly, too. Per each purchase, you will get the light tent, a white, removable diffuser, a power adapter, and backdrops in black, white, blue, and gray colors.

Featuring openings (one from the top and the other from the front), you can snap items from the preferred angles. And, this one is known to produce lightings of great lighting uniformity with eliminated reflections as well – thanks to the diffusing fabric provided. Along with the purchase, there includes background shades and a handy carrying bag, too. Plus, installing this light box takes around minutes only.

Get One Now!

The R200 by Smok is yet another great box mod that offers temperature control and can fire up to 200W, offering massive plumes for cloud chasers, not many vapers will actually use all power this vape provides.

This is a device for hardcore vapers, it supports Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils offers a resistance of 0.0Ohm in temperature control mode, and can last for hours, thanks to the two 18650 batteries.

Smok has used some quirky technology that even recognizes the atomizer you slam onto the mod and adjusts the power output accordingly.

The Aluminum and  Zinc Alloy body is sure to last for several years to come. We really liked the nice, easily readable OLED display screen, and how you can upgrade firmware using the USB port.

Reactor Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit

A mini box mod from the famous Innokin, the Coolfire IV is just as astonishing as the abovementioned devices. This mod can fire up to 40W of power, and let you vape with as low as 0.2Ω using low resistance builds. That being said, any user has more options with this vape mod, should they have the need to tone down the thickness of their vapor, or want to blow clouds when they can.

What we particularly loved about the Coolfire IV was how great the throat hit was, even with an e-liquid at low nicotine levels. That makes it an excellent device for those who wish to quit nicotine sooner without letting go of the whole throat-hitting, cloud-chasing experience.

The design and build of the Coolfire IV are likewise excellent—something that will last for years based on how solid it feels and looks. While it also sports a small size, this mod’s modern exterior design is a few steps ahead of other compact box mods. Everything feels solid, including the buttons, which are smoothly connected and nicely tuck in place.

It comes with a 2000mah battery, which is more than enough for any beginner to vape away. However, for someone who has been accustomed to higher powered batteries such as 18650s, this may be a little on the downside. It does allow for pass through charging, which somewhat makes up for the low mAh battery.

IPV 4S 120W Mod

Featuring a YiHi SX330-V4SL Chipset that enables flawless temperature control function, the IPV 4S 120W mod is a brilliant choice for advanced and meticulous vapers. An upgraded version of its predecessor, the IPV 4S was guaranteed by its maker an overall improved device that was based on consumer feedback and careful evaluation.

On the outside, the IPV 4S 120W looks and feels durable, with a sleek and compact design that is conveyed by the combined grip and rounded edges. Design and build are equally impressive, obviously crafted with consideration to its users’ needs at the forefront.

This device allows you to vape from 212-57Fahrenheit (100-300 Celsius) using a titanium or nickel wire. Otherwise, it functions perfectly as a regular 120W box mod using Kanthal coils and builds.

Original article

Great photos are one of the most important things to get right if you sell online. Your photographs are your virtual shop window: If they are not light, bright and eye-catching then often buyers will surf right past your store without even noticing your work. Really beautiful photographs will bring buyers through your virtual door and keep them there long enough to remember your creations.

Flicker Free and Hum Free

You want your light to be flicker free. Some fluorescent lights can flicker and some people are very sensitive to this. It can cause headaches and nausea. However most manufacturers that use fluorescent bulbs include technology to fix this. They include a device in the light called an electronic ballast which eliminates the flicker. It also eliminates that annoying hum that you can hear from some lights. You should definitely keep this in mind because you want your experience with the light to be comfortable and pleasant.

With the potential benefits of light therapy you don’t want to buy an inadequate device. An ineffective light could put you off light therapy completely. You don’t want to miss out on the massive benefits of light therapy that many people experience.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty provides 10,000 lux at inches. They are both effective products but you will need to sit closer to the HappyLight.

