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Best usb lighter 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2023

Roger BarnettHey friends! I’ve got something important to talk about today! After more than 44 hours of research, including interviewing two experts and spending 10 hours testing 14 popular usb lighter, I found the best usb lighter of 2018.

Just read here for my top 3 recommendations. Why are these 3 usb lighter on top of my list? Well read on… In this section we provide our readers with a comparison table of our top picks. Scroll past the table for a closer look at each of the 3 best usb lighter in our review section.

Best usb lighter of 2018

Following is the list of top three usb lighter of 2018. If you’re scouring the market for the best usb lighter, you’d better have the right info before spending your money. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good. I have taken the initiative to educate you on the top three best usb lighter that you can buy this year.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Dual Arc Lighter By Relevium Plasma Beam Technology USB Rechargeable Windproof Electric Lighter With…

Dual Arc Lighter By Relevium Plasma Beam Technology USB Rechargeable Windproof Electric Lighter With...

✓ RE-ENGINEERED – At Relevium our mission is to spark something inside of you every time you spark our lighter. We want to make sure you have the latest innovative technology designed especially for you. The traditional arc lighter has a major design flaw because the cap gets in the way if you’re trying to get in flat surfaces. We have Re-designed our lighter to give you the peace of mind knowing that it will light your desired object without a problem.
I didn’t notice a single drawback yet

Why did this usb lighter win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.


Ease of use














№2 – Electric Lighter by Cross Lighters – Plasma USB Lighter – Rechargeable & Wind-Proof

Electric Lighter by Cross Lighters - Plasma USB Lighter - Rechargeable & Wind-Proof

🔥 FLEXIBLE TO FIT ALL SITUATIONS • Weighing only 6.8 grams, and with an exclusive new top-light system, Cross Lighters are made to go where other electric lighters cant. Cross Lighters are also 100% windproof!
🔥 SAVE YOUR MONEY • With a life-time lasting years, stop spending your money on disposable lighters. Switch to Cross Lighters today and save up to $50.00 a year with a rechargeable USB lighter!
It lacks advanced features.
A little bit shallow.

Why did this usb lighter come in second place?

I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use














№3 – Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

1 – Tesla Coil Lighters Arc Lighter
Size: 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” / Weight 3 oz (Arc length: 5mm)
USB Rechargeable
Relatively pricey to buy.
There is something wrong in the back.

Why did this usb lighter take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.


Ease of use














usb lighter Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy usb lighter, right? No!

Mac Pro

If you’re wondering which Mac to buy, you’ve come to the right place. Here in our Mac buying guide for 2018, you’ll find everything you need to know about Apple’s range of Macs, including the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Pro, with expert buying advice to help you choose the Mac that’s right for you.

Apple makes seven different types of Mac, and within each of those categories there are sub categories and variations in the specs and features, so things can get pretty complicated. That’s where this complete guide comes in, helping you make the right decision. If you’re simply looking for a great offer, visit our Mac deals page.

Mac mini specifications

There are three Mac minis available. The cheapest Mac mini has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and Intel HD Graphics 5000.

The other two Mac minis offer Intel dual-core i2.6GHz and 2.8GHz processors with Intel Iris Graphics. These might sound like fast processors, in comparison to the processors in Apple’s newer MacBook models, but inside these laptop Macs if faster flash storage and newer generation processors, which will give these models a boost.

The Mac mini offers only Intel idual-core processor options as standard, there are iprocessors available at point of sale, but these are still only dual-core.

The Mac mini weighs 1.22kg and the dimensions are 19.7cm by 19.7cm. It’s just 3.6cm tall, so it really is mini as the name suggests.

The top of the range Mac mini has various build to order options, topping out at a 2TB Fusion Drive for an extra £90 when you buy the £94model, you can also add 16GB RAM for an extra £180. Only the top of the range model has this option.

We would recommend the Fusion Drive option as the SSD part of the storage will speed things up considerably, while the extra capacity of the hard drive is likely to come in handy.

Mac Pro specifications

There are two models of Mac Pro available. The first as a 3.5GHz 6-core Intel Xeon Eprocessor, the second has a 3.0GHz 8-core Xeon Eprocessor.

Both Mac Pro models features 16GB RAM (the discontinued quad-core model offered just 12GB RAM).

The £3,89model offers a faster graphics card, the Dual AMD FirePro D700 with 6GB GDDRVRAM each, rather than the Dual AMD FirePro D500 with 3GB. Note that those are dual graphics cards, one of the selling points of the Mac Pro.

Both standard units also feature 256GB flash storage, with build-to-order options for 512GB (£180 extra) or 1TB of flash storage (£540 extra).

Other build-to-order options include 32GB RAM for £360, or 64GB RAM for £1,080. There is a 12-core model available for an extra £1,800.