Some lights are smaller like the

Philips GoLITE while the biggest in this guide, the North Star, is 2inches by 1inches the size of a medium sized suitcase. Generally lights that use LED bulbs are smaller than lights that use fluorescent bulbs. Blue lights are generally smaller too as they are less powerful.

Carex Day-Light Sky. The stand is a great feature but it makes the light very difficult to move around and unsuitable for your commute.

When thinking about commuting with your SAD light you should also think about how durable the light is. LEDs are much more durable than fluorescent bulbs. This should be a consideration if you are planning to move your light around frequently.

How to Use Your SAD Light

For using your SAD light you should refer to the instructions that come with your light. Some lights are more powerful than others so the recommended distance between you and the light will vary depending on the product.

One of the uses of these lights is regulating your sleep pattern also known as your circadian rhythm. When you are doing this it is important to use the light at the same time every day, usually in the morning.

When and How Long to Use Your SAD Light

Regarding how long you should use the light for Dr. Ilardi recommends the following. You should base your usage on your current sleep patterns.

If you are sluggish in the morning and have trouble falling asleep. In this case you should use the light no later than hour after getting up. Try to use it at the same time every morning even on the weekend. You should use the light for 30 minutes. If you don’t feel any different after a week increase the time in front of the light to 60 minutes. Once your depressive symptoms improve gradually reduce the time in front of the light by minutes every day until you use it for 1minutes a day. This is an ideal maintenance dose.

Shipping from your local warehouse is significantly faster. Some charges may apply.

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit or Debit card, Boleto Bancário, Installment, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex Money, iDEAL, Sofortbanking, Giropay, OXXO, Wire Transfer and Cash on delivery (COD).

Paying with PayPal NOTE: Your order will be shipped to your PayPal address. Ensure you have selected or entered the correct delivery address.

CatEye Rapid Xrear light

The CatEye Rapid Xis new for 2015/1and doubles the output of the existing Rapid Xfrom 50 lumens to a huge 100 lumens, making it the brightest light here.

The Rapid Xhas two rows of LEDs and the transparent unit ensures at least 180 degrees of visibility. CatEye has opted for a simple o-ring attachment and the mount is compatible with aero seatposts.

After spending over 70 hours researching Christmas lights, interviewing experts, and testing 20 strands of lights side by side, we’ve found that GE’s Energy Smart Colorite LED Miniature Lights (available in multicolor strands of 50 bulbs or 100 bulbs and in warm white strands of 50 bulbs or 100 bulbs) are the best all-around indoor Christmas lights. This is the fourth year we’ve named these GE lights as our pick, and we can’t find any lights that match their color quality and their ready availability at Home Depot.

For the fourth straight year, the best Christmas lights are the GE Energy Smart Colorite LED Miniature Lights, due to their combination of quality, availability, and durability. Our runner-up and also-great picks remain the same as well. We’ve also added our thoughts on smart Christmas lights; we would like to recommend some, but so far we haven’t yet found a strong enough model.

How we picked and tested

We concentrated our research and testing strictly on nonblinking miniature lights, the traditional, small, stranded Christmas lights with a clear or semiclear bulb and a candle shape.

An article at DIY Network says that even though larger bulbs are growing in popularity, “mini lights have been by far the most popular during the past decade.” They’re the standard, and we wanted to focus on the lights that most people will be using, rather than those with a lesser following. Still, we do have some thoughts on the larger-bulb lights, and on other bulb sizes that didn’t make the cut. During our research, we also found that blinking lights are a very small minority of available lights, so we stayed with the type that remains lit at all times.

Once we dug into our options, we soon realized that our recommended lights would be fully rectified LEDs and not traditional incandescents. As Northern Seasonal’s Ben Orr, the lighting installer, told us, “LED lights allow you to do more with less.” They’re more durable, they’re safer, and you can connect together a much higher number of strands without any risk of tripping a breaker or a GFCI outlet. They also just plain ol’ last longer and use a fraction of the electricity that incandescents use.

In an article on the Christmas Designers website, Jason Woodward writes that “the benefits offered by LEDs are almost as significant as the benefits that incandescents provided over candles.” There’s no question that LEDs cost more than incandescents (they’re at least twice the price), but we believe that the long-term benefits are worth that added cost.

Some LEDs are better than others, however. All LED Christmas lights blink on and off many times per second, like a fluorescent light. The ones that are fully rectified, or full-wave, light up at a rate of 120 times per second, which is faster than the eye can detect. Lights that are known as half-wave, sometimes called non-rectified, blink 60 times per second, which can create a dizzying flickering effect. Orr told us that when a non-rectified strand is moving, the flickering becomes more apparent, and we confirmed this effect during our testing: Just by giving a non-rectified strand a slight jiggle, we made the lights take on a strobe effect that was very unpleasant to look at. In our tests, even when they were not moving, those lights seemed to have a harshness, an electronic feel, that the rectified lights didn’t have.

But as with regular LED bulbs, the color of the light is a concern. We figure that if you’re reading this guide, you’re probably interested in replacing an old set of incandescent lights—but even if you want something more efficient and durable, you don’t want to give up the traditional lights’ familiar warm glow. Unfortunately, that is an issue with LEDs.

Both Orr and Woodward warned us that LEDs simply do not look like incandescents. Due to improvements in the technology, many companies manufacture a “warm white” color that, depending on the quality of the LED, can closely mimic, but not fully achieve, the pinpoint sparkle of an incandescent. Orr stressed that “LED technology varies throughout the industry, and a warm white from one supplier can vary in hues and color drastically from another.” He even suggested buying strands from a few different manufacturers to compare them and see which hue you like best before making a large purchase. Once you find something you like, he said, buy from only that manufacturer. Our testing confirmed that there is a tremendous variety in LED color hues, from the fantastic to the terrible.

We dismissed companies that had overall poor reviews (Holiday Time), strange or incomplete bulb selections (EcoSmart), or suspiciously low pricing (Home Accents). Other companies, like Hometown Evolution, AGPtek, and Deneve, fall more into general exterior decor and don’t have a very good selection of Christmas lights. AGPtek, in particular, deals only in solar-powered or battery lights, which are more of a specialty item, and we wanted to concentrate on general tree and exterior lighting.

Our original testing consisted of 1sets, including colored and white mini lights, both LED and incandescent. We also tested a number of mm wide-angle conical LEDs, since our experts recommended them for exterior use. Then, in 2015, we looked at two new sets from Christmas Designers, the TSmooth LED Lights in both warm white and multicolor.

Ready to begin testing.

To evaluate the lights, we wound and unwound them, draped them over and into Christmas trees and rhododendrons, and tucked them in and out of deck railings. Basically, we tried to use the lights how they’re intended to be used. We tested the weather impermeability of the exterior lights by plugging them in and sinking the strands of lights into a 3-gallon bucket of water. While this test was a bit extreme, it’s certainly possible that any set of exterior lights will end up in a puddle or draped in a gutter.

Overall, we found that the wire quality has a lot to do with the success of a strand of lights. Some of the tested lights had tidy, close-knit strands of wire, while others were loose and messy. Some wires needed untwisting before use, like an old phone cord, and still others continued to accordion back on themselves no matter how we tried to stretch them out and lay them flat.

We also assessed each strand for color quality, using the incandescent strands as a benchmark, with the input of Susan Moriarty, executive creative director and founder of The Soapbox Studio. She’s a die-hard fan of the warmth that incandescent Christmas lights emit, so we asked her to compare the classics against new LEDs. Even though Moriarty did her evaluations in a blind fashion, she consistently chose along brand lines, a result that backed up Orr’s suggestion to select a single manufacturer and stick with it.

Long-term test notes

After three seasons of having the GE Energy Smart Colorite LED Miniature Lights on my tree, I have no complaints. Just recently (fall 2017) I took them out of storage for the holidays, and all of the bulbs work fine. I’ve noticed that the wire stranding has loosened a little, but the lights are still fairly well organized, and I don’t foresee any issues with putting them around a tree.