Most people buying the Mac Pro will be choosing from the various build-to-order options, of which there are many. If you were to build the ultimate Mac Pro it would cost you £6,05- which is a lot, but before Apple dropped prices in 201all the build-to-order options added up to £7,299, so Apple’s price drop saves you £1,240, enough to buy a MacBook too.

You’ll need to invest in a separate screen, unlike the iMac which comes with its built-in 5K display. We have some 4K monitors that you could use with the Mac Pro here.

A lighter is a very helpful utility for campers and DIY enthusiasts, not to mention if you smoke then lighters are an inevitable inventory for you. Well the conventional lighters are good and all, but they are cumbersome to use in windy weather. This is why markets have the plasma lighters that are an improvement over the traditional lighters. In the markets, there are single and double arc plasma lighter.

In this review we are discussing about the plasma lighter in detail. Essentially plasma lighters produce an arc which is a lot hotter than a flame. The arc is produced with the electrical charge between the pair of electrodes. This is how a plasma cigar lighter works basically. As there is no open flame like traditional lighters so they can be used in winds as well. When you are in the market to get an electric arc lighter you will have to make the choice between the single arc with two electrode lighters and double arc with four electrodes lighters.

Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter  

This plasma beam lighter is at the top of the list because of the quality and sturdy gun metal built. The Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter is an effective gadget for multipurpose use. Unlike most electric lighters this one is provided with a safety lock feature that ensures the lighter does not light up when the lid is closed. Simply the best arc lighter, this Tesla Coil product is available in six different color variants.

Heavy gun mental construction separates it from those flimsy electric arc lighters. Most of the users report that it lights cigarettes much faster than they expected. The arc it produces is very hot and strong, the only complain of the users is that the electrodes of this lighter are very close that makes it difficult to use sometimes.

Makes an ideal gift

Another quality plasma beam lighter, the Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter is praised as a windproof plasma lighter. The design and effectiveness of this product makes it one of the best plasma lighters on our list.

It produces double arc using the electric charge which is incredibly powerful. It is not common to see such lighting power in a flameless and butane free lighter. Being USB rechargeable extends its scope and functionality as well as its fast recharging capability makes it very effective. The body of this plama lighter is built from corrosion resistant metal and it is available in attractive six color variants. The Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter makes an ideal gift for sure.

Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter  

The technology behind this lighter makes it better than most electric lighters as it produces a powerful dual plasma beams that too in the open and not between the electrodes. If you are looking for a really powerful and efficient flameless lighter then there is no better product than the Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter.

Pard Windproof Double Arc Lighter 

Another quality plasma lighter on the list, the Pard Windproof Double Arc Lighter is flameless as well as energy saving. This lighter is the best dual arc lighter which works with a touch of a button. Fast and convenient, you can use this lighter to light almost anything.

Single or Double Arc

Plasma lighters either produce single beam or dual beams as arcs. Depending on your need you might want to consider both the variants. While both are useful, double arc plasma lighter can ignite things that take longer to light more easily.

Watch this

Choosing a new laptop is a lot harder than it should be. Every major brand has multiple product lines with overlapping prices and features, and every description is filled with jargon about processors, types of storage, graphics capabilities, screen resolutions and a laundry list of ports and connections. And don’t even get me started on names. Good luck figuring out the meaning behind a Pavilion/Inspiron/XPS/Latitude/Spectre/Envy/ZenBook/Odyssey or any of the others. It’s enough to make you go back to a no. pencil and a composition book.

That’s why we test and review dozens of traditional laptops every year, plus Windows tablets and 2-in-hybrids, and even Chromebooks. This handy buying guide will give you the basic background info you need to add context to those reviews and to make a smart purchase. Of course, if you’re looking to just jump right in, I’ve preselected a handful of my favorite current laptops to highlight. If you ran into me on the street, I’d probably steer you towards one of these as a starting point.

Travel light

Daily or near-daily commutes mean you want something with a 13-inch or smaller display, that weighs under three pounds and is at most around 15mm thick. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro just hits those specs, while systems like the HP Spectre and Acer Swift both dip below 10mm thick.

Zippo Chrome Lighters

The Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter has the attractive metallic finish and has the sleek and elegant look. It also has safety lid, which prevents any accidental issues. Being USB Rechargeable, this arc lighter is quite efficient. Moreover, it even lasts long and gives the fantastic performance.

The second one is a windproof lighter, i.e., Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash and Wind Proof Flameless Butane Free Revolutionary Plasma Beam Lighter. This plasma beam lighter, as the manufacturer claims – it has been re-designed, re-engineered, re-imagined to work with almost anything. With its unique design and concept of being narrow, it won’t light up flat surfaces.

Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash

It has Plasma Wave Technology through which the plasma wave, i.e., hotter than fire gets produced. The Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash and Wind Proof Flameless Butane Free Revolutionary Plasma Beam Lighter use rechargeable lithium-ion cell, not fuel. The plasma lighter is butane free, and hence it is not harmful.