Weight: 9kg

Thankfully, this bag’s wheel sections have their own rigid disc protection area designed to prevent that eventuality. The use of Woven PE instead of ABS plastic, along with the aluminium frame the bike stands on inside the bag, means the whole thing is fairly light, too, and can be folded down for easy storage when not in use. Well positioned grab handles and skate wheels also mean it’s easy to shift about.

Weight: 9.5kg

Lined with a foam housing, B&W also includes two padded wheel bags and a fork spacer to ensure your ride will have a comfortable trip. As with the other bike transportation devices on display here, packing your bike means disassembling the handlebars, seat post and wheels and strapping them in separately, although being smaller it’s obviously a tighter fit.

Weight: 11.7kg

While 44quid might seem a lot of dosh for what is effectively a big bag, bike-case godfathers Scicon have come up with a superb bit of kit in the Aerocomfort 2.0.  Packing the bike saw us get away with only taking the wheels and pedals off, reducing faff time considerably. Fixing the bike into the bag is pretty simple thanks to its built-in rack, meaning you just have to place your frame onto the internal mount and secure with skewers to the dropouts. The bag’s padding is formidable and provides safe storage for wheels on either side of the bag. However, if you fancy packing a few other bits in there, you’ll find it’ll sag, making it less than perfect when going over anything but completely flat terrain. That accompanied with the price tag can make some people wince but overall this bag is perfect for lazy riders like us who hate taking apart their bikes.

Weight: 11.4kg

Being joint most expensive in this group, the Polaris Pro Bike Pod is definitely aimed at the serious cyclist. Or perhaps the seriously wealthy ones. Using a composite polypropylene, this hard- case box is extremely tough, and with four clamps – two of which are lockable – very secure. Unlike some others here, which have moulded compartments or sections, or even an anti-crush pole in the middle, this box’s main internal protection is provided by two heavy-duty slabs of foam. Wheels are strapped against the hard case, while the foam then forms a sandwich between them and the rest of your bike which you’ll need to dismantle right down to your rear derailleur. That, along with the lack of sophistication in this box’s internal design were the down points for us. On the plus side, though, this box is incredibly compact easily fitting in the boot of a car and we’d be confident it could take some serious bashing about without your bike coming a cropper. Which is what it’s all about, really.

Weight: 11.6kg

Like many work stands, you clip in the fork dropouts and secure them using skewers while resting the bottom bracket area on a small plinth, tying it down with Velcro straps. By taking the legs off, you can then easily put the bike into the box before fastening it and placing the wheels either side. Thought has clearly been invested in the design process, crafting a product that offers a lot of features for the price and is intelligently designed. Having said that, all these features add a bit of weight and size compared to the others shown here. But when you consider how easy it will be to reassemble the bike at the other end of your journey, that’s entirely forgivable.

Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad

I get so excited when the toys I loved as a kid come back into vogue! I remember spending HOURS playing with my spirograph as a kid. The things you can make with this are unlimited but also so impressive looking. This one is a classic for a reason and the 50th anniversary edition has some cool extras including a carrying case with a built-in work surface and putty to keep the spirographs in place (so smart).

Spirograph and Spirograph Coloring Book Combo Kit that comes with a spirograph set as well as a spirograph coloring book, similar to the mandala style coloring books highlighted in this guide, and colored pencils.

I love the idea of teaching our kids to be creative beyond the crayons and markers at a young age.  This best-selling and highly rated first sewing kit is such a great way to do that.  I think any kid would love it but little girls with moms (or grandmas) who sew will be especially excited to receive one.

Klutz Paper Flying Kits

I get so excited when the toys I loved as a kid come back into vogue! I remember spending HOURS playing with my spirograph as a kid. The things you can make with this are unlimited but also so impressive looking. This one is a classic for a reason and the 50th anniversary edition has some cool extras including a carrying case with a built-in work surface and putty to keep the spirographs in place (so smart).