Zippo Matte Lighters

When used with genuine premium lighter fluid, flints and wicks – it will deliver fantastic results for the longer period. The Zippo Matte Lighters By Zippo is made in the USA product, and also manufacturer is offering the lifetime guarantee with this lighter. For various usages including Hiking, Tracking, Concerts, etc. you can keep the device handy.

Arc Lighter XBULL Electronic Lighter

The manufacturer is offering sleep and attractive design in the Arc Lighter XBULL Electronic Lighter. Charging the plasma lighter is quite convenient as we’re getting USB Charge feature in this electronic lighter. Being windproof and flameless, most people prefer to have such beneficial lighters. Also, the manufacturer is offering 100% absolute satisfaction with the device.

A USB PD charger that can charge a computer

This is the only charger we tested that you can trust to charge your computer in the car (though at less than full speed).

How we picked and tested

Many two-port chargers provide only 2.amps total, not per port simultaneously, so you need to look at specs carefully. For example, this Satechi charger has a compact design, a good reputation, and can put out 2.amps from either USB port, but it provides only a total of 2.amps. This means that if you’re charging a phone from one port, you won’t be able to charge a tablet, or even another smartphone, at full speed from the other—the total output is shared across the two ports, so it will take longer to charge each device. Though this may not be a dealbreaker for some people, there’s no reason to accept such a trade-off when similar models that can supply 4.amps overall are available for the same price. With this in mind, we didn’t consider anything below 4.total amps.

We also dismissed models with permanently attached USB cables, because such a design is so limiting: You can’t swap out the cable to charge different kinds of devices, attach a longer cable, or have any other control over what kind of connections you can use. Most people are better off with the capability to use their own cables, whether those are the cables that came with their devices or third-party Micro-USB and Lightning-to-USB cables. Just as important, if a built-in cable fails, you have to replace the entire package, charger and all.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Unlike our runner-up pick, below, the Anker PowerDrive doesn’t have illuminated ports. Its  LED above the ports provides a bit of illumination, and is potentially less distracting during use, but this does make it a bit more difficult to plug in a cable in the dark than with our runner-up.

The Scosche USBC242M ReVolt Dual is the next-best pick when it comes to 4.8-amp, dual-port car chargers. It performs just as well as the PowerDrive Dual in terms of both maximum charging speed and automatically adjusting the current to match the connected device(s). The ReVolt is a fine alternative—indeed, it was our previous top pick—but we like the Anker unit a little better, mainly due to the PowerDrive 2’s lower price and a size that makes it slightly easier to remove.

The ReVolt Dual is impressively small—at just shy of two inches, it barely sticks out of the car’s accessory port. (It’s not the smallest we’ve seen, but some of the smaller ones are actually difficult to remove from the accessory jack.) The end with the USB ports is round with two flat edges across from each other; small indentations underneath make it easy to get a grip on the charger to remove it from the power jack. We like that the USB ports glow a mellow blue, making it easy to find them in the dark.

Scosche told us that the ReVolt Dual “features over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current (including short circuit), and over-temperature protection.” We haven’t independently tested these features, although we’ll explore ways to do so in the future.

It might seem crazy to some people, but if you really need to charge more than two devices at once in the car, the Anker 4-Port USB Car Charger is a great pick. It puts four USB-charging ports that can handle a total of 9.amps in a package that’s of course much larger than the PowerDrive and ReVolt, but still impressively compact.

With a glossy plastic body that’s 3.inches long (ports to tip), 1.inches tall, and 1.inches wide when oriented vertically, the charger is reasonably sized. Its ports are aligned (on a metal cap) in a single row, so you can rotate the charger 90 degrees if a horizontal row better fits your car’s setup.

We connected two iPad Air units, an iPad Air, and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro—each of which can draw 2.amps —to the Anker charger. As we moved our two power monitors from port to port, we saw a consistent power draw from each iPad. A second test with the Galaxy Ssaw that it was drawing the max of 1.amps, indicating the proper current adjustment. This charger charged the OnePlus One at a slightly slower rate than the Scosche charger did, however.

Since we tested, Anker has discontinued the 4-Port USB Car Charger, replacing it with the PowerDrive 4, which the company says works the same but has a slightly tweaked shell. We’ve called one in for testing, but we’re confident the changes are minor enough that it’s a safe buy.

The USB-C connector is steadily replacing Micro-USB for charging mobile devices, especially on Android phones. You can charge a USB-C phone from a USB-A port if you have the right cable, but you’ll be able to charge that phone quite a bit more quickly (V/A) when using an actual USB-C charger. The best charger for these devices is Tronsmart’s CCTA. It hosts a permanently attached USB-C cable and a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port, and in our tests it delivered exactly what it promises.

The competition

Nonda’s Zus is a more-advanced charger that provides information about your car and its whereabouts in addition to powering your devices. It has two 2.4-amp USB ports, both of which accept a USB plug in either orientation. Our tests showed that both ports worked as advertised. Connecting the Zus to your phone via Bluetooth and installing the Zus app unlocks the capability to (relatively accurately) see where your car is parked and how to get there, share the car’s location with family members, monitor the car’s battery health, and, for a fee, track your mileage. Whether these features are valuable is subjective, and the parking locator may be superfluous—some smartphones already offer similar features. (For example, if you have an iPhone running iOS connected to your car via Bluetooth, Maps can automatically note your parking location.) Overall, the Zus offers solid hardware at a reasonable price with some neat tricks, but we don’t think most people need it over the PowerDrive 2.

All but one of the nine two-port, 4.8-amp chargers we tested performed as promised. Small details kept them from earning our top pick, but most of them work fine and would be decent buys if you find one at a substantially lower price than our picks.

The Aukey CC-SDual USB Car Charger was a former runner-up. It’s so impressively small that we actually consider it too small: Though the charger sits flush with most ports, looking like something that’s built into the car, it’s actually difficult to remove. The Scosche charger isn’t that much larger, and is much easier to take out.

The Maxboost 2-Port USB Car Charger and the KabelDirekt Port High Speed Car Charger are identical to one another save for the name and model numbers printed on the side. They’re both fine options, but they don’t come from brands with strong reputations. We’re more familiar with iXCC, which has the Dual USB 4.Amp Car Charger, but the overall size isn’t as convenient as that of our picks.

The only two-port charger we tested that didn’t not come close to its promised output was the Bracketron EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A. We like that it lets you connect USB plugs in either direction, but in our tests, it provided only amp of current to each port, even with only one iPad plugged in.

The iClever BoostDrive and iXCC’s four-port charger are direct competitors to Anker’s four-port model; the latter appears to be identical. They work just fine, but Anker’s reputation and customer satisfaction push it to the top. The Aukey 4-Port USB Car Charger, on the other hand, is a bit problematic. Though the company promises 9.amps of total output, which should mean 2.amps per port, we measured just 2.amps per port.

Choetech’s USB Type C Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 worked as advertised, but it doesn’t come with a USB-C cable, making our pick a better value.

Anker’s PowerDrive+ is pretty huge, and one of the heaviest car chargers we’ve tested. It’s also more expensive than our pick. It has two 2.4-amp USB-A ports plus a Quick Charge 3.0 port in addition to its USB-C port. Everything worked as expected in our testing, so consider this one if you need all the ports. We think our less-expensive top pick will be better for most people.

Aukey’s CC-Ydelivered only V/1.A over its USB-C port, half what it promises. The CC-Ydoesn’t have a Quick Charge port but works well otherwise.

Zippo is to lighters what Timex is to watches

Soft-flame vs Torch: Cigarettes, Cigars, and Cappuccinos deliver an intense hi-temperature jet of flame, and for that reason are well-suited to outdoor and off-grid activities caramelizing sugar on the foam of cappuccinos and lattes checked baggage. Bear in mind that turbo/jet/torch lighters do expend fuel at a higher rate than soft-flame gas lighters.

Do not carry or use in public cheap, disposable, or freebie lighters, especially those with convenience store logos or other promotion decals.

Saberlight Sparq Plasma Lighter

The Saberlight Sparq is the best plasma lighter for those who want a cool lightsaber looking plasma electric lighter that is fully windproof. It charges via USB and can last longer than traditional butane lighters. It is also safer and non-flammable.

Demand Multiple Ports

There is absolutely no reason to buy a single-port USB car charger. None. While they exist (and we have a few from yesteryear rattling around in glove boxes and junk bins) there is simply no reason at all to buy one with the number of quality USB car chargers on the market today.

Specify Your Needs

Answering these questions will help you gauge what the best storage device option will be for you right now.


The vast majority of portable hard drives are 2.5-inch mechanisms, but not all portable hard drives are the same size. Some models come housed in low-profile enclosures, while others are wrapped in shock-absorbing material within ruggedized cases. Such design decisions affect the drive’s overall weight, but they also influence how well the drive can survive misadventure. If you’re a frequent traveler who grudges every ounce that goes into your laptop bag, you’ll need to work out for yourself the right balance between data security and tolerable shoulder load.

Some manufacturers, including Seagate and Western Digital, offer accessory cases for their drives that can add shock protection. We especially like the Nomad hard-shell case for Western Digital’s Passport drives. The amply padded, 6.25-ounce polycarbonate case has an opening for a USB cable, so you don’t have to remove the drive to use it.

Also you can opt for a product that comes with layers of physical protection, such as the Silicon Power Rugged Portable External Hard Drive. These drives are generally great for people working in rough environments.

Make sure also that your external hard drive comes with hardware-based encryption, which is more dependable than software-based encryption. This is especially important if you want to purchase a portable mobile drive to carry around, but it’s also important if you’re storing highly sensitive information. Carrying your private files around makes them more prone to loss and theft, so go the extra step and make encryption a concern.