Spirograph and Spirograph Coloring Book Combo Kit that comes with a spirograph set, as well as a spirograph coloring book, similar to the mandala style coloring books highlighted in this guide, and colored pencils.

I really appreciate that kids can open up these engaging mosaic kits and start creating right away. The sticker-by-number format is easy to master and kids will spend hours peeling and sticking the shiny and glittery stickers onto each sheet. I also love the vast variety of themes in these kits.

How to cite the article; suggest additional literature

Infrared light is light with a vacuum wavelength longer than ≈ 700–800 nm, the upper limit of the visible wavelength range.

That limit is not well-defined, as the responsivity of the eye is reduced very gradually in that spectral region.

Although the responsivity e.g. at 700 nm is already very low, even the light from some laser diodes at wavelengths beyond 750 nm can be seen if that light is sufficiently intense.

Such light may be harmful for the eye even if it is not perceived as very bright.

The upper limit of the infrared spectral region in terms of wavelength is also not precisely defined; it is usually understood to be roughly 1 mm.

The near-infrared spectral region (also called IR-A) ranges from ≈ 700 to 1400 nm.

Lasers emitting in this wavelength region are particularly hazardous for the eye, as near-infrared light is transmitted and focused to the sensitive retina in the same way as visible light, while not triggering the protective blink reflex.

Adequate eye protection is then very important.

The short-wavelength infrared (SWIR, IR-B) extends from 1.to 3 μm.

This region is relatively eye-safe, since such light is absorbed in the eye before it can reach the retina.

Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers for optical fiber communications, for example, operate in that region.

The mid-infrared (mid-wavelength infrared, MWIR, IR-C) ranges from to 8 μm.

The atmosphere exhibits strong absorption in parts of that region; there are many absorption lines e.g. of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O).

Many gases exhibit strong and characteristic mid-IR absorption lines, which makes this spectral region interesting for highly sensitive trace gas spectroscopy.

The long-wavelength infrared (LWIR, IR-C) ranges from to 15 μm, followed by the far infrared (FIR), which ranges to 1 mm and is sometimes understood to start at 8 μm already.

This spectral region is used for thermal imaging.

Note, however, that the definitions of these terms vary substantially in the literature.

Most glasses are transparent for near-infrared light but are strongly absorbing for longer wavelengths, where photons can be directly converted to phonons.

For silica glass, as used e.g. for silica fibers, strong absorption occurs beyond ≈ 2 μm.

Infrared light is also called heat radiation, since thermal radiation from hot bodies is mostly within the infrared region.

Even at room temperature and below, bodies emit significant amounts of mid- and far-infrared light, which can be used for thermal imaging.

For example, infrared images of a heated house in winter can reveal leaks of heat (e.g. at windows, roofs, or poorly insulated walls behind radiators) and thus help to efficiently direct measures for improvement.

Sources for Infrared Radiation

Most lasers, for example Nd:YAG lasers, many fiber lasers and the most powerful laser diodes, emit near-infrared light.

There are comparatively few laser sources for the mid- and far-infrared spectral regions.

Typical problems with laser crystals for solid-state mid-IR lasers are the limited transparency range of the host crystal and the tendency for fast multi-phonon transitions bypassing the laser transition; crystal materials with very low phonon energies are required.

Cryogenic lead-salt lasers were in earlier years often used for mid-infrared spectroscopy, but are now rivaled by quantum cascade lasers, which partly even achieve continuous-wave operation at room temperature.

Free electron lasers can be used as broadly tunable and very powerful sources of infrared light.

Infrared light can also be generated via nonlinear frequency conversion.

Detection of Infrared Light

Many types of photodetectors are suitable for detecting infrared light.

For example, photodiodes based on semiconductors with a sufficiently small bandgap energy can be used.

Therefore, infrared detectors often have to be cooled to fairly low temperatures in order to increase their sensitivity.

Eyesight-protected Technology





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your tracing light box wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of tracing light box



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