Electric trolleys

Obviously require minimum effort from the user, ideal if your course terrain is uneven. They tend to be heavier and more expensive than push trolleys and come in a range of different specs and price points depending on the features and battery you opt for. The top-of-the-range trolleys will have features such as a USB charging port, GPS cradle, digital LCD colour screen and a battery meter.


Another thing to consider is how small the trolley folds up when it is stored. Generally, the smaller a trolley folds up and down, the longer it takes to do so because there are more moving parts. If you have a small boot, getting a trolley that folds down small is key and there are options in both the push and electric trolley market that fit the bill.

Motocaddy STrolley

The Scosche reVOLT exceeded its advertised performance specs during our tests. It’s the best designed and best performing, but be warned: it won’t work with a Galaxy S5.

The Scosche USBC242M reVOLT 1W + 1W won because it’s unobtrusive, affordable, and solidly constructed out of quality materials. Other chargers can match its performance, and some are even a few bucks cheaper, but none could match the Scosche’s compact design and ability to blend into your car’s dash. It’s about half as long and much thinner than the majority of its competitors. In fact, last year’s pick was the the 10-watt 2.1-amp version of this same charger. That’s because the 12-watt 2.4-amp version wasn’t out yet. But now it is and it’s every bit as good, except more powerful and cheaper as well.

The Scosche (left) performs as well as the rest of the most powerful car chargers in the world, like the Anker (right), but at half the size.

It’s rare that the best-designed product is also the best performing, but that’s the case with the reVOLT.

It’s rare that the best-designed product is also the best performing, but that’s the case with the reVOLT. In our tests, it produced a maximum current output of 5.amps total. That’s well beyond its claimed 4.amps. Its competitors put out similarly superfluous power, but none could do it for cheaper and from a more compact and convenient body.

Standing at just under inches high and less than inches in circumference, it is significantly smaller than any other charger we looked at – it’s about half the length of almost all competitors. In fact, depending on the depth of your cigarette port, it could even potentially sit flush with your dash. This might not matter in cars that have ample space around the dash area, but the small size is a big advantage in cars that have cigarette lighter ports jammed into small spaces. It’s like having two high-powered USB ports directly integrated into your car.

The small size also means it will easily fit into an overstuffed carry-on or purse if you’re bringing it along to use in a rental car.

Another nice touch is the blue LED indicator light, which lets you know that it’s on. It’s not so bright as to be distracting when driving in the dark (more common than you’d think), but it’s bright enough to let you see the ports in the dark.

The one caveat is that it will not charge a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The one caveat is that it will not charge a Samsung Galaxy SThe company’s site specifically lists the Samsung Galaxy Sand Sunder the compatibility tab, but we anonymously asked Scosche customer service and they confirmed that every device besides the Sshould work with it.

If you make this mistake or find you actually don’t need a charger, Scosche has a solid return policy. The charger comes with a standard one-year warranty, but it can also be returned for a full refund for up to 60 days after the purchase date. The warranty, we found from anonymously calling Scosche, covers it against defects, so if it breaks or doesn’t work, they’ll refund or replace it.

Streamlight Strion DS HL

The Streamlight Strion HL is the ideal light for those who are looking for wide beam light with maximum illumination. The Strion DS HL uses a CLED to emit a maximum of 700 lumens for up to 71feet with a 12,000 candela peak beam intensity. The Strion DS HL’s CLED has a 50,000 hour lifetime and uses a deep dish parabolic reflector to provide the best peripheral illumination with a super concentrated beam.

The Streamlight Strion DS HL offers users three different brightness levels: high, medium, and low. The Strion DS HL also features a strobe mode that will run for two and a half hours to allow you to signal for help or disorient a potential attacker. With regulated run time technology, the light will deliver consistent performance throughout the life of the battery. The Strion DS HL allows for one handed operation via the multi-function tactical tail switch.

Streamlight uses a  3.5V Li-Ion battery that is fully rechargeable up to 1000 times. The clamp style charger that comes with the light allows you to quickly and easily charge the battery without having to remove it from the light in as little as three hours. The Strion DS HL uses a digital control circuit to prevent the battery from overcharging. Best of all the Strion DS HL can be charged with all existing Strion chargers.

Eagletac MX30L3-R

The Eagletac MX30L3-R uses a rechargeable li-ion battery pack, which contains 18650 batteries to power its CREE XHp70 NCool White LED. The Eagletac MX30L3-R can emit up to 462lumens for a period of two hours. The good news is the battery pack comes with the purchase of the light. The beam of this high performance tactical flashlight can reach up to 47yards. The active thermal management system will automatically adjust the output based on the internal temperature of the MX30L3-R.

The light itself comes with a built-in C900 SW II li-ion charging circuit. The rechargeable battery pack can be charged in one of two ways: EL certified wall charger or a car charger. The MX30L3-R also comes equipped with a charging indicator to alert you to how far the battery has been charged. The indicator will flash a set number of times to indicate a partial charge while a steady light means the battery is full charged.

The MX30L3-R features a user friendly interface; the dual switch controls the entire light and is designed to be used with a single finger. Pressing the button will turn the light on in either minimum or maximum lumens. The dual switch also controls your access to the five brightness levels and two hidden auxiliary levels (beacon and S.O.S.). The switch also enables instant strobe or momentary on, as well as the battery level report system.

Streamlight Ultrastinger

For those of you that are looking for a long range, but high lumen flashlight, the Streamlight Ultrastinger is the perfect choice for you. This newer model replicates the original Ultrastinger but offers the newest LED technology to provide users with 1,100 lumens of blinding white light that can reach up to 167feet away thanks to its 65,000 candelas. The brightness and beam distance of the new and improved Ultrastinger will vary based on the mode being used.

The Ultrastinger LED uses a CLED that has a 50,000 hour lifetime and is shock proof. The CLED is kept safe behind an unbreakable polycarbonate lens that comes complete with a scratch resistant coating. The Ultrastinger offers users three different brightness levels to choose from: high, medium, and low as well as a strobe mode and the choice between three different programs that are accessed using Streamlight’s TEN-TAP programming.

The Ultrastinger is powered by a five cell, 6-Volt Ni-MH battery that can be recharged up to 1000 times before needing to be replaced. The light features an indicator on the charger base to indicate the battery’s charging state. The five cell battery is fully recharged after hours using a 120V AC/1volt DC fast charging cord, which comes with the light. With regulated run times the Ultrastinger is able to provide consistent performance through each battery cycle.

Olight S1R

If you are looking for one of the best EDC rechargeable lights, look no further than the Olight S1R. The SRutilizes a CREE XM-LLED paired with a TIR optic lens to deliver the best possible beam with a high transmission rate. The S1R’s appearance is the same as other lights in the BATON series with an anti-roll design and a flat magnetic tailcap that gives users a hands free option as it can be secured to metal surfaces.

The Olight SRcomes with a RCR123A battery that can be charged via the magnetic contact charging port and magnetic charging cable that comes with the light. Even with the magnetic charging this flashlight remains IPX-waterproof. Users will find that they can also use a desktop micro-dok to charge the light, which the more ways there are to charge the easier it is to find a charging source when needed. The Olight SRcomes with a rechargeable battery but can also be powered by other batteries. The downfall to using anything other than the RCR123A is they light cannot be charged via the charging port.

Fenix RC11

The Fenix RC1is the newest addition to the Fenix line of magnetic-charging lights and we must say it is a great one. The Fenix RC1is a mere 4.inches long, but it packs a very powerful punch because it can emit up to 1000 lumens on turbo and strobe modes with its CREE XM-LULED. The versatility of this amazing light makes it the ideal choice for an EDC light.

The RC1features five different output modes, which range from 1000 lumens down to lumens plus it features a strobe mode. The light uses a digitally-regulated output technology to ensure the light maintains a constant brightness throughout the life of the battery. Each of the five modes, as well as strobe, are accessed via a single switch for the easiest one handed operation. The RC1comes with a lock out mode that will prevent accidentally activation, so your light is always ready when you need it.

Fenix includes a single 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery with the light as well as a magnetic charging cable. The charging cable charges the battery through the magnetic suction port located in the neck of the flashlight. Like many other rechargeable lights the RC1comes with a built-in charging indicator, so users will know when the light is full charged. The RC1cannot use the flat-top design 18650 batteries, but it can accept two non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.

Klarus RS30

The Klarus RS30 uses two CREE XM-LULEDS to provide a maximum output of 2400 lumens with a peak beam intensity of 16,900 candelas. The LED pairs with a newly designed reflector to provide users with both a focused beam and a floodlight, which helps improve the illumination of the light. The lens and reflector are found behind an ultra-clear tempered lens that has been treated to help it resist scratches and wear.

The Klarus RS30 measures just 5.4inches and weighs 8.ounces, which makes it about 50% smaller and 20% lighter than other similar flashlights. By using two LEDS rather than a single LED, the RS30 is brighter than similar lights by about 200% thanks to the dual beams. The maximum output of 2400 lumens and the maximum runtime of 1000 hours, at its lowest setting, makes the light 100% stronger than other lights.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Klarus is its power source. The light can use either two 18650 batteries or CR12batteries, but since the dual LEDS are on dedicated circuits, the light can function on a single 18650 or two CR12batteries. Even more astounding is the fact that the RS30 will even work if the battery types are mixed due to its intelligent power management system. The light features two battery capacity indicators that work independently of each other plus the batteries are charged separately.

The Klarus RS30 features five different brightness levels that range from 2400 lumens down to five lumens. The highest setting, turbo, and the lowest setting, moonlight, are accessed by a single press of the lower switch. The top switch of the dual side switch design provides easy one handed operation and also employs a lock out mode to prevent accidental activation.

Nitecore TIP

The Nitecore TIP literally is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but powerful enough to emit up to 360 lumens using a CREE XP-GSLED. The TIP is powered by a 500mAh Li-ion battery that allows the light to run for as long as 4hours on its lowest setting. The light uses an intelligent protective circuit to protect the battery from any kind of damage due to charging.

As a keychain style light most people worry about the TIP becoming scratched, but the HA II military grade metallic surface is strong enough to resist almost every scratch. To ensure the light can withstand being carried around on a keychain the out casing is made from a high strength aluminum alloy.

The Nitecore TIP features three brightness levels, as well as a turbo mode. Unlike other lights though the turbo mode is a separate setting from the other brightness modes and can be accessed directly by pressing and holding the mode switch while the light is powered down. The TIP uses a dual switch interface, one switch powers the light on or off, while the other allows users to switch between modes.

Nitecore MH20GT

The Nitecore MH20GT measures just 4.3inches long and has a head diameter of 1.2inches and weighs in at just over three ounces. What these numbers tell us is that the MH20GT is the smallest and lightest rechargeable light that is powered by a single 18650 battery. In fact, Nitecore tells us that this light is actually 25% smaller than other lights.

The Nitecore MH20Gt is small in size, but don’t let that fool you! It is still a very powerful flashlight. The MH20GT uses a CREE XP-L HI VLED that provides over 130% more throw when compared to lights that use the XM-LLED. The newer LED uses new SCtechnology paired with the Crystal Coating reflectors that are used in Nitecore’s products top give the MH20GT beam’s a longer reach at 1,18feet and better intensity at 33,000 candelas. Nitecore also introduced thermoelectric separation technology with this light, which optimizes it output stability and extends the life of the LED. no more having to carry around spare batteries! With the blue power indicator light, you will always be alerted to the remaining battery life because each stage will flash a different pattern.

The Nitecore MH20GT features a two stage switch that allows you to use the light with a single hand even when you are wearing gloves. The switch provides access to five different brightness levels including turbo and ultralow. The MH20GT also features three special modes that are concealed: strobe, SOS, and location beacon. Plus, the deep pocket carrying clip allows you to carry the light in your pocket without anything sticking out over the top.

Olight R50

The Olight R50 is the perfect handheld flashlight. It can be used for any purpose, fits comfortably in your hand, and will never let you down not even when you need it the most. The Olight R50 offers users the best of both types of light, amazing flood and an excellent throw. The R50 uses a CREE XLamp XHP50 LED to emit up to 2,500 lumens, which is twice the amount of light emitted by the R40 Seeker with its CREE XM-LLED.

The Olight R50 features three different brightness modes, plus a strobe and turbo mode. The R50 is one of the easier lights to use because all three brightness does are accessed by the side switch. Turbo mode is accessed by double clicking the side switch, while strobe mode requires the switch to be triple clicked. The built-in memory function of the R50 allows you to return to the last brightness level used. With the varying brightness levels the Olight R50 is great for outdoor activities during the night but can also be used around the house for normal everyday occasions.

Olight SR52UT

The Olight SR52UT is a new and improved version of the SR5One of the best improvements offered by the Olight SR52UT is the CREE XP-L HI LED, which features the newest LED technology currently available. The LED found in the SR52UT allows the light to emit a maximum of 1,100 lumens for up to 2,62feet. The brightness and maximum beam distance makes this light an ideal choice for search and rescue, law enforcement, and other outdoor activities.

The Olight SR52Ut provides three brightness levels, so you can pick the amount of light that you need. You can also choose to use the 10Hz strobe mode. No matter what mode you select 99% of the light is transmitted through the two sided anti-reflective coated tempered glass lens. Plus, the flat tail cap allows you to stand the light on end to allow for hands free use.

The SR52UT is powered by three 18650 batteries, which are included with your purchase. The light is also compatible with CR123A batteries thanks to the wide input voltage range offered with the SR52UT. The Olight SR52UT comes with a built-in charging circuit for use with the 18650 batteries. To use the built-in charging circuit you will need to use the micro USB charging port on the light, along with the Micro-USB cable that comes with the light.

Fenix RC40

The Fenix RC40 comes complete with its very own 7.4V/7800mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that was tailor made for the RC40 specifically. The battery supports both AC chargers and DC car chargers for complete portability. The battery itself can be 100% recharged in as little as three and a half hours plus it can also serve as a power source for other digital devices thanks to its discharge USB port. The RC40 also has a battery fuel gauge that you simply press to check on the status of your battery.

The RC40 offers users five different operation modes, plus a strobe and SOS mode. Both Turbo and Strobe mode allow you to each maximum lumens for a period of one hour while the lowest setting emits 4lumens for 12hours. For those of you that prefer a tactical light rather than just a simple flood light, you will be happy to learn that the Fenix RC40 utilizes instant strobe for your tactical operations. Each of the modes are accessed via the dual side switch.

The RC40 offers protection from accidental activation as well as over-charging, over-heating, and over-discharging. The RC40 offers an intelligent memory circuit, so you can turn the light back on in the last mode you used. The RAPID SCAN BEAM technology allows your light work at your desired setting the moment you turn the light on, so no more having to wait for the light to warm up. If you are interested in really bright led flashlights check out our brightest flashlight article here.

Thrunite TN42C

The Thrunite TN42C is an ideal choice for search and rescue operations or just for lighting up objects in the distance because it is the brightest throw flashlight most of you have ever seen. The one thing that you want to keep in mind with the TN42C is this light should NEVER be used inside the home because of how bright it is, but the best part is how little spill the light has and its ability to light up areas 5,000 feet away.

The Thrunite TN42C uses a single CREE XHP3HI LED that has an average lifespan of 20 years. The single LED is powered by four 18650 batteries and provides users with five different brightness levels as well as a strobe mode. Turbo is the brightest level offered and can easily blind you with its 2,000 lumens, while firefly mode is perfect for maintaining your night vision as it only emits a mere 0.lumens.

Each of the brightness levels, as well as strobe mode, is accessed via the side switch. Getting to firefly mode involves a long press of the switch while the flashlight is off, while turbo and strobe are accessed by a double click or two double clicks with the light being on. The TN42C also comes with a memory function that works with high, medium, and low modes.

The Thrunite TN42C uses ITC technology to prevent any damage to the light from potential overheating, which this technology also helps extend the life of the light. ITC technology lowers the current if the temperature in the LED or drivers reaches 17degrees Fahrenheit. The TN42C comes with a low voltage indicator that will turn from blue to red to indicate the battery needs to be replaced/charged.

Logitech’s MX Master

In all seriousness, though, stress ailments from computer use are no joking matter at all. It’s axiomatic that if you repeat any physical task endlessly, eventually that body area gets overused and injured. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and related nerve damage in the hand and wrist, though, are relatively new forms of RMS. Among the fastest-spreading occupational injuries, CTS saw its genesis in the typing pools that surfaced in the first decade of the 20th century. When computers became common for both work and play, CTS and similar injuries expanded by leaps.

Frequent keyboard use was bad enough, but mouse use has aggravated the problem in its own set of ways. Where keyboards caused repetitive strain from a relatively fixed position, mice can trigger this in other, less obvious ways. Strain on the arm is one aspect. Then there’s a host of tendon- and nerve-afflicting issues caused by physical features on the more “advanced” types of mousing devices we so enjoy for work and play. Orthopedic surgeons never had it so good.

The silver lining in this gloom is that the sheer cost of these injuries—in terms of pain, time off, surgery, and recovery costs—has awakened a general public awareness of computing and workplace ergonomics. Standing desks are now an option in the offices of some enlightened employers; provisioning people with comfortable peripherals now falls under the HR department at some companies, not the IT department. And while this relative awakening hasn’t resulted in the average person understanding the differences between their proximal phalanges and their gluteus maximus, it has raised the level of concern high enough to engage the attention of peripherals manufacturers. The result has been many interesting ideas to improve mice ergonomically, from physical design to software features, from subtle changes of shape to complete makeovers.

Make no mistake: Mouse overuse can still cause damage in the long term. But carefully weighing the ergonomic advantages offered by a mouse can lead to an informed purchase—and in turn, to fewer problems accumulating over the years.

Mionix’s Castor

ANGLE TURNING. So far, we’ve only seen and tested this on Mionix mice: the Mionix Castor and the Mionix Avior 7000. However, it’s an intriguingly different (and potentially useful) feature to anyone interested in mouse ergonomics. As Mionix puts it, this literally “tilts the X and Y axes of the mouse up to 30 degrees to the left or right,” which gives you greater flexibility in terms of wrist and arm positioning.

Ergonomics isn’t a wand you can wave that makes injuries better, or prevents injury in the future. But a mouse that’s designed with some ergonomic features in mind can reduce the intensity of injury to the hands and arms of many people, while putting off the onset of these injuries’ symptoms for a longer period of time. There are no guarantees. (How could there be, with so many variables in play?) But it stands to reason that taking better care of your hands is essential to their health. And one important step along the way is using a mouse that fosters this.

The mice below, with the exception of the DXT, aren’t marketed as “ergonomic mice” first and foremost. But these are some of the better selections we’ve seen of late for comfort and/or adaptability. Consider them good jumping-off points for your search, not the be-all and end-all of options.

Although many run

Windows, which makes sense, there are a few in this chart which come with an alternative operating system including Android so there’s lots of choice. Plus, there are two iPad Pro models which will be a legitimate option for some.

Microsoft also has its latest Surface Pro model which is excellent, if expensive. It’s at the top of our chart though for its all-round performance and form factor.





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